• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell Hodges Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Thankyou to all exhibitors for such  a lovely entry for my first time awarding CCs in this breed.  I enjoyed judging the Min Pins and found the strength of the entry was to be found in the bitches, as well as open dog.   Temperaments were, without exception, excellent and almost all the dogs were presented in good condition.   True hackney action proved somewhat elusive, and where it was found, often soundness was lacking and compromises had to be made in several classes. I found several exhibits with thumbprints in evidence which the standard says should not be present.   Some of the younger exhibits seemed well up to size – I hope they do not grow on.  I was delighted with my main awards, and am immensely proud that my BOB went on to win the toy group.  I offer my congratulations to his dedicated owners and breeders on such a splendid achievement.  


VD (2,0) 

1. Collinson and Dare’s Ch Collypins Lickety Split ShCM.  8 year old Black and tan of immense quality. Stood out in the male entry today for his compact body and perfectly balanced proportions.    Lovely head and eye with the keenest of expressions. Strong slightly arched neck set on a well laid shoulder with a straight front. Well bodied with a sloping topline. Parallel and correctly angulated rear.  He moved out with style with a decent hackney action.  Delighted to award him the DCC and best veteran.  Pushed hard for BOB but not quite as strong behind moving away in the challenge. 

2. Dunn’s Ch Valetta Alexander JW.  7 year old quality B&T of good type.  Slightly heavier and longer cast than 1 but with a good head, neck and shoulder.  Moved well in profile although less precise than the winner.  

MPD (3,0)  

1. Colbourne-Baber and Stark’s Tubize Giovanni.  8 month Red of correct size. Well proportioned head although eye could be a little larger.   Slightly untidy bite.  Good neck with a clean shoulder and straight front. Movement was difficult to assess but when settled was satisfactory with good lift in front.  

2. Allan’s Allanbru Kylo Ren.  Longer cast Black and tan. Heavier in head than 1 but a good eye and bright expression.  Straight front and clean shoulders.  Movement appeared satisfactory but was, again, difficult to assess.  

3. Kirby’s Tubize Du Beke with Kirbsea.    

PD (1,0) 

1. Santoriello’s Tubize Tonioli to Pinicio.  10 month  well proportioned of heavier frame and up to size.  Good head and eye with bright and animated expression.  Arched neck and clean shoulder with a straight front .  Well bodied with a sloping topline. Moved well with purpose and accuracy with enough lift to give a reasonable hackney gait.   BPD 

JD (4,1) 

1. James’s Jaegerson Dress to Impress.  Well marked B&T of nice size.  Good head and expression with a clean neck and shoulder.  A little broad in front but not too heavily boned.   Well bodied with sloping topline.  Moved well but more flexion in front required for a true hackney gait.  

2. Baldwin’s Nightstorm Ticket to Ride.  AnotherB&T with a pleasing head and eye. Good neck and front. Slightly longer in body than 1 and less accurate on the move.  

3. Park’s Rayjen Carrot Cake.  

PGD (2,0)  

1. Brown’s Hawksflight Black Russian.  B&T of nice size and proportion. Attractive head and eye with a good length of neck on well placed shoulders and straight front.   Sloping topline and well bodied with short loin. Moved well in profile with some accuracy. 

2. Colbourne-Baber’s Bourneways Alfred the Great.    Smaller cast B&T of nice size with a good head and straight front. Slightly weaker in topline than 1 but moved well with a reasonable hackney and with enough precision.  

LD (3,0)  

1. Eyles’s Vardenais C’est Moi. Red of correct size. Attractive head and expression with a good neck and shoulder with straight front.  Sloping topline.  Movement was satisfactory.  

2. Schneider and Park’s Camalis Mr Magoo (imp) JW.  B&T with good head and eye.  Arched neck and good shoulder angulation but a little wide in front.  Compact in body  and short coupled with sloping topline.  Movement was  accurate but wide in front and slightly out at elbow coming towards.  

3. Davies’s Estivals Dizzy Raskal.  

OD (7,0)   

An excellent class filled with quality.  

1. Smith’s Ch. Tubize Hudson JW.   Lovely Black and Tan dog of outstanding quality, demonstrating ideal size with an excellent well proportioned head. He has a strong, slightly arched neck set on clean well laid shoulders.   Straight front.  Well bodied with sloping topline.   Put down in excellent condition.  Movement was sound and accurate with animation and style.  Just a little more flexion in front would give an ideal hackney.  Slightly longer cast than the veteran winner but pushed hard for the CC.  Pleased to award him the RDCC.  Litter brother to the BOB and eventual group winner.   His owner/breeder should be justifiably proud to have breed two such exciting specimens.   

