• Show Date: 07/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Great Dane Club

Breed: Great Dane

The East of England Great Dane Club held a Championship Show at the Sports Connexion, Ryton-On-Dunsmore on Sunday 7th October. There was an entry of 50 bitches making 61 entries in 15 classes with 14 absentees. From the 36 bitches present I awarded the CC to Ch Culseandanes House of Tully, the Res. CC and BV to Dainmajik The Sorceress with Geordieone Charlottenborg as BP. Ch Culseandanes House of Tully was awarded BIS on the decision of the referee. My co-judge and myself were in full agreement that RBIS and BVIS be awarded to Dainmajik The Sorceress with Tantallon Big Apple with Vanmore as BOS and that the best male puppy, Geordieone Torpa Stenhus, be declared BPIS. 

The head, outline and body proportions of the breed together with its style and carriage on the move define the essential characteristics of this upstanding and noble breed. I was looking for athletic but elegant exhibits with a look of breeding and quality combined with balanced construction and a free and easy but powerful and accurate ground covering gait. Even allowing for the limitations of floor surface at the venue I felt that the overall standard of conformation and movement left room for improvement. Heads were variable as was the ratio of height to length of body and these were factors that made for difficult decisions in some of the classes. My thanks go to the Club for the invitation and hospitality and to all exhibitors for supporting the show and for affording me the opportunity of going over their dogs. 

SPECIAL VB (3, 1) 

1: Ingram’s Dainmajik The Sorceress, Res. CC, RBIS & BVIS, in fine fettle, well-constructed body with typical outline and proportions, good flow of neck into firm top-line with strong loin and pleasing croup, well-shaped and pigmented eye with soft expression, good length of leg, pleasing rib cage, bone and substance commensurate with her size and stature, retains an impression of agility on the move and most deserving of her awards on the day 

2: Price’s Ch Leamap Iron Maiden, pleasing exhibit to go over with a balanced head, gentle eye and expression, good neck and top-line, strong loin, typical body proportions and outline, of good size with ample bone and substance, just not quite as animated or positive on the move as the winner. 

MPB (11, 1) 

1: Young & Wyer’s Geordieone Charlottenborg, BOSP, a lovely youngster of just over 6 months, full of promise for the future, balanced construction, desired symmetry of outline and body proportions, good balance of skull to muzzle with well finished flews and strong underjaw, good eye and expression, ample length and depth of rib-cage and good fill of fore-chest, strong loin and good couplings, pleasing set of croup and strong quarters with well-placed hocks of good length, easily the best mover in the class and looked a picture when competing with her litter brother in the run-off for BPIS. 

2: Bell’s Jaydania Angel of Harlem with Darlou, another attractive and promising youngster of just 6 months, has a balanced outline of the desired proportions, a pleasing feminine head showing good balance and refinement, appealing eye and expression, good neck and top-line, good length and depth of rib-cage, not quite the fluidity of the winner on the move but can do well in full maturity. 

3: Booth & Sneddon’s Roucandane Makes The Rules with Culseandane. 

PB (7, 4) 

1: Lawson & Hunter’s Droolakiss Bridgette, just 7 months, shows promise in many respects, has a look of breeding and quality about her, well grown with pleasing bone and substance, pleasing head properties with goop eye and expression, strong neck, firm top-line, just needs to develop and strengthen a ,little more in hind quarters to compete with those that beat her in the previous class. 

2: Pocock’s Tamzdane Sofa So Good, 9 months, well grown and of pleasing size with good bone and substance to compliment her stature, pleasing height to length ratio, well balance skull to muzzle length but would have preferred a little more refinement of skull and muzzle, clean neck, firm top-line, strong loin, needs to strengthen in hind action as she matures on. 

3. Warchol’s Casablanca Perseidy Kasjopei. 

JB (7, 4) 

1: Bithell’s Ch. Bourntwyn By My Side, close to 18 months, imposing exhibit with many immediately obvious qualities, has the size and stature expected of the breed with a pleasing height to length ratio, feminine head of balanced proportions with fair refinement of skull and muzzle, ample bone and substance, clean limbed, pleasing fill and breadth of fore-chest, good length and depth of rib-cage, short-backed, well coupled, shapely quarters with pleasing croup and tail set, a little untidy on the move, nonetheless pushed hard for top honours in the final run-off. 

