• Show Date: 07/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sandra Stevenson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

My sincere thanks to the committee for the invitation and hospitality extended and to the exhibitors who gave me the honour of a good size entry to go over. Having not had the opportunity to judge both sexes at the same show for a number of years, I had really looked forward to this appointment and on the day found some excellent examples of the breed in both dogs and bitches however the dominance of bitches in terms of depth of quality throughout the classes appears to have shifted more toward the males. There were some challenging classes, puppies as always were all at different ages and stages of development and the same exhibits could look entirely different in a few weeks time, the open classes were full of quality and any of those present would be capable of winning on another day. The ring was difficult and many had problems moving on the hard, uneven surface so those who coped better with this tended to stand out. The judge’s task is always to assess those exhibits in front of them on the day and there were the inevitable surprises and disappointments on closer examination of those present. Overall, I found quality to be of a good standard, although there was quite a variation in type, and the majority of dogs were presented in good, fit condition. Movement however still concerns me a great deal and doesn’t appear to be improving as much as it needs to.


Veteran Dog ( 5,2a)

1/Pajanbeck Magic Moments

A very typy dog with a beautifully moulded head and kind, dark eye giving a soft expression, neat ears, good neck and topline, quality bone and tight feet, very well constructed front and balanced in outline, slightly steep in croup and a shade close in hind movement but very accurate in front and showing a good stride in profile. Clear winner in this class and pleased to award him best veteran today.

2/ Gemswin Dennis The Menace at Madhouse

Bit heavier all over than the winner, he has a good headshape but is a little throaty which detracts from this. Good bone and feet and level topline held on the move where he showed a good length of stride. Balanced angulation, would prefer shorter couplings. Presented in lovely coat condition

3/ Gayplume Bowled Over

Special Beginners Dog (0)

Minor Puppy Dog(8,1a)

A very mixed class of babies as is to be expected and only a couple who moved really soundly.

1/ Gamerights Troyte

The most balanced and together of those present today, just 6 months and carrying lots of coat, he has a typical, well shaped head and eye, good quality bone, feet still need to tighten yet. Very nice outline for his age showing good angulation and topline. Has the essentials to grow into a very good adult. Impressed with his strong hindquarters and steady movement, very nice puppy and BPD

2/Caci’s Did I Melt Your Heart

Another very typy dog, more eye catching than the winner, he also had a very nice outline for his age, really good front assembly, topline and tailset, good bone and quality coat. Not so steady on the move as the winner although he is very sound both coming and going and showed a good length of stride when he did settle.

3/ Hopevalley Morning Twister

Puppy Dog (3.1a)

1/Caci’s Did I Melt Your Heart

2/ Gemswin One Way or Another

Unplaced in previous class. This one is just 6 months and still has a lot of developing to do although he already has good depth of body and plenty of coat. Rather unbalanced and upright at present and uncoordinated on the move. Nice head shape but eye a little loose. Hopefully he will settle into himself as he grows on.

Junior Dog (6,1a)

1/Lizzlog Granny Won’t Like It

Really good class but this young man was a clear winner. Very together and balanced with a lovely elegant outline, he has quality all through and no exaggeration anywhere. Really liked his head which is masculine, correct flat, moderately broad skull and well filled in between his dark, expressive eyes. Good bone and tight feet, very clean neck flowing to strong level topline and well set tail. He has good depth and length to his ribcage and a good quality coat. Presented in fit, hard condition, he moves on a lovely even stride, holding his shape, good forward reach and very accurate rear movement. Pleased to award him RCC today and look forward to seeing him at full maturity as he can only improve from here.

2/Seaheart Crian at Gloi

Another quality youngster who has a lot to like, most appealing head which is balanced and well filled in. Nice eye shape, clean through the throat to a very well constructed front. Moderate in angulation, he is bit shorter and deeper in ribcage than winner and not quite the same strength in hindquarters. Good bone and feet, lovely straight quality coat. Not holding his outline so well on the move as the winner but a very nice dog indeed.