2. Gentle’s Dimogen Colin the Legend.  B&T more compact than 1 but also from the top drawer.   Nice head and expression with a good neck, shoulder and straight front.  Well bodied with sloping topline.  Moved with accuracy in profile as well as fore and aft. 

3. Banton’s Darkiss Smokin Aces. 

MPB (4,0)  

A nice class of promising puppies.  

1. Allan’s Allanbru Rose Tico.   Nicely sized Red with attractive head, bright eye and early placed high.  Well bodied with good proportions.  Moved well in profile and was accurate in all directions.  BP 

2. Smith’s Tubize Foxtrot.  Red bitch of equally nice type and size.  Good head with keen expression although with a smaller eye than 1.   Strong neck and well placed shoulder.  Moved well in profile but in this class was a little more erratic than 1 moving away.  IN the Next class this had improved greatly and here her movement was most accurate.  

3. King and Netherton’s Estivals Me Before You 

PB (1,0) 

1. Smith’s Tubize Foxtrot.  

JB (2,0)  

1. Stracey’s Ch. Krieger’s Dark ‘n’ Delicious ShCM.   Lovely B&T balanced compact bitch of top quality.  Well proportioned headpiece with a bright and keen expression.  Strong arched neck with correct moderate angulation of shoulder and straight front.  She is well bodied and short coupled with a sloping topline.  Movement was precise with an adequate hackney action.  Pushed hard for top honours.  

2. Wherry’s Alcum Kraken.  Bigger built than 1 but well proportioned and presented in good order.  Pleasing head with a good neck, shoulder and front.  Longer in loin than 1 and movement was more untidy.  

PGB (7,1)  

1. Collinson and Dare’s Colypins Don’t Do It Daphne.   Quality Red of pleasing proportions and clean outline on the stand.    Good head and eye with correctly set ears and  pleasing expression.   Well put together with good body and sloping topline. Moved with enough of a hackney gait but slightly close behind moving away.  

2. Kirby’s Vardenais Limini with Kirbsea.  Well bodied compact red in good condition.  Pleasing head and eye.    Her neck and shoulder are good and her front straight enough.  Nicely sloping topline.  Not quite as positive on the move as 1.  

3. Wherry’s Alcum Tutti Fruiti.  

LB (7,1)  

Another quality class where the first 3 could easily change places on another day.  

1. Coull’s Vardenais Mischief Managed.   Quality red with a lovely expression presenting a pleasing clean outline and put down in good condition.  Good head and eye with well placed ears.  Strong neck and moderate shoulder angulation with straight front. Topine sloping and well angulated rear.  Moving with animation and accuracy.  RCC.  

2. Watts’s Hawksflight White Russian at Estival JW ShCM.  Equally good B&T and more compact than 1,  with a lovely head and eye.  Long arched neck with clean shoujlder and sloping topline with good substance.   Moved well in profile although with slightly less accuracy than 1.   

3. Santoriello’s Collypins Tell Tallulah for Pinicio 

OB (5,0) 

1. Santoriello and Skelton’s Ch. Tubize Manhattan by Pinicio JW ShCM.   Here I found my star of the day, whom I have placed well previously and today she had gained in maturity and poise and never put a foot out of place.  She is a bitch of the highest quality with the cleanest of outlines put down in splendid condition and completely at one with her handler.   She has a beautiful head with a dark eye and well placed ears giving the brightest of expression.  Strong neck with slight arch set on ideally angulated shoulders with a traight front.  She has good substance and her topline slopes gently from the withers to her high tailset.   She moved effortlessly around the ring with enough lift and flexion in front and with absolute precision, especially behind.  I was delighted to award her the BCC and Best of Breed.    This was her best performance that I have seen and I was thrilled to learn that she went on to win the toy group later on in the day.  An unforgettable achievement for both her owners and breeders.    BCC and BOB 

2. Collinson and Dare’s Collypins Livin is Easy.  Another quality bitch set in a smaller mould – petite and compact with a lovely head and eye. Well constructed throughout and moved out well in all directions showing herself with style.  

3. 3. Griffiths’s Keljantzi Xciting Prospect for amious.  

Dr Russell Hodges (Judge)