• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Saluki



MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: ULYATT, Mrs P A & ULYATT Dr M A Fernlark Legend Of Cornhaze 

BP, pleasing type, quality and proportions, refined head, good eye, powerful underjaw, clean neck, ample leg length, pleasing underline, prominent haunches and well-set croup with pleasing balance of front and rear assemblies, typical gait, needs time to achieve required power and strength in body. 

2nd: GOULDEN Mr & Mrs K A Fernlark Celebration  

More forward in body development than winner pleasing head properties, pleasing outline and proportions, needs schooling and more positive handling, difficult to assess movement as never really settled to show his paces. 

3rd: POSTMA, Dr P & SMITH Mr D Fernlark Odyssey  

 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: F. Celebration  

2nd: POSTMA, Dr P & SMITH Mr D Fernlark Odyssey  

Similar in type and quality to winner, clean head, good neck and pleasing shoulder, typical body shape and proportions, needs time to finish and achieve his potential. 

3rd: MCCORMACK Ms T Back To Black 




PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: LITTLECHILD Mr G & Mrs S Classicus Baroque At Ravensett  

Very handsome and stylish exhibit, masculine build and outlook, keen expression, strong underjaw, pleasing length and depth of rib cage, well coupled with strong loin, pleasing set and slop of croup, good balance of front and rear assemblies, moved at a steady pace the typical gait and carriage for the breed, has yet to attain full maturity but nonetheless was a strong contender for higher honours and his day must surely come. 

2nd: HAYWARD, Mr D & WALKER Ms S Sotazsu Northern Dancer  

A little soft in condition, pleasing overall shape and outline, typical head, eye and expression, ample rib, preferred the winner’s set of croup and flow of rear quarters. 

 LD (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 4211 ULYATT, Mrs P A & ULYATT Dr M A Fernlark L'aunisien In Cornhaze Sh.CM  

Well-toned muscle but a little in condition and slightly longer than ideal in body, pleasing head properties, good eye, good length of leg, clean limbed with good feet and a sound ground covering action. 

2nd: 4195 HADDON Mrs A Amal Hayati Ohdedar El Azizi Fuadi Of Ilsham (Imp)  

Much to like about him on the stack, pleasing outline and body proportions, noble head with pleasing eye and expression, strong and well arched neck, good length and depth of rib cage, well feathered, hock placement not ideal and disappointing hind action. 

OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: GOULDEN Mr & Mrs K A Ch Fernlark By Design JW 

CC, well finished appearance with a look of breeding and quality, pleasing head properties, good eye, strong and well carried neck, firm top line, balanced construction of front and rear assemblies, good ribbing, strong loin, pleasing set and slope of croup, ample feathering with well set and carried tail, moves with an effortless gait, a little long cast and angulation could be a little more moderate. 

2nd: COPPERTHWAITE Mrs D Ch Noushzad Caliph (Imp) 

Res CC, strong and workmanlike appearance, masculine build and appearance, clean head with keen and dark eye of good shape and placement, strong and nicely arched neck, balanced and moderate angulation of front and rear assemblies, very powerful quarters, well set croup with pleasing tail carriage, very powerful jaw, moved with purpose giving an appearance of strength and stamina, easy to imagine him performing the intended work of the breed, just not quite the elegance and refinement of the winner. 

3rd: BUCKLEY Mr B W & Mrs A K Hisilome's Kareef (Imp) Sh.CM  

Res: GLAISTER Mrs J Ch Vanechka Otis S Berega Turi (Imp) JW Sh.CM  

VHC: HAVERCROFT Mr & Mrs ID & CJ Bermuda Ch Barbey Hector At Dragonsmoon (Imp)  



MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 4194 GOULDEN Mr & Mrs K A Fernlark Lou'kira  

Very much a raw youngster but showing potential, pleasing head properties, squarish in outline but at this stage needs to develop more length of leg, a little overawed and not giving of her best on the move. 

2nd: 4209 SYDNEY Mrs E Shaybani Amunet Ebony NAF  

Cast in a different mould to winner, a little unsettled and moving with excessive front lift on the day, needs time to grow into herself and gain confidence and composure. 

 PB (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: F. Lou'kira  

JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 4214 WILLIAMS Mrs K H Tigsisle Totally Unique  

Feminine in outlook and demeanour, clean head, typical eye, typical outline, fair rib cage, needs to develop more power and strength in body, somewhat high stepping in front action. 

 PGB (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 4212 WILLIAMS Mr C M & Mrs H V Kasaque Salaama  

Lovely type and quality, very pleasing to go over and watch on the move, full of breed character, pleasing outline and proportions, strength and power in body, clean and well boned limbs, feminine head with pleasing eye shape, colour and placement, powerful underjaw, clean, strong and well crested neck, firm top line, well coupled with strong loin. 

2nd: 4199 HUDSON Mrs E & Dr J Glenoak Leilah 

Very honest and typical example of the breed, feminine build and outlook, pleasing head properties with good eye shape and placement, balanced skull of good proportions, powerful underjaw, good ribbing and loin, pleasing coupling, well set croup, balanced construction at front and rear ends, just thought the winner appeared slightly more elegant and with more fluidity on the move. 

LB (3 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: WILLIAMS Mr C M & Mrs H V Al Zubeyda Lena At Kasaque (Imp) JW  

Another beauty, so very typical in so many respects, pleases in head, eye, neck and shoulder, pleasing ribbing, strong loin and well coupled, displays the elegance and air of aloofness that typifies the breed, strong and well-constructed rear quarters, good slope of croup, well set and carried tail, moved with a typical gait and carriage. 

2nd: PHILLIPS, Miss L & WISEMAN Miss H Vidana Amira S Berega Turi (Imp)  

Pleasing overall shape and proportions, clean head of balanced proportions, good neck, rib and top line, well coupled, pleasing croup and tail set, not as pleasing in rear assembly as winner. 

3rd: 4200 HUDSON Mr A & Mrs M Velourias Agent Velvet Glencathra 

 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: MANSELL, Mr B, DUDDELL, Mrs J & JOHNSTON Mr L Ch Canerikie Catalina  

CC & BOB well finished giving the appearance of strength and power in body, in firm hard condition, pleasing head properties, excellent flow of neck through withers into top line, well ribbed and coupled, strong well-muscled loin, pleasing balance of front and rear assemblies, very impressive on the move giving the impression of athleticism and enduring stamina. 

2nd: SHIMMIN Mr P & Mrs E A Hisilome's Keepsake For Cranstal (Imp) 

Res CC, also very pleasing in many respects, refined and elegant in outlook and appearance, feminine head of balanced proportions, pleasing eye, colour, shape and placement, clean, strong and well arched neck, firm top line, good rib, strong loin, well coupled, good overall outline and proportions, balanced construction, clean limbs of good length and with correct bone, typical gait and carriage. 

3rd: SHIMMIN Mr P & Mrs E A Hisilome's Leonore Mish Cranstal (Imp)  

Res: SYDNEY Mrs E Multi Ch Daxlore Harani Of Shaybani Esp J Ch  

VHC: COLE, Mrs A & MINTZ Ms K Voice Of My Heart Neshema Tova Jun Ch (Imp)  

VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: WILLIAMS Mrs K H Ch Bermuda Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice At Winton 

BV, pleasing outline, balanced, clean head of typical proportions, goof neck, rib and top-line, stylish mover with pleasing carriage.