3/Blacktoft Born of Ice

YearlingDog (4,1a)

1/ Seaheart Crian of Gloi

2/ Telurn Can’t Touch This

Yet another nice, honest youngster, 4th in previous good class. Not a lot to criticise here, he has a nice, typical head although eye could be a little tighter and he could be a bit cleaner in throat. He has balanced angulation and good depth to his body, good even stride in profile movement, presented in good coat and well muscled.

3/ Caci’s Don’t Waste My Time

Post Graduate Dog (7,2a)

3 quality males headed this class

1/Hopevalley Morning Arizona

A very sound and well made dog who has substance without being course, he has a masculine and well balanced head with correct eye shape, really well constructed all through, lovely straight bone and has strength in his well muscled hindquarters with good width of thigh which allowed him to move on a free and flowing stride, accurate coming and going, something which not many managed today. Holds a lovely topline and tail carriage to complete the picture. Considered for higher honours and was not far away, just preferred the slightly more open side gait of the top winners today.

2/Rotherfield Black Illusion

Very nice dog of excellent type. Scores in his lovely one piece head and very expressive eye. Long clean neck which is well placed in shoulders, good angulation, well boned, he is a bit higher on the leg than the winner but still balanced and not quite so firm in muscletone. Has a lovely stride in profile and carries himself well but not quite the accuracy coming and going of the winner today. Very well presented and handled to advantage

3/Woodfinch Torrin of Scheindubh

Mid Limit Dog (6,0)

1/ Wiccansage Hugo’s Dream

This young man appeals greatly for his size and overall shape being balanced and moderate all over. He has a lovely masculine and well moulded head with correct dark eye. Well angulated front and rear, good forechest, quality bone. Well muscled and positive on the move holding his shape at all times. Could have been in better coat to complete the picture but that would just be the finishing touch on a very good dog.

2/Burpham Million Love Songs

Very similar in size and shape to winner and not a lot to separate them other than maturity, the winner just having that extra development and strength in body that comes with age. Slight preference for the headshape on this youngster but although well muscled, not quite as positive in rear movement today.

3/Bochilbarley Blue Moon

Limit Dog (6,0)

1/ Blacktoft American Smooth at Braemist

Such a sound, well constructed dog who really comes into himself on the move which he does with great style and accuracy. He has a very nice one piece head with good filling between and under the eyes, really good angulation and overall very balanced in outline. Strong, firm topline and good tail carriage complete the picture.

2/ Gunoak Obsidian

Similar in size and shape to winner although not as firm in topline. Another with good angulation and has strength in his hindquarters which showed in his accurate movement. He does not quite have the head shape for me being a bit broad in skull and could have better filling around the eyes. However, he won his place in this company on his better construction and movement.

3/ Kvicksans Eye of The Storm of Larksdown

Open Dog (8,2a)

1/ Caci’s We Are The Heroes

An unexpected pleasure to judge this dog, I have always admired him for his type and soundness in the ring when I have seen him before. He is an outstanding male in his prime, so very well constructed with everything in the right place and flowing in outline. Really lovely head shape and expression, strong bone, correct angulation and very well muscled. Holds a lovely shape at all times with a firm topline and tail straight off his back. His movement is very accurate and he covers plenty of ground with forward reach ( something very rare these days) and propulsion from the rear. His shape on the move is super and I only wish there were more who could match him. Not the most ‘showy’ of dogs but he doesn’t need to be as his quality is obvious and he well deserved to win the CC today.

2/ Ch Candiliz Black Admiral For Clandrift

A fraction heavier all over than winner, this dog has matured into himself now and it suits him very well. He has a really nice well shaped head and dark eye, very well constructed front with good angulation and pronounced forechest. Strong bone and well proportioned body. In good, fit condition and full coat. Moved really well which won him his place here in good company.

