• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rodney Oldham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu PD(3) 1st Hitt & Gibson Virtulvilage Rebel Rising at Miracey, well grown gold/white, scored in neck and shoulders, dark eyes well placed, broad front with straight forelimbs, well ribbed up, level topline, high tailset and carriage, just enough turn to stifles, in excellent coat and condition, stepped out smartly. 2nd Rutter Chanikos Living the Dream, particularly liked his eye which was dark and of good size, arch to neck of good length with shoulders well laid, ribs well sprung, good high tail carriage, gentle turn to stifle, true mover. 3rd Russell & Evans Tamaria Black Edition at Matsuba. JD(5) 1st Fairley Rossvale Here Comes The Sun over Fairmere, head very well laid out, lovely eye and expression, broad skull, well placed nose leather with open nostrils and tidy finish to underjaw, width to chest and straight forelimbs, arch to neck, well sprung ribcage, level topline, high set tail and carriage, gentle definition to hindquarters, reachy mover. 2nd Cameron Debeaux Take Me To Tokyo, B&W, well grown and soundly put together, open faced with good nostrils and broad underjaw, scored here in side gait and reach. 3rd Carter & Leigh Gladmin Soweto Storm. YD(6,1abs) 1st Yorke Middletune Wildest Charmer, impressive G&W, masculine headpiece with features all well displayed, dark eye of good size, open nostrils and broad underjaw, broad chest and straight front, well ribbed up and high set tail carried fairly high, definition to hindquarters, good coat and condition. 2nd Hey Shalehan Yasheron, slightly more compact but enough length for balance, super eye and expression, open nostrils, firm in rib and loin, similar tail carriage to above, steady mover. 3rd Fairley Rossvale Here Comes The Sun over Fairmere. PGD(5) 1st Maule Daltricia Mondego, solidly built and shown in clear black coat, large masculine head, clear eyes placed well apart, square muzzle, open nostrils, decent front assembly, arch to neck, well ribbed up, level topline, decent tailset and carriage, steps out smartly, RCC. 2nd Johnson Keytor The Jazz Singer, G&W that projects a very smart outline with a clean masculine head and eyes well placed, width to muzzle and underjaw, , good chest and front assembly, scored in neck and tail carriage, tidy mover. 3rd Casentieri Alchez Emperor Kuzco. LD(7,2) 1st Jones Carlita Reason To Dream, G&W presented in tip top condition, masculine without excess, head properties well distributed with eyes placed well apart, defined stop, good finish to underjaw, decent front and bone, arch to neck, well ribbed up and back, tail set and carried high, well finished hindquarters, steps out with purpose, altogether a classy package and I considered him good value for the CC & BOB in quality company. 2nd Carter & Leigh Gladmin Transkei Teddi, thought this lad was close up in conformation here but not quite the finish in muscle tone or coat of 1, would like to see him really step out and command more attention. 3rd Brown Rossvale All About The Boy. OD(5,1) 1st Maule Daltricia Wilbur Smith, G&W, all male, without excess, head well laid out with plenty of width through, broad chest, straight forelimbs, arch to neck, well sprung ribcage, level topline, firm loin, good tail carriage, steps out freely showing full pad. 2nd Hitt Ch Miracey All Guns Blazin, of a different type, today just preferred slightly more solid finish of 1, presented in tip top condition. 3rd Turner Artelino Moomins Adventure. VD(3) 1st McIntyres Ch Snanitau’s Mane Attraction, 8yo G&W, in excellent nick, masculine headpiece with a lovely expression from dark well placed eyes, good angulation fore and aft, scored in topline, arch to neck, very good tailset and carriage, stepped out freely, BV. 2nd Marks Ch & Sw Ch Tansingh Jepardy, 10yo G&W, not much to separate these two, not quite as firm now in topline as 1, good clear dark eyes, still moves out with real purpose. 