• Show Date: 22/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Rottweiler Club Of Wales

Breed: Rottweiler

MPD (3): 

1st Baillie & Shaw’s Stairvale Frazer 

BP, very smart and promising, dry head of desired balance and proportions, well pigmented eye with pleasing shape and placement of aperture, pleasing symmetry and flow of outline with correct length of body, adequate bone and substance for age, complimentary construction od front and rear quarters with a confident and assured breed typical gait. 

2nd Kichenside’s Jaegerot Man In The Mirror 

Good type and quality with pleasing head properties and a typical outline, strong neck, firm top line, ample ribbing and fair length of loin, preferred the more balanced construction and gait of the winner. 

3rd Nicason’s Ferrari Of Kodis. 

PD (5, 2a): 

1st Watkins & Taylor’s Minaelea Busy Bee 

Well grown with required strength and depth of body, masculine head, excellent ribbing, firm top line, moved with purpose and power giving an impression of endurance and stamina. 

2nd Evans’ Paloduro Gold Dollar At Maddiecass  

Pleasing symmetry of outline of the desired proportions, clean head with pleasing eye and expression, not quite the same impression of strength and masculinity and not as steady and purposeful on the move. 

3rd Westfalen Just Because Rylusha. 

JD (4, 2a): 

1st Hucker’s Bevanray Spike 

Pleasing build with good muscle tone and athletic appearance, balanced and clean head but somewhat full in eye, clean and strong neckline, firm top line and active and alert on the move. 

2nd Lambert’s Seittor Twisted Fantasy 

Balanced head with well pigmented eye but lacking the keen expression and dryness of head that so characterises the breed, on the small side for a male of 15 months, accurate but indifferent mover lacking animation and needing more muscle tone. 

YD (2): 

1st Trueman & Brownridge’s Jaegerot D'Artagnan 

Pleasing size and proportions with a masculine demeanour and outlook, dark eye with keen expression, ample bone and substance, good expanse of rib, strong loin, fair head but would have preferred a slightly dryer appearance, good balance of front and rear assemblies, in workmanlike condition with good muscle development and tone, moved with purpose and drive. 

2nd Handleigh’s Hakkihause Leonard 

Typical pattern and appearance, slightly cleaner in head than winner but not quite as pleasing in balance of construction and fluidity and strength of movement. 

GD (3, 2a): 

1st Kichenside’s Cheroho Gamorian Guard 

Stood alone here, pleasing temperament and character, fair head with dark eye and typical expression, strong neck and firm top line, ample ribbing, would have preferred more positive rear drive on the move. 

PGD (4, 1a): 

1st Lockyer’s Guardami The Kings Speech  

Fair size with masculine build and pleasing body proportions, good balance of front and rear assemblies, in hard condition with good muscle development and tone, sturdy limbs with good feet, strong neck, firm top line, ample length and strength of loin, well coupled and moving with purpose and drive on a fluid and easy breed typical gait. 

2nd Harris’ Saintlythans Captain Cat 

Strongly built with good depth and expanse of rib, pleasing head properties, dark eye with keen expression, muscular neck, firm top line and strong loin, just preferred the overall body proportions and greater fluidity of movement of the winner. 

3rd Fantasa Just Do It At Maddiecass 

LD (7): 

1st Goodban & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Just Ace It At Keljaygo  

Pleasing confirmation and proportions, pleasing depth and strength of body giving an impression of power and stamina, good ribbing, strong loin, well coupled, ample bone and substance and sure footed,  

2nd Jones’ Westfalen Hot Fuzz  

Typical example of the breed with pleasing head properties, keen eye, balanced proportions, pleasing loin and rib, good bone and substance, not quite as impressive on the move as winner. 

3rd S Wild Fire 

4th Rockstarotts Mini Clubman ShCM  

5th Jimeva Sonic Boom Rylusha  

OD (8, 2a): 

1st Gee’s Upend Yoan At Kassmax 

Res CC, quality exhibit of pleasing type and quality, typical head, eye and expression, powerful neck, good length of rib, good loin and coupling, good overall balance of construction, bone and substance to match his size, in workmanlike condition, free and easy gait,  

2nd Trueman & Brownridge’s Jaegerot Jumpin Black Jack 

Quality exhibit with somewhat differing strengths and failings to the winner which increased the complexity and difficulty of deciding their placings on the day, masculine head properties, good eye with keen expression, pleasing depth and strength of body, good loin and ribbing, not quite as balanced in construction or as impressive on the move as winner. 

3rd Varenka The Musketeer 

4th Darkarmar Eminem 

5th Dortmund Dodging Bullets At Trevearl 

VD (3): 

1st Taylor’s CH/NL CH Minaelea Black Mambo JW ShCM 

CC, worthy champion strong and powerful body of pleasing depth and construction, pleasing fill of fore chest, ample lay of shoulder, excellent rib, loin and couplings, firm top line, well boned with ample substance and good feet, dark eye and expression, in workmanlike condition and with an active and purposeful gait. 

2nd Trueman & Brownridge’s CH Jezeve Sherbet JW ShCM 

Pleasing example of the breed with appealing head properties, good length of body and fair length of leg, good ribbing, good top line and set of croup, good bone and substance masculine demeanour, not quite the depth and strength of body of the winner. 

3rd Saintlythans Bronze Hero