3/ Seaheart Archibald of Daicheil

Veteran Bitch ( 5,2a)

1/ Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy To Windyhollows

This lady was a clear winner in this class for her overall type and soundness, although I would prefer a little more length of leg to balance her length of rib, she is of correct size and has very good angulation front and rear with pronounced forechest. Pretty, very feminine head although just a little fine for me and eye could be slightly softer. Very strong rear movement and presented in full coat. In challenge for BV, just preferred head of the dog and he held his shape a bit better on the move.

2/Springlindi White Bryony

Well constructed bitch who has a feminine head, balanced angulation and held a good topline although she is a tad steep in croup. She is a fraction fine all over and doesn’t carry a lot of coat or feathering. Held a good outline on the move but could not match the winners reach and drive.

3/ Braidwynn Bizzie Bee at Gunoak

Special Beginners Bitch(3,1a)

1/ Bonnyhillbrae Love of Joy

Very nice puppy bitch with a pretty head of correct shape with good length to muzzle. Soundly made and balanced all through with really good angulation, still to develop in body as it should be the case at her age, lovely topline and tailset. Would prefer a little more bone but what she has is straight and of good quality. Very sound and steady on the move, presented in good condition and well coated for her age. Unfotunately she did not stay for the SB award to be made or the group which is a real shame.

2/ Gamerights Deep river Blues

Similar in shape to winner although much more mature and not quite so feminine. Good headshape and overall construction which allowed her to move positively. Another presented in good condition, preferred the elegance, topline and tailset of the puppy but this is a decent bitch.

Minor Puppy Bitch(13,1a)

A real class of allsorts, some very nice babies just needing a bit more time and experience in the ring. But the decisions had to be made on how they presented on the day so it will be interesting to see how they come on.

1/Hopevalley Morning Rainbow

First 2 were the most together and steady on the move which gave them the advantage here. This young lady is very forward for her age already. Very correct and appealing headshape with lovely dark eye and keen expression. She has a clean neck and shoulder, very balanced in angulation, already showing good forechest and depth in body. She has a very thick coat at present which makes her look perhaps a bit heavy in outline but hands on, she is not overdone at all. Held a lovely shape on the move, which was positive and showing good extension. Very well schooled. Pleased to award her BPIB.

2/ Caci’s Sparkling N’ Glitter

Many of the same attributes as the winner although less mature at present, needing more time to develop in body as should be the case at this age. She is very pretty in head with nice dark eye and is soundly constructed all through. Lots to like and I’m sure will develop into a lovely adult. Just preferred the winners bone,feet and shape on the move today but this girl very much deserved her place.

3/ Swantonwood Gold Leaf

Puppy Bitch(6,0)

1/ Hopevalley Morning Rainbow

2/ Caci’s Sherry Darling

Another very feminine lady with a pretty, well shaped head and lovely dark eye of correct shape. She is well constructed having good, balanced angulation and forechest, clean in outline, moved really well in profile covering lots of ground, very positive hind movement from well muscled quarters although a little bit exuberant in front today but this should settle as she gains experience. A bit higher on the leg than winner and not quite the maturity today but liked her a lot.

3/ Bonnyhillbrae Love of Joy

Junior Bitch (11,0)

1/ FeldkirkDior of Kazval

Very sound and unexaggerated youngster with lots to like and makes the most of her attributes with her outgoing attitude. Very balanced outline with lovely topline and tail carriage, she has a good head and eye, well constructed front showing correct angulation and forechest, good bone and feet although pasterns could be a bit tighter. Already well developed in body and carrying the right amount of weight. Clean in movement coming and going and showing good reach in profile, strong hindquarters, one to watch.

2/ Caci’s Sherry Darling

3/ Blacktoft Ice Ice Baby

Yearling Bitch(7,1a)

1/Blacktoft Ice Ice Baby

A good 3rd in junior, this is a nice, racy bitch, really feminine but with substance and strength throughout. Very pretty, well shaped head, well constructed all through and this was reflected in her sound, ground covering movement. Not quite enjoying the show ring today and would like to see her make a bit more of herself but liked her very much.