2: Pendleton-Watkins’ Zefather’s What It Takes, typical pattern for the breed, pleasing head properties, good size, with ample bone and substance, presented in firm condition with good muscle-tone, outgoing and exuberant in style and temperament and never really settled on the move, could do better with firmer handling. 

3: Kelleway’s Doirnoir Luciana. 

YB (3, 1) 

1: Pocock’s Tamzane Cake My Day, Upstanding and well made with a fit and workmanlike appearance, well-proportioned body with ample bone and substance, powerful neck, firm top-line, good length and depth of rib-cage, well fill fore-chest of ample width, powerful and positive mover. 

2: Mackenzie’s Carsan Madame Cheng, pleasing overall pattern, typical outline and proportions, pleasing neck and  top-line, typical eye and expression, a bit unsettled on the move. 

3: Middleton’s Taysca Must de Cartier. 

PGB (5, 1) 

1: Shadbolt’s Jaydania Monica Seles, Clean outline and pleasing body proportions, typical head, eye and expression, a little rangy and light in body condition, moved accurately and with good length of stride but could have been a little more animated and outgoing in character. 

2: Hodgson’s Samdice The One, pleasing body shape and proportions, pleasing head, eye and expression, good neck and top-line, not making the most on herself and could have been more animated on the move.. 

3: Harrison’s Jasnettdanes Moonlight. 

LB (4, 1) 

1: Morgan’s Samdice In Your Honour, presents a picture of elegance and quality, pleasing head properties, typical build and appearance, well developed and strongly made athletic body, moved at a steady pace to get the best from her. 

2:Dyson’s Samdice Best of You, Cast in a slightly heavier mould and coat not at its best, pleasing construction of front and rear assemblies, balanced head properties, top-line could have been firmer, steady and settled on the  move. 

3: Morgan-Evans’ Vanmore Classic Beauty. 

OB (5, 2) 

1: Sneddon & Booth’s Ch. Culseandanes House of Tully, CC & BIS, top drawer exhibit, exudes breed type and character, balanced and refined head with well placed and shaped eye of good colour, gentle and intelligent expression, super outline and proportions, firm back-line with excellent loin and coupling, athletic yet elegant and feminine in build and outlook, correct balance of front and rear assemblies, ample strength and crest of neck, pleasing rib cage, of good height with bone and substance to match her size and frame, has a tendency to pace intermittently, nonetheless her many other qualities outweighed this in today’s company and were sufficient to justify her top placings on the day. 

2: Lawson & Hunter’s Ch. Droolakiss Gold N’Glamour, worthy title holder, pleasing head properties, good eye and expression, clean neck and firm top-line, plenty of rib, well boned and with ample substance as befits her size and frame, tidy mover, not quite as compact or stylish as the winner. 

3: Bourton’s Ch. Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano. 


SPECIAL OB (Fawn) (3, 1) 

1: D The Sorceress 

2: Donnelly’s Primus Timeless Style, Mature and full bodied, typical head, eye and expression, pleasing size and with ample bone and substance, a little slack in top-line and not quite the style and carriage of the winner on the move. 

SPECIAL OB (Brindle) (1, 1) 

None Present 

SPECIAL OB (Blue) (3, 0) 

1: Middleton’s Doirnoir Ain, Outgoing and steady in temperament, good depth and purity of colour, in firm condition with pleasing make and shape, typical head, eye and expression, ample ribbing, top-line a little slack, needs to make more of herself on the move. 

2: Ch. L Iron Maiden 

3: Harrison’s Jasnettdanes Lamborghini. 

SPECIAL OB (Black) (5, 0) 

1:Simpson’s Renescent Miss Naughty, appealing head properties, typical outline and body proportions, pleasing rib-cage, good neck and top-line, steady mover, would have preferred a little more development of second thigh. 

2: Black’s Bandwar Taylor Made, not as outgoing in character as winner, pleasing overall make and shape, has a typical head, eye and expression, pleasing size and substance, steady mover. 

3: T Must de Cartier. 

SPECIAL OB (Harlequin) (3, 0) 

1: Ellis-Khanna’s Ch Ravendane Maleficent For Harvaxe, impressive exhibit, upstanding and imposing appearance with desired outline and proportions of body, strong and powerful in body, ample size, bone and substance, well ribbed back, firm top-line, strong loin and moves steadily with a pleasing style and carriage. 

2: T Cake My Day. 

3: Middleton’s Damarkanne Illicit Love. 

SPECIAL OB (Mantle) 

No Entries 

CHAMPION B (1, 0) 

None Present