• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sally Damms Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Weimaraner

East of England General Championship Show 

Saturday 7th July 2018 

Weimaraners – Judge:  Sally Damms 

Delighted to receive the invitation from East of England to award my first set of tickets.  Thank you to my two stewards for their efficient organisation of the ring and last but not least, thank you to my exhibitors for a terrific total entry of 121 dogs.  I could not have wished for a better day.   

I had wanted to move the dogs more particularly in the respective challenges and ideally, I would like to have given the tickets out with the dogs on the move.  However, owing to the extreme heat, the well-being of the exhibits and their handlers had to come first.  What I was looking for in the breed was in profile correctly angled and set limbs which when moving remained sound enabling drive from behind with front legs extending to give the effortless ground covering side gait.  Length of back made from rib not loin. Correct forehand construction: Shoulders well laid not upright and no short upper arms as this can never deliver the correct reach required.  This is a working breed:  The standard is clear on well muscled quarters and this means muscle on the upper and second thigh.  There were in my opinion too many overweight dogs.  Some rather nice examples for their ratios and type were penalised heavily today over this - when it came to movement all they could manage was a trot/plod.  All of my class winners did not fall into the comment I have just made.  They were fit for function, adequately covered with muscle and delivered on movement.  Sadly  occiput and median lines are lacking in the heads. 


Minor Puppy Dog (1): 

1st & BPD:  Danneau’s Orbit the Moon at Arranz von Silberweiss.  6 mths and stood alone. Pleasing head.  Good lay of shoulder and correct length of upper arm.  Well turned stifle.  Slight slope to croup and correctly set and carried tail.  Balanced all through.  When settled moving, hit a good length of stride which saw him take BPD over the next class.  However, could not match the bitch for BP today. 

Puppy Dog (4 - 1a): 

1st – Snaith’s Skilaki Move on up to Bifonda.   Head progressing nicely has chiselling which was good to see. Good length of back which I preferred to the MPD.  Was accurate but economical viewed from the side when moving.  Not the turn of stifle at this point of MPD today to drive him forward.   

2nd – Brierley & Needham’s Graustrum Hairy Potter (L/H).  Balanced pup with promise.  More erratic on the move than 1st, which decided their places. 

3rd – Burgess’ Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg  

Junior Dog (6): 

1st – Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk:  Best mover in this class today.  His overall construction and balanced angulation delivered what it promised – accurate movement fore and aft and a strong level top line.  Laying down good muscle in quarters.  Good chest – not overdone.  Carried his tail well and correctly.  Head nicely framed by good length of ear with correct fold.  Pleasing silver grey jacket finished the picture 

2nd – Beagrie’s Gunalt Audio.  When stood similar comments apply as to 1st and I found his outline pleasing.  However, did not want to co-operate where movement was concerned today and had to stand second. 

3rd – Kerslake’s Kuantan Cosworth 

Yearling Dog (3): 

1st - Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk – See Junior Dog. 

2nd - Kerslake’s Kuantan Cosworth -  3rd to winner in previous class.  Well-boned and all male for his age.  Head just starting to break a little strong in back skull and muzzle needs to catch up.  Preferred the lay of shoulder of 1st.    

3rd – Perry’s Weipowa Lock and Load 

Post Graduate Dog (4 – 2a): 

1st – Palmer’s Kalimor Claude at Parmelly (RCC).  Presented in excellent order.  Condition and muscle and its purpose is clearly understood by his owners and time dedicated to achieve it - no short cuts to quality here.  Moderate, medium-sized male whose qualities should not be overlooked or under-estimated.   Not overly mature for his age.   A picture of balance stood.  Well laid shoulder and correct length of upper arm.  Proportionate forechest.  Viewed front on good heart room and correctly fitting elbows.  Strong level top line stood and moving.  Firm throughout quarters.  All of the foregoing when he moved translated into effortless, sound and accurate ground covering movement in his class and the challenge. 

2nd - Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk.  Big step from Junior to here - No match for movement of 1st today. 

Limit Dog (12): 

1st – Holman’s Astrazone Invierno in Jenluis JW  (DCC).  All male well-boned presenting a picture of power.  Aristocratic head with chiselling.  Correct ear for make and length.  Excelled in forehand assembly.  Chest well developed and deep.  Ribs well sprung extending back making correct back length with accompanying short loin.  Firm first and second thigh and short driving hocks.  Presented in excellent order.  Powered himself around the ring effortlessly, remaining strong in top line.  Never stopped showing from the moment he came into the ring for Limit until he left with his CC.  Came up against an outstanding bitch but could not match her drive to take BOB.  

