• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rodney Oldham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Japanese Akita Inu

MPD(3,1abs) 1st Duffield Team Hasaki Nobu, 6mo r/w, well grown and presents an impressive outline, head developing well, ears well placed with slight forward tilt, best of dark almond shaped eyes, defined stop, straight forelimbs with elbows held firm, arch to neck, firm topline and high tail carriage, moderate turn to stifle, easy mover, shown in good nick, BP. 2nd Woodward Nosferatu’s No Shinobu Go, just turned 6mo and still very raw in his development both physically and mentally, needs more socialising, sound enough on the move. PD(2) 1st Blackburn & McPhilbin Ryuukita Genji Go, brindle of 9mo, lightly built but well balanced, dark eye of good shape, straight front, ribs developing, firm loin, hight tail carriage, good temperament. 2nd Heyes & Chapman Tsoyu Ninichi Go at Chillipaws, well grown with plenty of substance, well placed dark eye, excellent hindquarters with definition to stifles, needs socialising. PGD(3,1) 1st Buckley & Chapman Matsukita Takehiko Go, well grown br, masculine but without excess, fairly large head, ears well placed, defined stop, super eye, excellent front and feet, arch to neck, level topline, high set tail, gently turned stifles, could be a bit more positive in the rear. 2nd Rio Shiroshi Ash No Sora, lt red, not quite the masculine head of 1 but liked his good dark eyes, level topline, moderate hindquarters, fair mover. LD(2,1) 1st Thompson, Wiesmuller & Thompson Tsoyu Kokoro No Hiroi, 22mo, impressive and upstanding lt red, excellent balanced outline, lovely ear and eye placement, excellent front with firm elbows, level topline with tail carried high, well bodied without excess, reasonable mover, RBD. OD(1) 1st Bennett & Chapman Ch Tsoyu Hamako Go, lt red with presence from the moment he stepped into the ring, triangular masculine head so well laid out commands attention carried on crested neck, decent front assembly, muscular body and firm topline, sound hindquarters with which he moves out freely, BD & BOB. JB(1) 1st Bennett & Chapman Tsoyu Murasaki Go, 16mo, well grown and feminine with substance, head is developing well, dark eye of good shape well placed, firm elbows, level topline and high set tail, definition to hindquarters, moved out freely. PGB(3,1) 1st Payne Nayumi Go Tokimitsu, red/wh, very feminine and presents a clean outline, liked her head and attributes, broad skull, ears well placed, defined stop, clean dark eyes, firm topline and high set tail, BB. 2nd Punton Koteisamurai Bedcrock Babe, ultra feminine br, balanced althrough, not in full coat today, level topline with tail set high, gentle turn to stifle, free mover. LB(4,1) 1st Thompson & Chapman Fujin No Tenno Toshi Mit Tsoyu, br. Not the biggest but very well constructed, really comes together in profile action, liked her width to skull and fill to cheeks. 2nd Rio Masaru Aka Hana Go, lt br, higher on the leg, ultra feminine and not the finish to muzzle of 1, high tail carriage, covers the ground well. 3rd Mudrova & Janulevicius Seasidemanor Yumiko. OB(3) 1st Duffield Meiho No Shinka Go, lt red, feminine and compact, very typical in outlook, not overdone in any respect, scored here in topline and clean outline, moved out well. 2nd Thompson & Chapman Tsoyu Gokujou Go, very similar in many respects being feminine with good substance, just not holding her topline quite so well. 3rd Thomas Vladtepes No Hiromi Go. VB(3,1) 1st Thompson & Chapman Multi & Int Ch Biss Tsoyu Amaya, lt red, 9yo, so solidly built but kept a reasonable waistline, feminine with an attractive headpiece, decent front assembly, broad chest, well ribbed up with firm topline and a tidy mover, well modelled hindquarters, still appears to enjoy her time in the ring, RBB. 2nd Clark, Bolton & Pearson Anshee Bollinger, 7yo in a fairly square outline, shown in good nick and stepped out steadily. Rodney Oldham (Judge)