• Show Date: 25/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sally Leslie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

MIDLAND COUNTIES CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW – Sussex Spaniels Date: 25 October 2018

Judge: Miss Sally Leslie (Risdene) 

It was such a real pleasure to spend time with breed enthusiasts who had rallied to give me a super entry with just 1 absentee on the day. I really enjoyed my day but left wondering what was happening to the size and scope of the breed which in general seems to be creeping down and out in an exaggerated way so that without considerable care we will be left with a caricature of this unique breed. Sadly movement coming from poor construction left room for improvement in particular the upright shoulders with very short necks, poor fronts and over angulated rear quarters. Some heads were too domed in skull with eyes set obliquely on the sides, others were mousey spoiling the expression in both cases. I realise its easy for me to highlight matters which are doubtless already troubling breeders who are operating within a very constrained gene pool but I hope the tide will turn. My CC winners particularly pleased me when they came together both so typical and of the same pattern which turned out to be unsurprising as they were full litter mates. JD (1) 1 Way’s Eald Village Poacher For Shuvick JW Just the way to start the day! Smashing youngster, full of promise and correct for age. Well proportioned with exemplary neck and shoulders and correct upper arm. Head and expression correct for age. Each part of him flowed into the next as it should, good in loin, well muscled, moved nicely. Super sleek, weatherproof coat. PGD (1) 1 Dunk’s Boniblend Howards Way Development patterns do vary widely in this breed and there is room to mature in this one, not being overboned and higher on the leg than some his underline has not yet filled which will improve his outline generally, satisfactory skull and foreface, he moved with a perceptible roll and has good coat texture LD (5) 1 Swietalski’s Sovaroma Relatively Frank With Bowswizzler CC of lovely make and shape, tried to play the fool on the move but when the handler got him settled he could move as he should, well bodied, masculine, handsome dog who fits the standard. Well moulded skull with pleasing foreface, nothing overdone, true expression, lovely legs and feet all pointing the right way. Proper Sussex coat in colour and texture. 2 Goodwin’s Serendel Sussex Endeavour RCC Likeable, good moving individual, preferred the scope of winner but has many desirable qualities, typical in backline and underline, just right for bone, carries himself very well, good in rib, strong loin, good width of thigh 3 Way’s Norriss Northern Coleridge For Shuvick OD (5,1) 1 Hipgrave’s Bethryn Night On The Town Beautifully headed dog with soft expression and really reminded me of good ones from the past, excellent neck and shoulder and front assembly generally, well padded feet and strong pasterns, soft, silky weatherproof coat, I liked his breed qualities enormously hence his high placing but his rear action let him down 2 Bannister’s Quarr Persuasion fine specimen, solidly made male who has matured pleasingly, good height to length ratio, strong headed and masculine, good quality bone, well developed in body, active mover and certainly has put his stamp on his progeny 3 Evans’ Yorkham Rocking Rudolph VD (1) 1 Smith & Murray’s Norriss Northern Torpedo Nice example carrying his years fairly lightly as this breed tends to do, has not lost his topline and exhibits well filled underline, in good muscletone, moved easily with discernible roll, not discounted in the challenge MPB (1) 1 Matthews’ Deanway Sweet Rose for her age quite rightly a real baby and not entirely in control of all her limbs as yet, dark in colour but coat of good texture, good underline, pretty head with correct stop and although eye should darken a little in time it did not spoil her expression PB (1) 1 D Sweet Rose JB (1) 1 Davey’s Eald Village Scandal JW Lots to like here starting with a beautiful jacket of ideal close silky texture and that golden glow which sets the breed aside, pleased in rib and loin, quarters free from exaggeration with the right amount of angulation, would not want her any shorter on the leg but in proportion and although moved a fraction close behind still moved with purpose, good head piece PGB (4) 1 Mercer & Thomas’ Stormacre Unlikely Angel Just out of Junior and at that in between stage of development where the underline and waistline need to fill a tad to complete the picture but handles well and best here for scope and make and shape generally. So feminine with melting expression, ideal skull and muzzle square and complete without heaviness, coat of correct texture with good colour evident at the tips, well made fore and aft, moved soundly and covered the ground efficiently 2 Bradbury & Preston’s Serendel Sussex Euphoria At Harasteorra more exaggerated in outline than 1 but scored over 3 in head and expression 3 Bannister’s Knuckerhole Ruby Carousel At Roanhowe LB (5) 1 Bennett’s Sovaroma Winter Gem CC & BOB headed a class full of quality, built on classic lines, this lovely example was a highlight of the day, such presence, fits the bill physically and temperamentally she looked at me in that unmistakeable Sussex way and glowed with vitality and the aura that the too rare true colour brings, super head pattern with well moulded skull and correct muzzle, all the required strength but so feminine in outlook, stands completely balanced fulfilling my demands in every area, decided to show off initially on the move but when collected she was the real deal. 2 Smith & Murray’s Saxonbejayz Bombshell I really liked this honest individual and had I not fallen for the lovely veteran she would surely have gladly earned a recall, beautiful head carriage on neck of correct length and shape, flowing topline, right depth throughout, beautifully proportioned, slightly darker than 1 but shares her typical construction 3 Alderson’s Meggamooch Tango OB (2) 1 Goodwin’s Sh Ch Sovaroma Scrumptious Serendel Smart and finished, has progressed nicely since I judged her as a juvenile, presented in beautiful order with good firm body and well shaped ribcage, preferred hind movement over 2, in the challenge could not match all that the winners offered me 2 Ashcroft & Boswell Marquell Xclamation Mark After Torshca Super coat and colour, very feminine, built on similar lines to winner but not as good in rear construction as 1 or quite the infill from neck to tail VB (2) 1 Wakefield’s Sh Ch/Bel/Ned Ch Norriss Northern Cassandra RCC Excels in breed type and all round is good to go over, correct for size and bone, good head properties, lovely outline and presents as a mature specimen with good depth of chest and rib, strong loin and well filled muscular quarters, moved with no nonsense she once again proved the longevity of this breed 2 Swietalski’s Quintic Vogue Of Bowswizzler not quite as balanced as 1 and not as co-operative either in terms of presenting to best advantage but head pleasing to handle, with good skull and foreface, golden tips to coat in evidence but tad lacking in furnishings to complete the picture Sally Leslie (Judge)