2nd -  Hartley & Myers Astrazone Kingfisher.  Half brother to winner and these two gave me plenty to consider in balancing their merits on the day.  Again similar comments apply as 1st's.  At slightly different stages in their development - 2nd not quite as developed in chest as first.  Heat may have affected him today as he brace over a couple of times. 

3rd – Simpson’s Belvedere Hamlet of The Grey Noble at Sireva (Imp Nld) JW 

Open Dog (11 – 1a): 

1st – Hill’s Sh CH Weipowa Hot to Hunt JW.  Presented and shown in excellent order.  No skipping of exercise here.  All male. Pleasing masculine head. Balanced fore and aft.  Well laid shoulder  and super muscled quarters.  Well sprung ribs.  Moved powerfully and accurately to win this high quality class driving back and extending forward.  When he left, felt he was going to be the dog to beat.  Was asked to move again as one of my three in the challenge.  This time round when moving he was again accurate and parallel but was not as animated in his reach and drive - may have slipped when setting off.  Would like to have sent him again, but this is a one shot at it situation and I could not consider him further for a card today. 

2nd – Rayner & Maskell’s Sh CH Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW ShCM.  Many virtues in this Champion:  Excellent length and top line.  All male.  Has a real "look at me"  presence.   Consistently gives his all standing and moving.  Found 1st in top form in this class and could not match his positive movement. 

3rd – Moore’s Sh Ch Ranaran Galahad at Cavalmist JW.   

Veteran Dog (2): 

1st – Maclaine & Dickinson’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scott at Trilite ShCM.  Super veteran.  Fabulous head so aristocratic and correct for the breed.  Presenting a pleasing balanced profile.  Strong level top line.  Sound movement.   

2nd – Mutlow’s Risinglark Hawk Wing JW ShCM.  Sound veteran presented in good order.  Preferred the top line of 1 .  Accurate in movement, but not the enthusiasm of 1st giving reach. 

Special Beginners Dog (3 – 1a): 

1st – Wright’s Classic Dream's Gemini at Lassemista (Imp Swe):  Unplaced in a strong limit class.  Preferred his better angulation fore and aft and better length.  Covered more ground moving. 

2nd – Perry’s Weipowa Lock and Load 



Minor Puppy Bitch (2): 

1st – Needham’s Grausturm Pride of Tasminia of Grausilk (Imp Aus) L/H.  1st and 2nd at differing stages in development today.  Both showing good forechest for age.  1st was more relaxed and balanced throughout stood and moving.  Strode out accurately when moving which I preferred together with more balanced head and neck. 

2nd – Smith & Scourfield’s Gunalt Lustrous.  Has good length and angles when relaxed and overall pleasing body shape.  Not with her normal handler.  Would like to have seen her more relaxed stood and moving and placings could have changed. 


Puppy Bitch (7 -1a): 

1st – Matthew’s Silvermews Shiomi (BPB & BP).  Stand out puppy of today presented and shown in excellent order.  Exceedingly feminine.  Nothing to fault - absolutely everything where it should be in relation to angulation, outline and length.  Flows from head to tail.  Accurate and balanced when moving,  strong in top line.  Out moved all of her competition with ease to take BP. 

2nd – Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move.  Very good length.  Well laid shoulder and correct upper arm.  Correct angles fore and aft and feminine in head.  Very good type.  Gave her handler a hard time particularly when moving. 

3rd – Pryor’s Smilek More Than A Woman  

Junior Bitch (10): 

1st – Simpson, Dawson & Clarke’s Sireva Senna with Costedge.  Strong class lots to like here.  Winner full of classic type. Feminine, balanced head with good muzzle. Correct clean flowing outline.  Loved her proportions of length to height.  Well laid shoulder and correct length of upper arm.  Well turned stifle and short driving hocks.  Moving driving effortless side gait. 

2nd -  Hill’s Weipowa Winnie Winchester.  Well made balanced junior all through.  Strong and accurate in movement.  Preferred the length and overall type of 1st. 

