• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Basset Hound

VD (1, 0) 

1st: ELLRICH Mrs D & Mr M Ch Malrich Sir Ruff, Res CC & BV, real stallion hound, typical overall appearance and outline, masculine head with powerful muzzle and strong underjaw, well-muscled neck, well put together front and rear assemblies, in hard workmanlike condition, well ribbed back with a strong loin, very positive and true on the move. 


PD (2, 0) 

1st: SEDDON Mr I & Mrs J Sedonia's Hillman Avenger, BP, almost 7 months and full of promise, clean head and outline, good eye, typical balance of skull and muzzle, ample ground clearance, pleasing outline and proportions, well-constructed front assembly, rib extending well back, nicely couple, steady and true action. 

2nd: COULTAS Mr N A & Mrs C F Deucecoupe Duval, 8 months, masculine build and demeanour, pleasing head-piece, clean and well-muscled neck, well ribbed back, sturdy hindquarters, steady mover, just preferred the winner’s eye and front assembly.  


JD (2, 0) 

1st: NEWMAN Mrs D J Woferlow Han Solo, pleasing body proportions with typical flow and symmetry of outline, well proportioned masculine head with pleasing eye, well-boned limbs and good feet, true and fluid movement.  

2nd: SHADBOLT Mr I M & Mrs S Sedonia's Ambassador Of Akura, pleasing head with good flow of neck and top-line, good length of body, preferred tail carriage and movement of the winner. 


GD (1, 0) 

1st: FREUDENREICH Mrs K Malrich Quantum Of Solace, pleasing head-piece, well ribbed back, ample ground clearance, a shade upright in shoulder and would have preferred a slightly longer stride. 


PGD (1, 0) 

1st: WILLIAMS Ms D Newdown Xavier-xanthos At Bromp (Imp NLD), imposing presence and appearance, well built with deep and powerful body, well proportioned masculine head, good eye, just moving a shade wide at the rear. 


LD (3, 0) 

1st: NEWMAN, Mrs D J & TITLEY Mrs J S Buckadoe Tom Collins, presents with a well-balanced appearance and pleasing flow of outline, firm top-line, pleasing front assembly and elbow placement, good length and expanse of rib, strong loin, moved well in profile.  

2nd: ALLCHORNE Mrs C Nelgus Thyme Bomb JW, impressive male, pleasing head properties, strong neck, firm top-line, pleasing overall outline and proportions, just preferred the rib and action of the winner. 

3rd: GWYER Mr C Kortebin Dwarf King. 


OD (3, 1) 

1st: WILLIAMS Ms D Bromp Brian Smart, CC & BOB, very nice example of the breed, looks well on the stack, handles well and moves with strength and purpose and drive, clean head of good proportions with pleasing eye and ear-set, clean and well-muscled neck, pleasing bone and substance, ample ground clearance and free of exaggeration. 

2nd: SEDDON Mr I & Mrs J Sedonia's Cosworth, another pleasing exhibit with many desirable attributes, typical head, eye and ear placement, good neck, powerful build and steady gait, just preferred the front assembly and top-line of the winner.   






PB (3, 0) 

1st: WILLIAMS Ms D Bromp Lola Brown, 10 months, feminine build and appearance, pleasing head properties, good eye and ear placement, balanced outline and proportions, good elbow placement, ample ribbing, steady gait. 

2nd: COULTAS Mr N A & Mrs C F Deucecoupe Marquesa, 9 months so giving a little away in age, typical pattern, balanced and well-proportioned head, typical gait, preferred eye shape of winner. 

3rd: BECKETT Mr & Mrs J Beckshounds Bewitched. 


JB (3, 0) 

1st: DANEL Mr L S & Mrs S E Wellsbayview Annie Power At Bazbourne, gives an impression of quality and type, pleasing head properties with good balance of skull to muzzle, typical eye and correct ear placement, good length and expanse of rib, pleasing flow of neck and firmness of top-line, well coupled, pleasing style and carriage on the move. 

2nd: HUDSON, Mrs J, MURRAY Miss J Diheath Queenie of Graceminster NAF, typical pattern, clean head with good balance of muzzle to skull, strong neck, well proportioned outline, strong body, ample ribbing, didn’t impress quite as much as winner on the move.   

3rd: PRICE Mrs B Wellsbayview Rock On Ruby. 


GB (1, 0) 

1st: HARDS Mr A & Mrs H Clanwillow Amber Delight For Braemoray, liked her type and balance, pleasing head, eye and ear placement, correct neck, top-line and ribbing, good balance of front and rear assemblies, moved well on a balanced and steady gait. 


PGB (2, 0) 

1st: BECKETT Mr & Mrs J Sedonias Bumblebee At Beckshounds, typical, build, outline and proportions, pleasing head properties, strong neck, firm top-line, ample ribbing, stylish and positive on the move. 

2nd: SEDDON Mr I & Mrs J Sedonia's Infiniti, similar type and pattern to winner, pleasing outline and construction, typical head, eye and ear placement, not quite as positive as winner on the move.  


LB (6, 0) 

1st: CARTWRIGHT, Mrs J & WILLIAMS Ms D Bromp Miss Velvet at Longmynd, CC, headed a really strong class of top-drawer females, feminine build, ample bone and substance, well-proportioned and strong body with good depth, well ribbed back, strong loin, moves with style holding a firm top-line and typical tail carriage. 

2nd: MELBOURNE, Miss D & HUDSON Mrs J Diheath Bob, another real quality exhibit, so much to like about her, typical build, outline and body proportions, grand limbs, good feet, well boned, not quite as impressive on move as winner. 

3rd: ELLRICH Mrs D & Mr M Burnvale White Diamond With Malrich JW. 

Res: FREUDENREICH Miss C Malrich Puss 'N' Boots. 

VHC: MCLEAN Mr K Drawdell's Molly Malone At Brushdew. 


OB (3, 0) 

1st: COULTAS Mr N A & Mrs C F UK Bel You Are My Glitter Van Grunsven (Imp NLD), Res CC, very pleasing overall appearance, good outline, ample strength and depth of body, typical head piece, pleasing eye shape, well placed ears, ample length of rib, well coupled, pleasing mover. 

2nd: SEDDON Mr I & Mrs J Sedonia's Dawn Treader, quality exhibit, feminine in appearance, well-constructed body with good balance of front and rear assemblies, well ribbed back, well coupled, not quite the style and carriage of the winner on the move. 

3rd: OULTAS Mr N A & Mrs C F US Topsfield- Lebrera Ring Around The Rosie (Imp).