• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne

MPD (1, 1) 

None Present 


PD (3, 0) 

1: Lucas’ Hibeck Teddy Bear At Kocalba, CC & BP, a very nice hound, pleasing head properties, good skull and muzzle, well placed and shaped eye of good colour, typical ear shape and placement, good neck and back-line, well developed rib cage of good length and shape, pleasing loin and quarters, accurate and true mover. 

2: McEwan’s Hibeck Barney Bear At Marunnel, similar type and quality, well balanced head of good shape and proportions, typical eye and expression, clean neck, firm back-line, not quite as forward in body development or as steady on the move as winner. 

3: Richmond & McDonald-Ulliott’s Hibeck Paddington Bear. 


JD (1, 0) 

1: Allenby’s Nerac Du Rallye Saint Paul Avec Rangali TAF NAF, lot to like about him, well developed body with appearance of strength and stamina, pleasing coat texture and colour, pleasing head shape with good balance of skull to muzzle, powerful underjaw, well placed ears of good size and shape, strong neck, ample ribbing, strong loin, steady and jaunty movement, a shade long in body and top-line could be firmer. 


PGD (2, 1) 

1: Sercombe’s Rangali Timon, pleasing shape and proportions, ample body depth, strongly built appearance, typical, head, eye and expression, jaunty and active movement, coat a little soft, would have liked a little more fill and breadth of fore-chest. 


LD (3, 1) 

1: Allenby’s Rangali Tigger, good balance of body proportions and with a typical outline, good bone and feet, ample rib and strength of loin and well coupled, pleasing head properties, typical eye and expression, well placed ears of good shape and length, strong underjaw, sturdy and well-made quarters, strong and active movement. 

2: Mackay’s Shiroblam Rumba,  


OD (4, 0) 

1: Turton’s Arran Pilot For Shiroblam, Res CC, pleasing type and quality with a well finished appearance, good symmetry and balance of outline, typical outline and body proportions, pleasing coat colour and texture, good ratio of skull to muzzle length, typical eye and expression, strong neck, firm top-line, ample ribbing with good coupling and strength of loin, well set croup, well set and carried tail, typical mover, pushed hard for the top award. 

2: Bendle & Blevins’ Ch Blevwil Nick Nack Sh.CM, pleasing example of the breed with a look of quality and breeding about him, typical outline and body proportions, pleasing size, good coat, firm top-line which he held well on the move, not quite as pleasing in quarters as winner and moving a little close at the rear but nonetheless a worthy title holder. 

3: Leech’s Gavelkind Conquistador by Jamchala. 

Res: Blevins’ Blevwil Now Or Never Ir J Ch. 


VD (2, 0) 

1: Leech’s Ch Hibeck Scooby Doo with Soletrader Sh.CM, BV, handsome veteran male, pleasing head properties, good eye and expression, pleasing symmetry and body proportions, in fine fettle, showing and moving with enthusiasm. 

2: Richmond’s Hibeck Pommes Frites, another game veteran, enjoying his day out, pleasing head, eye and expression, not quite the symmetry of outline of the winner and not quite as positive on the move. 


MPB (2, 0) 

1: Revens & Hyde’s Naya At Beabass (Imp) NAF TAF, promising youngster, confident in outlook and personality, pleasing coat colour and texture, typical head, eye and expression, good neck and top-line, ample length of rib, pleasing coupling, tidy mover, will do well if she grows on and fulfils this early promise and potential. 

2: Mochan’s Basler Wisecrack, not quite the confidence of winner, pleasing head, eye and expression, good neck, rib and loin, needs time to develop strength in body and firm up in her rear quarters. 


PB (1, 0) 

1: Johnson’s Wildan Woman In Red, feminine head, typical eye and expression, pleasing overall shape and proportions, pleasing coat colour and texture, ample rib and loin, rather erratic on the move and not using her quarters to best advantage. 


JB (3, 0) 

1: Turton’s Shiroblam Bourdaffy, typical example of the breed, well grown and presented to advantage, good balance of skull to muzzle, good eye and expression, strong and powerful in body, pleasing symmetry of outline with typical body proportions, full of quality with lots of style and presence, fluid and typical movement. 

2: Russell’s Shiroblam Bayan Cocktail, similar overall pattern and style to winner, typical head with pleasing eye and expression, not quite the body development of winner nor quite the same fluidity on the move. 


PGB (1, 0) 

1: Thornton’s Mochras Fifi Framboise, pleasing outline and proportions with good ground clearance, pleasing eye and expression with typical ear shape, length and placement, pleasing coat texture and colour, a little short in muzzle and would like more strength and power in rear quarters. 


LB (5, 1) 

1: Allenby’s Rangali Roses. Res CC, impressive appearance and handles well on closer examination, well made with well-constructed front and rear assemblies, good bone and feet, typical coat texture and colour, pleasing head, eye and expression, good neck and top-line, well ribbed back, powerful loin and strong couplings, ample depth and strength of body and moves with style and animation. 

2: McDonald-Ulliott’s Hibeck Treacle Tart, cast in a somewhat smaller mould, pleasing shape and proportions, good eye and expression, pleasing coat texture and colour, firm top-line, balanced construction, not quite in the form and condition of the winner. 

3: Sercombe’s Rangali Quirky Widget. 

Res: Thornton’s Mochras Mahlinda. 


OB (4, 1) 

1: Ellrich’s Ch Int Ch Bel Dan Blevwil Enchantress Over Malrich, CC & BOB, superb exhibit that could not denied, looked so well balanced and typical on the stack and moves with great style and carriage, ultra-feminine build and appearance but nonetheless workmanlike and full of hound characteristics, in her best bib and tucker and simply a pleasure to judge. 

2: Jones’ Ch Laserna Storm In A Teacup JW, worthy title holder and able to hold her own in strong competition, pleasing type and quality, good outline and proportions, typical coat texture and colour, balanced head, strong underjaw, good neck and top-line, not quite the strength and impression of power in rear quarters as the winner. 

3: Allenby’s Gouvier Charlotte La Bouff. 


VB (0, 0) 

No Entries