3rd – Finch’s Silberliss Summer of Love 

Yearling Bitch (8 – 3a): 

1st – Anderton’s Tatze Bewitched by Thrihyrne (L/H).  Four in this class, but so many attributes between them - all are capable of changing places.  On first stack, this girl was not so relaxed.  Came to the table and presented a different picture of herself.  Lovely bone and frame under her coat with depth to chest.  Correct angulation.  Good length of rib.  Good muscle in her quarters.  Correct coat.  Moved out accurately, correct in her elbow coming towards and drove when she got going and this earned her the class. 

2nd – Weipowa Winnie Winchester 

3rd – Cooper’s Deifstock Dazzling Star JW 

Post Graduate Bitch (9 – 1a): 

1st – McDowall & Rutland’s Sireva Hot Line to Khamsynn JW (RCC).  Where to start - what a stunning bitch - her lines just flow.  Absolutely nothing to dislike in her.  Best of heads.  Clean in her transition from neck to shoulder.  Built correctly and moved correctly.  Sprung rib, brisket dropped to elbow.  Oozes type finished with a true silver grey jacket.  For me, swept her competition away in PGB. Bought her forward as one of my three for the challenge and she delivered again.  Came so close to top honours only beaten by the CC's driving action. 

2nd – Moore’s Kalimor Jazz at Cavalmist.  A very well constructed and sound bitch which was demonstrated when she moved.  Good bone. Shown in good condition.  Splitting hairs over 2nd and 3rd. 

3rd -  Maclaine & Dickinson’s Greyspirit Purdue JW  

Limit Bitch (10 – 1a): 

1st – Wardle’s Ranaran Halleberry.  Moderate, proportionate medium-sized girl.  Plenty of work in her head.  Correctly constructed good blades well laid and correct upper arm.  Good ribbing and short loin.  So strong in her top line when moving.  Good muscle on her quarters producing reach and drive.  In the challenge she came forward to compete against PGB and OB for the tickets as I very much liked what she gave standing and moving to win this class.  Heat got the better of her at this point and she gave her handler a tough time and I could not consider her any further. 

2nd – Brierley’s Tatze Rogue Legacy.  Built on different lines to 1st.  Appreciated her length, short loin and balance fore and aft which she used to advantage moving.  Correct upper arm, but preferred the lay of shoulder of 1st. 

3rd – Simpson’s Sireva Ingrid Fletcher 

Open Bitch (11 – 1a): 

1st – Batty’s Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor (BCC & BOB). This girl was one of the fittest exhibits shown today and this came to the fore as the day progressed - she never stopped showing till she left the ring.  Feminine head - Correct proportions to back skull and muzzle with depth; good length to ear with correct fold.  Ample forechest; correct shape and depth when viewed front on with plenty of heart room.  Well sprung rib.  Balanced fore and aft angles with correct length of upper arm to give the all important reach and used to advantage. Well muscled quarters.  Moving she was handled to perfection, this partnership in absolute synchronicity. When she set off her drive from the rear delivered the best side gait of the day.  This was my deciding factor in awarding  her  with her 4th CC and BOB.  Shortlisted to the final 8 in the Group.  A pleasure to have judged her. 

2nd -  Simpson & Dawson’s CH Sireva Skype JW.  A fabulous example of the breed.  Did nothing wrong.  In profile felt she was going to be the one they had to beat. Construction and ratios great, delivering sound parallel movement.  More business-like in her side gait.  Just lacked the animation of 1 today which determined the final placings. 

3rd – Robson’s Sh CH Nemrac Connie at Robricci JW ShCM 

Veteran Bitch (8 – 2a): 

1st – Rayner’s Sh CH Gunalt the Look at Raystan JW ShCM (BV).  Lovely class of ladies.  Easy to see why she gained her title.  Belies her age.  Lovely length and angles.  Very feminine.  Still giving 100% throughout her class.  Moved out with drive and purpose and clearly loves her time in the ring.  Out moved the dog to take BV. 

2nd -  Burgess' Sh CH Kalimor Nailah at Nemrac JW.  Lots to like.  Both were animated and accurate moving.  2nd slightly heavier than 1st and I preferred the outline of 1st. 

3rd – Stokes’ Grandahay Hebe Lemon Quartz 

Special Beginners Bitch (1): 

1st – Olner & Harrison’s Schonhund Show La Diva Loca (BSB).  2 yr old Previously unplaced who met 4 yr old male for Best SB. Better moving than standing. Coped better with the heat at the end.  Was up on her toes and strode out in this class which I preferred.