• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ruth Turner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Thank you to Bath Canine Society for their invitation and marvellous hospitality, two very good stewards and a lovely lunch. I was happy with my final line up, all sound and moving with good reach and drive. I was disappointed to find a few overweight dogs! But overall I had some super dogs to judge and especially pleasing to see some promising youngsters. Felt so proud to watch our Best Puppy go on to win the Gundog Puppy Group and then eventual BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! 

MINOR PUPPY DOG (10 Entries, 0 Absent) Quite a range of growth in this class. 1st Jackson’s TERRA DI SIENA LORENZO AT SWANAVON (imp esp). Very sweet 7 month pup. In super golden coat and condition. Balanced in outline displaying good breed type. Soft head and expression with good pigment. Adequate front angle, nice rear. Stood with straight limbs on good bone and feet. Good reach and drive for one so young. 2nd Archer’s HAYDENGOLD ROCK STAR AT SUNANDAIR. Appealing freestanding 8 month pup with a mid gold wavy coat. Liked his head and expression. Balanced, strongly made boy with a lot of filling out yet to do. Good angles and well bodied. Moved with a good easy stride. 3rd Osgood’s WATAMUSAND DISTANT ECHOES. 

PUPPY DOG (14 Entries, 2 Absent) Cracking puppy class. 1st Vermander’s & Adam’s QUITE SOME LEGEND OF SUNSHINE’S VALLEY [bel]. This 12 month boy really filled my eye. Just loved everything about him, could of easily taken him home. The most gorgeous head and melting expression highlighted with super pigment. Strongly made neck into super shoulders. Well off for bone with tight feet and straight forelegs. Well bodied for age and shown in a beautifully presented cream coat. Good second thigh and strong stifles. Movement was a joy to watch, floated around the ring displaying good reach and drive yet holding his topline and tailset correctly, totally animated. Was happy to award him best puppy dog, and with my co-judges agreement, Best Puppy in Breed. He went onto achieve Puppy Group 1 and eventually BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! 2nd Pastusiak’s PRINCE CHARMING QDORE OF LABGOLD [pol]. Another super puppy. Very balanced in outline. Lovely head and expression. Clean neck and super shoulders. Good bone and feet. Liked his body proportions. Strong rear with correctly angled stifles, standing on straight limbs. A mid gold wavy coated boy who came into his own on the move displaying super animation, very powerful and accurate, liked him very much. 3rd Froud’s MAFLEURDEAN RHINOG FAWR (AI). 

JUNIOR DOG (12 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Vermander’s & Adam’s QUITE SOME LEGEND OF SUNSHINE’S VALLEY [bel]. 2nd Brown’s CAILLOCH MAKAR VIA IPCRESS. Unlucky to meet such a super puppy. Liked this boy for his total balance and quality. Appealing head and expression with super pigment. Strong neck into adequate shoulders. Good bone and feet. Paler coated with a short coupled body and strongly made rear, especially liked his second thigh. Hocks nice and straight. Moved well, true and soundly. 3rd Gray’s & Hales’ SUNNYOAK MORNING GLORY AT GRAYALES.

YEARLING DOG (6 Entries, 2 Absent) Very close between the first two. 1st Randall’s KELVERQUEST PORTLAND BILL JW. Mid gold dog in nice condition. Liked his head and expression. Strongly made neck into correct shoulders. Not standing as straight in foreleg as I’d like to see nevertheless his other qualities shone through. Super topline and tailset, which he kept on the move which was both correct and powerful. 2nd Ayling-Jones’ LEIGHSHAM COCOCABANA AT RAIVESLAKE. Close up to 1. Nice type. Like his masculine head and expression. Shown in a darker coat in super condition. Good shoulder placement and quarters. Still some maturing to do in the body, but that will come. Correct topline and tailset. Stood on good limbs which helped him cover the ground easily and powerfully. 3rd Stables’ KALINDRA FRENCH CONNEXION AVEC ROSHINRU. 

NOVICE DOG (14 Entries, 5 Absent) 1st Froud’s MAFLEURDEAN RHINOG FAWR (AI). 3rd in Puppy. Liked this dog very much for his super construction. Mid gold dog who is in between coats at the moment, but that didn’t distract from his super construction and movement. Appealing head, super length of neck into correct shoulders. Could do with a tad more covering over his body for me. Excellent quarters, good second thigh. Nice bone, feet and straight limbs. A bit longer cast than 2nd, but covered the ground so effortlessly showing super reach and drive, close decision between the two. 2nd Brown Mr MR & Mrs S CAILLOCH MAKAR VIA IPCRESS. 3rd Jackson Mrs AP TERRA DI SIENA LORENZO AT SWANAVON (IMP ESP). 

GRADUATE DOG (7 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Rogers’ WATAMUSAND ZAFARI ASKARI. Larger framed dog in super light gold coat and condition. Much to like about this boy. Super construction front and rear, that coupled with a kind masculine head and expression. Would of like a bit less weight, nevertheless he moved well, covering the ground easily on strong bone, holding his topline to take this class. 2nd Coulstock’s CWMTAFF JACK THE LAD AT PANTEGEPARISH. Darker coated dog not in his best clothes today. Appealing type. Very balanced shape, ok angles and bone, good feet. Moved ok but not holding his topline as well today. 3rd Brown’s KADAKA KAMAN AT WESTCOMBE. 

