• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ruth Turner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)


2nd SEPTEMBER 2018



Thank you to City of Birmingham Canine Association for their invitation and superbly run show and my two very good stewards plus a super lunch. My final line up were all sound and moving with good reach and drive, displaying good breed type. My co-judge, Mrs Cheryl Bawden, and myself were in total agreement over all the final awards.

VETERAN BITCH (10 Entries, 2 Absent) 1st Loverock’s PUTJADE PINK DIAMONDS FOR LOVISSA JW. This bitch strode into the ring and said ‘Look at Me’. Showing off her qualities and construction stood and on the move. Loved her feminine head & expression. Very balanced throughout. Super angles front and back, sound with straight limbs. Can’t believe she’s a veteran and every bit a Champion in my eyes. 2nd Willmitt’s STANROPH SAIL IN TIME TO GOLDENMILL. A bitch that exudes type. Super construction throughout and totally balanced and everything in proportion. Loved her head and expression, and lovely tight feet. Pushed winner hard in this class. 3rd Williamson’s SH CH RONJALEE ROXY LADY FOR SANDTI ShCM.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (8 Entries, 4 Absent) Only four puppies but all four very promising. McKay’s GOLMAS GEORGIANNA. Wow, super baby full of quality and confidence. Balanced shape. Lovely head & expression with good pigment. Super layback of shoulder and strong rear. Limbs straight and strong, super neat feet. Liked her very much. Won on her superb movement, for one so young, over another lovely bitch. 2nd Gargan’s SIAGAR SCATTERED DREAMS. Similar remarks apply as 1. Very pretty bitch full of confidence and exuberance. A bit playful on the move, but one could see her drive and reach. In super condition and in lovely coat. 3rd Matthews’ MAVISTAN PANDORA.

PUPPY BITCH (14 Entries, 5 Absent) Class of very promising puppies. 1st Kipps’ WILLOWLAWN ORIENT EXPRESS TO WHEATCROFT. Wow, what a stunning puppy. Stands four square showing the most pleasing outline. Paler coated good sized, pretty bitch. Dark pigment highlighted a feminine head. Strong neck into correct shoulders, good forechest. Balanced body proportions, short coupled. Strong & straight forelegs and stifles. Good bone and tight feet. Her movement was one of the best I’ve seen in a puppy for a while, really reaching and driving holding her topline, powerful yet controlled. Well handled to win Best Bitch Puppy. I was a shame she spooked under the dog judge in the challenge for best puppy. 2nd O’Neill’s LINIRGOR MISTY MORNINGS AT STRATHLON. Unlucky to meet 1. Another pretty bitch of quality. Very balanced in outline. Lovely head and expression & pigment. Clean neck and good shoulders. Liked her proportions. Strongly made standing on straight limbs. In lovely condition, not in full coat as yet. Another good mover, moving with super drive. 3rd McKay’s GOLMAS GEORGIANNA.

JUNIOR BITCH (26 Entries, 9 Absent) Impressive class of quality juniors, some not even short listed. 1st Douthwaite’s GRACEWOOD MAKENZIE. Loved this youngster for her total balance, lovely breed type and superb movement. Still a way to go to maturity, but just as she should be at this age. Full of quality. Lovely head & pigment. Balanced angles, clean outline, good body shape. Handler sometimes overstretches her. On the move she’s a joy, epitomizes true animation, could watch her all day! Lovely girl, could take her home. 2nd Anderson’s LINCHAEL LIVIA JW. Unlucky to meet 1. another quality youngster full of quality and type. Paler coated girl with the most melting expression. Very balanced with good angles front and back. Shown in super coat and condition. Correct bone and feet. Strongly made throughout. Moved with superb reach and drive, liked her very much. 3rd O’Neill’s STRATHLON SWEET SENSATION.

YEARLING BITCH (9 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Lewis’ LOVEHAYNE BIJOU AMONG FAIRWINDS. Lovely bitch full of quality. Perfectly balanced. Paler coated girl in good coat & condition. Pretty head and expression. Strongly made. Good spring of rib. Well angulated front and rear. Good bone and feet. Moved with superb reach and drive and much enthusiasm. 2nd Hocking’s KASPURGOLD RIZZINI. Pushed hard in this class just preferred 1’s movement and balance, nevertheless a quality bitch. Pretty head. Super conformation. Nice shape, good spring of rib, super topline. Moved with drive holding her topline. 3rd Smyth’s KADAKA KARNIVAL QUEEN.