3rd Nortons Nafisah’s Nestor. MPB(6,2) 1st Hey Lyndatzu Que Sah Rah, 7mo G&W, very well balanced with lovely eye and expression , well placed nose with open nostril, excellent front assembly and substance, arch to neck, well ribbed up for age, tail is high set and carried high, steps out with purpose holding shape well. 2nd Keree-Bartolo Shirkeira Quartz, also projects a good outline although not quite as compact as 1 is still balanced, delightful expression from dark well placed eyes, topline to settle, high set tail, easy mover. 3rd Swift Thaisu Jenny Wren. PB(8,2) 1st Gilkes Zeeva Reflections, 9mo G&W and appears quite well on in her development for her age, appeals very much for head and expression, width to skull with dark eye well placed, defined stop, open nostrils, well finished underjaw, decent front assembly, super neck and carriage, carries her tail well, finished off with a most glamorous coat and steps out with an air of self importance, BP and pleased to see she also topped the puppy group. 2nd Rutter Chanikos Born to Dream, quality B&W with well laid out head giving desired head and expression, dark eye, defined stop, good neck into tidy front, ribs are sprung and tail carried high, free and easy in action, well on in coat change. 3rd Stevens Peekin Miss Jive-Bunny-Tu. JB(4,2) 1st Howard Tameron Miss Paris, 14mo G&W, very feminine young miss with width to skull allowing for wide eye placement and deep stop, open nostrils and width to underjaw, sound front assembly, arch to neck, ribcage well sprung, level topline, high tail carriage, definition to hindquarters, steps out freely. 2nd Beer & Tilley Miracey Sea of Love for Tilbe, solidly built blk with large head, dark eyes well placed, just preferred the neck and carriage of 1 today. YB(2) 1st Flack Shalehan Yarina to Mifcah, 22mo and in full show coat, head well laid out, super dark eye and expression, square muzzle and tidy finish to underjaw, arch to neck into neat shoulders and level topline, just scored slightly in final run-off, high tail carriage. 2nd Jones Carlita Time to Samba, 19mo G&W, very feminine with substance, lovely large eyes without excess, head balanced allowing features to be well distributed, arched neck, level topline, high tail carriage. PGB(6,1) 1st Dolphin Dolha’s Step Out in Style, this gold presents an appealing outline and her arched neck shows off her head to advantage, sound front assembly, level topline, easy reachy mover shown in good coat. 2nd Bourne Paliden Golden Future at Mayofox, another gold and similar for type, her head is also well laid out giving good expression, eyes are well placed and stop well defined, she possesses a decent front assembly and hindquarters in harmony allowing for easy free action. 3rd Billson Shanjora’s Golden Sunset. LB(7,2) 1st Carter & Leigh Gladmin Inala, light G&W, ultra feminine, yet giving nothing away in substance, beautifully laid out head giving super expression, dark eyes set wide, width to muzzle and broad tidy underjaw, clean in neck and shoulder, well ribbed and bodied, level topline and high tail carriage, free easy mover, quietly shown to take the CC which I understand is her second, hopefully her third cannot be too far away. 2nd Briggs Warathwaite Pure As Snow, admired the eye and expression on this 2yo, super underjaw and finish , arch to neck, high tail carriage, easy free mover with some style. 3rd Williams Paliden Star Delight. OB(6,1) 1st Brown Ch Rossvale Secret Obsession, G&W feminine and of handy size, particularly scores for eyes and expression, broad skull, well placed nose and finish to underjaw, decent front assembly, liked her neck and head carriage, scored in topline and reach, high tailset and carriage, RCC. 2nd Hitt & Roberts Ch Miracey Disco Inferno, real show girl and shown in tip top condition, attractive head and features carried on arched neck, just slightly outpaced by 1 on the final run off. 3rd Baldwin Ch Zeeva Love Unlimited for Maili. VB(3) 1st Williams Paliden Good as Gold, 8yo. 2nd Coupland Jimsamroblee Miss Honalulu, 10 yo. 3rd Coupland Miss Jimsamroblee Princess Cleo 12 yo. These three solid reds were all an absolute credit to their owners, shown in excellent condition, both bodily and coat wise and appeared to be enjoying their time in the ring. Fortunately the temperature in the building was much cooler than outside so they were not unduly stressed. Rodney Oldham (Judge)