• Show Date: 25/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Puli


Held on: Friday 26TH October 2018 Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge Hungarian Puli’s at this well-run show. I had a superb entry with a good-sized ring and with some really lovely well-mannered dogs to judge. Thank you to the exhibitors for accepting my placings so sportingly. I wish you all well for the future.    

PG (Dog) (2,1), 1 Ms. J. Owen, Magikus Draco Malfoy: A 2yr 3mth old dog whose colour is obvious from the name. This is a blonde well grown dog with a pleasing head, proportional to his size. He has a fair neck and I liked his wither, firm back and his front was ok. He moved ok although I would like to have seen a bit more angulation to his rear, that said he has strong hocks. His coat is coming along nicely, just needs more time. Pleased to award him Res.B.D.

OD (1,0), 1 Mrs. L.J. & Mr. K.D. Coweley, Callendu Despicable Me at Kashbeluli, Sh.CM: A 4.5yr old Black dog. He is of a good type with a good outline, well balanced, with a good skull and head, correct mouth, good muzzle and plenty of pigment. Nice neck, correct wither and front, good back and rear. Good shape and nice angles to rear. Moved out really well. Shown in good coat with excellent cording. Pleased to award him BD.

P (Bitch) (1,0), 1 Mr. J. & Mrs. M. Whitton, Bubbleton Dont Burst My Bubble with Vaucluse, (Imp. Den), NAF. TAF: Just 6mths of age a black bitch, what a cutie and so confident in herself. One that I would have taken home. She is of a lovely type with a nice outline, so feminine and well balanced for her age. I liked her lovely head, neck and super withers, her front, back and chest. Her backend is nicely angled with nice hocks and she moved soundly around the ring, well for her age. A very promising future for this young lady, pleased to award her BP.

PG (Bitch) (5,1), 1 Mrs. C.M. Knight, Enter.Suzy Q Vommullersgrund to Weetoneon, (Imp. Ger.): A 3yr old White bitch of good type with a good outline. She has a good head, neck and neat front, strong back and rear. She was shown in a well corded coat. Moved well around the ring and was well handled.     2 Mr. A. & Mr. M. Henshaw & Gardner, Magikus Belatrix Black: A 2yr old Black bitch of a smaller type than 1st that is fabulous on the move. She has a good outline with a nice square shape, pleasing head, neck and top-line. With good angles to the rear. Her coat still needs to cord but she has time.     3 Mr. N.W. & Mrs. S.M. Croft, Fencejagger Annabelle at Kistelek: A 3yr old Grey bitch that has a pleasing head and front. Would like to see a little more angle to the rear, which sadly reflects in her movement. Her coat is cording up nicely and is of an attractive colour.     4 Mr. K. & Miss I. Sear & Quill, Pogeloci Titok.

OB (5,1), 1 Mr. N.W. & Mrs. S.M. Croft, Ch. Catsun Consuela at Kistelek: A 4.5yr old Black lady that is of a very neat smaller type with a super out-line. She has a good head, neck and lovely front, strong wither and strong back with good angles and neat hocks. I loved her movement, really moved around the ring nicely. I loved her cords and she was well coated. Pleased to award her Res.BB. 2 Mr. K. & Miss. I. Sear & Quill, Searwell Spiral Nebulae: A 4.5yr old White bitch of good type and out-line, good head, neck and angles to front. Just a bit wide for me, although she is of a bigger type. She has a nice top-line and strong rear with neat hocks. Moved out ok. Also has good cords.     3 Mrs. L.J. & Mr. K.D. Cowley, Somagyi Betyar Bodza at Kashbeluli, (Imp. Hun.): A 3yr old Black bitch of a smaller type with a good out-line. She has a good head, front and top-line and rear. Un-fortunately was let down on the move, such a shame.     4 Mr. A. & Mr. M. Henshaw & Gardner, Tyngeli Snow White for Magikus.

VB (2,0), 1 Miss A Mills, Ch./NL. Ch. Tyngeli Elf Queen at Daugava, VWW18: A 9yr old Grey bitch that is of an excellent type with an excellent out-line. I could have watched her move all day. She has a good head, which she shows off well, good neck, superb withers, excellent front and good chest and brisket. Excellent back and strong back end with good angles and neat hocks. She was shown in full corded coat, I had no hesitation in awarding her BB, BV. and BOB.    2 Mrs. I. Butler, Cordova Summer Breeze: I make no bones about this 13yr old grey girl, that I love, she should be a champion, only beaten on movement today. She is an absolutely fabulous ambassador for your breed and I feel very privileged to have judged her once again. Thank you for bringing her. She is an absolute darling.