UNDERGRADUATE BITCH (13 Entries, 7 Absent) 1st Douthwaite’s GRACEWOOD MAKENZIE. 2nd O’Neill’s STRATHLON SWEET SENSATION. Quality, pretty bitch, strongly constructed front and rear. Super pigment and feet, good topline held on the move. Moved with drive and enthusiasm. 3rd Smyth’s KADAKA KISSAGRAM.

GRADUATE BITCH (8 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Jolly’s KERRIEN SHE’S THE ONE. Today she certainly was ‘The One’! Totally balanced bitch full of quality. Paler coated in correct condition. Pretty head, clean neck. Super bone, good angles front and rear. Super mover, really covered the ground with ease, winning over a favorite of mine. 2nd Wilkinson’s THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE DE BOSQUE DEL TRASGU AT PAJULA. Darker coated girl full of quality and type. Love her balance & construction, but felt she was carrying a bit too much weight over her ribs today, which showed on the move. Super angles, bone and feet. She moved with drive and reach covering the ground well. 3rd Hush’s BENROWAN ESPIRIT.

POSTGRADUATE BITCH (7 Entries, 1 Absent) 1st Williamson’s THORNYWAIT ATOMIC BETTY FOR SANDTI. Liked this girl very much for her total balance and showmanship, standing four square wagging her tail. Lovely type, very pretty head and expression. Well made shoulders and quarters, with good body proportions. Good feet, bone and condition. Superbly handled floating around the ring effortlessly, considered her for the RCC. 2nd Wilkinson’s PAJULA JUST SITTING PRETTY. Well made bitch of a good type. Pretty head. Strong bone and short coupled. Good feet. In nice condition. Moved ok but could be steadier, a bit too excited. 3rd Drury’s BENCO HONKY TONK WOMEN JW.  

LIMIT BITCH (21 Entries, 8 Absent) Wow, what a super class of bitches. Very little separated the first two. 1st Zubair’s THORNYWAIT CINZANO. My star of the day. A bitch full of breed type and quality. Superbly presented in full golden coat & condition. Pretty head on strongly made neck and shoulders. Mature body, well sprung ribs, level topline. Correct feet and bone. Powerful quarters, straight forelegs and hocks. Moved with drive, purpose and enthusiasm, covering the ground with ease and animation and holding her shape and topline. Pleased to award her, her first CC amongst strong competition. 2nd Tower’s ALIBREN TIGGY WIGGY JW. Very close to 1. Just love this bitch for her breed type and quality. Unlucky to meet 1 today looking and showing so well. Pushed hard for top honours, just preferred the winners length of leg, but loved everything else about this bitch, just my cup of tea, could of easily taken her home. Happy to award her the RCC. 3rd Maynard’s TAMNIARN ELLE BELLE TO CHINNORDALE. What a lovely bitch, really eye catching and movement to die for!  

OPEN BITCH (9 Entries, 2 Absent) Superb class of bitches, loved all five I placed. 1st Hills’s SH CH MEGARVEY ONCE UPON A TIME JW. Every inch a worthy champion. Just oozes quality and that ‘look at me’ personality. Shown in super coat and condition. Pretty head, lovely type. Strongly made and very balanced throughout. Well off for bone, most perfect feet! Super pigment. Good angles front and rear. Moved with purpose and good animation. Pushed hard for top honours. 2nd Grigg’s MULFIELD PEACH BLOSSOM JW ShCM. Another super quality bitch, unlucky to meet 1 today. Superb construction throughout, very strongly made. Appealing head, nice outline. Good shoulders and well ribbed body. Strong quarters. A bit longer cast than 1. Powerful mover, lots of drive. 3rd Vermander & Adams’ PERFECT PRINCESS BY MOON OF SUNSHINE’S VALLEY. Just love this girl for her quality, type construction and movement, but a shame she left her coat home today.

GOOD CITIZEN BITCH (7 Entries, 0 Absent) 1st Hocking’s KASPURGOLD RIZZINI. 2nd Rush’s TILTHAM ISLA ANNA MARIA. Balanced bitch not in her best coat and condition today. Nice head, bone and feet. Steady mover covering the ground well. 3rd Page’s BRAMDALE TICKLED PINK.