POST GRADUATE DOG (11 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Jackson Mrs A MAVISTAN NEARCO AT SWANAVON. Liked this dog very much for his balance, nothing exaggerated. Freestood in lovely mid gold coat displaying super breed type. Pleasant head and expression. Strong neck into good shoulders. Short coupled with good spring of rib. Good width of second thigh. Super topline and tailset. Stood on straight limbs and moved out well covering the ground with ease and precision. 2nd Swatton Mrs AB & Mr GM SUNTIDE EXCEEDINGLY GOOD JW. Another super, dark coated dog, who pushed hard for 1st place, just preferred the balance of 1. Lovely head and expression. Clean neck into super shoulders. Well off for bone and lovely tight feet. Super quarters, strong and straight hocks with level topline. Good spring of rib. Moved out soundly and true, not as animated as my winner. 3rd Giltsoff Mrs V ENDELLION SPINNAKER. 

MID LIMIT DOG (13 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Loverock’s THORNYWAIT CRACKERJACK AT LOVISSA. What a cracker this dog is. Loved his breed type and quality. Chiselled head with soft masculine expression. Good neck into strongly made shoulders. Well bodied and ribbed. Topline is a joy to see, tail going straight off. Strong quarters. Shown in super dark coat and condition. Moved really well covering the ground with ease. Considered for RCC, just preferred the animation of my Limit winner. 2nd Ayling-Jones’ RAIVESLAKE URBAN STORM. Close up to 1. Similar comments apply, just felt the 1st had the edge on overall balance and a better topline, nevertheless still liked this dog very much. Moved out well with a good stride. 3rd Joy’s SHARDANELL JUST LIKE THAT. Another super boy, I liked very much but today, he was not showing his best, and not moving as animated as l would like. Longer cast than 1 & 2, but super type, pigment and head. 

LIMIT DOG (9 Entries, 0 Absent) Hard decision between my first two. 1st Haxton’s DANTASSIE DOES IT AGAIN JW. Liked this dog very much for his superb construction, quality and strength on the move. Shown in lovely full mid gold coat. In good condition throughout. Appealing head and expression. Very strongly constructed front and rear. Well bodied with a level topline and tailset. Well off for bone and tight feet. Great mover, powerful and animated, looked like he could work all day. Pleased to award him the RCC amongst strong competition. 2nd Loverock’s & Waldron-Smith’s LOVISSA SPACE DUST ShCM. Very close to 1. Really liked this dog for his overall balance and quality. Masculine but soft head. Strong neck into good shoulders. Short coupled body. Stood on good bone and feet. Another with a super topline and tailset. Moved with drive and enthusiasm. 3rd O’Neill’s BLUEBRAES BOOGIE WOOGIE AT STRATHLON. 

OPEN DOG (8 Entries, 1 Absent) Not a large class but the five I chose were all quality dogs, and ones I’d be proud to own. I liked them all for various reasons, but my star was. 1st Saarniit’s SH CH/INT CH/FIN & EST CH LINIRGOR PIED PIPER AT MEIEPERE. Having judged this dog previously, I still feel the same, he completely fills my eye in every respect of the breed standard. Full of breed type and totally balanced. Freestanding in gorgeous golden coat, just oozing quality and so attentive to his handler. Everything is correctly proportioned, nothing overdone. A truly fit for purpose golden with a super head and expression and in correct hard condition. He strode around the ring with drive, animation and all the time holding his topline, there’s nothing I would change about this dog. I was pleased to award him the CC. It was a hard decision for BOB, he was against a super bitch who displayed much of the same qualities as him. My co-judge and myself just felt the bitch had the edge on balance, but it was only a smidgen! RBOB. 2nd Wild’s SH CH FENWOOD ELL MASTERPIECE AT BLUEWATERS JW. What can I say about this top quality dog that has not already been said. I did him well as a youngster and thought then he would go onto bigger things, and so happy to see he has. Super type and construction throughout, he displays good breed type and stands four-square fully attentive to his owner. On the move he displayed super reach, drive and soundness, lovely straight mover, and expertly handled to advantage. Pushed hard for the RCC. 3rd Sanchez’ J CH PORT VALAR MORGHULIS DE BOSQUE DEL TRASGU [esp]. I loved this boy, he looked a bit out of place in this class due to his immaturity, being of a yearling age, but I could not fault his construction or movement which was superb, in time he will trouble the best Im sure. 

SPECIAL BEGINNERS DOG (4 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Cullimore’s TONARA COLUMBUS. Close up between 1st three for various reasons. Winner just had the edge on condition and movement. Not a big boy but well put together under his profuse golden coat. Not as balanced as I’d like, but appealing head and expression. Good bone and feet and strong quarters. Moved with purpose and drive. 2nd Vicars’s CATCOMBE CALICO AT PEERSBROOK JW. Close up to 1, although different shape. Liked his clean outline and super balance. Good head and expression. Nice length of neck into ok shoulders. Good topline and tailset. Lacking a bit of finish today and was disappointing on the move, which cost him the class, nevertheless a lovely boy who deserved his place. 3rd Jackson’s TERRA DI SIENA LORENZO AT SWANAVON (imp esp). 

VETERAN DOG (2 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Falconer’s SONEVE SIMPLY RED BY SIATHAM. Super Veteran who doesn’t show his age at all. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Totally balanced in body. Masculine head, strong neck into good shoulders. Excellent body proportion, short coupled, super topline. Loved his strong rear and second thigh, still well muscled for age. This showed on the move, he strode around with style and exuberance. 2nd Wilkinson’s CATCOMBE CRYSTAL BALL AT PAJULA. Lovely type, but not looking his best today coat wise. Lovely head and expression. Good angles front and rear. A bit long in body for me but overall a lovely dog. Not so animated on the move today as 1.