2/ Seaheart Cecillia

Different type to winner being heavier set in body and not so racy. Very mature in outline, really nice head type showing balance between skull and foreface with kind, dark eye, well angulated front with plenty of forechest, well off for bone and good feet. Not quite so well developed in hindquarters as winner and losing her topline a little on the move but a very nice youngster

3/Caci’s Sweet as Sugar

Post Graduate Bitch (23,6a)

Very challenging class, lots of poor movement and variation in type. Ironic that this was where I found my top winner. First 3 here are all top quality bitches

1/Woodfinch Rubha Innis of Scheindubh

Such a feminine and well constructed girl with excellent breed type. Totally balanced and sound, she has the most lovely head and eye, soft but mischievious expression. Really scores in front construction, lovely clean neck into well angulated and placed shoulder and corresponding upper arm with good forechest. Has correct length and depth through the body to give that racy outline required in the breed and carrying the ideal weight for her frame with well muscled quarters. Moved really well, sound and stylish and covering the ground effortlessly holding her shape and showing good extension. Her gleaming coat was in full bloom, her outline was very natural and flowing and she really made the most of herself to win CC and when it came to BOB, these were the deciding factors in her favour.

2/ Lizzlog Chicago Showgirl

Another very good bitch of lovely type, similar in many ways to winner, very feminine and sound showing good positive movement. A little longer cast and not quite so finished in body as yet. Also presented in really good fit condition and well handled. Liked her very much.

3/Quills Mint Julep With Waverton

Mid Limit Bitch (5,2a)

1/ Wiccansage Virtue At Rydanah

This workmanlike bitch was a clear winner here, so well put together, excellent front construction and balanced throughout, She has a nice head although could be a bit more refined and she is slightly short in muzzle, nice eye shape and expression, good straight bone, nice topline and tail carriage, presented in full coat and furnishings. Well muscled and very positive on the move.

2/Clandrift Midnight Galaxy

Much more substantial than winner, nice head shape but could be more feminine, really good front angulation but a little weak behind and she could have a better tailset. Good bone, a bit lacking in coat today.

3/Joya Tonggreen De La Chasse DesBallastieres

Limit Bitch (10,1a)

1/ Seaheart Bryony with Ardmhor

Good class, this bitch scored in head, being feminine and well filled with a lovely dark eye, she has very good angulation and forechest, deep through the ribs and although I would prefer a fraction more length to her body and firmer muscle in hindquarters, she holds a very nice outline standing and moving. Presented in full coat, coped well with the uneven ring, good profile movement and showed herself to advantage

2/ Blacktoft Quickstep of Satinbaze

Another who would benefit from firmer muscletone, also very feminine in head and overall shape, very pretty with a dark, well shaped eye. Correct, balanced angulation, well boned and good topline. Just coming back into coat which will only enhance the overall picture. Movement a bit erratic today.

3/ Yonsaff Vienna By Hopevalley

Open Bitch (14,2a)

Super class of bitches, really splitting hairs even for the shortlist and all worthy of being in the cards but it’s all about the dog on the day and the final decisions came down to movement and condition.

1/ Caci’s Look N’ Marvellous

Fully mature and very sound, this bitch has a pretty, well shaped head and is well made all through. She has substance but is in no way course, good bone and scores in her excellent front construction, her firm topline and very good muscle tone. Correct angulation front and rear and well developed in body, she holds a clean, racy outline and really covers the ground on the move. Very accurate coming and going and has good extension in profile, just preferred the more natural outline and coat condition of the PG bitch but very pleased to award her RCC.

2/ Keepersway Gracie To Beanit

Many of the same attributes as winner so very little to separate them. I had a slight preference for this girl’s head shape and feet, she was also presented in super condition with firm, well muscled hindquarters allowing her to cover lots of ground on a free effortless stride. In the final run off, I just felt the winner held a slightly cleaner outline and tail carriage on the move today but I liked her very much indeed.

3/ Caci’s I’m Just Smashing


Sandra Stevenson (Judge)