• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Samantha Deary Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff

Welks Championship Show 2018 Tibetan Mastiff

Judge Miss S Deary

Junior Dog 1st Heronsview Vojak 17 month old B/T nice balanced head with neat ears and dark eyes, good dentition, shapley neck with straight topline , enough bone, neat feet moved with vigour , just needs time to mature on.

Post Graduate Dog 1st Arahant Raja, G/T nice head with well set small ears , dark eye , good shoulders and topline , good bone , good forechest and underline , nicely angulated rear , moved well using the whole ring to his advantage, well handled.

2nd Nandar's Manjiran D'argo G/T nice balanced head strong neck and topline , fab bone and forechest , neat feet , nicley angulated for and aft , very sound , moved with drive and purpose , just needs to put on a few pounds with maturity.

3rd Herjay Boom Boom Bertram

Open Dog 1st Richearon Palden 2 Year Old B/T Straight out of the top draw this boy , beautiful broad balanced head with dark eye and neat small ears good dentition, strong neck , nice shoulders with strong straight legs , great bone and neat feet , straight topline ending in a lovely highset tail which he used all the time , lovely angulation fore and aft , strong rear quarters with he used to power himself round the ring , totally sound showing what a well balanced specimen of the breed he is, could not deny him the top spot BD BOB and was glad to see him get WG2

2nd Woollinoze Chewbacca B/T Another one that i like very much , shaply balanced head with neat ear set dark eye and a typical TM expression, good neck and strong forechest , good bone , in good coat , nice topline and strong well muscled rear quarters, moved soundly coming and going straight and true. RBD

Junior Bitch 1st Big Namtso B/T 14 Month old , lots to like about this girl , nice shapely head and dark eye , good bone , straight topline and nice tail set , very nice rear angulation , moved well when she settled

Open Bitch 1st Ch Kehl-Sang Amrita At Heronsview ( Imp Rom ) B/T Nice head and typical expression , well placed shoulders, nice bone and neat feet , tail well set and held high , good angulation in front and rear , made a lovely balanced picture on the stand and the move , moved very well BB

2nd Tseepo Pabu Zonda Avec Richearon ( Imp Est ) B/T Nice head with dark eyes , strong neck down to nice shaped shoulder , strong topline held well on the move , good bone and well angulated rear ,nicely held tail, moved with drive.

3rd Elektra Bisurman Kera Herjay ( Imp Pol )