• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rodney Oldham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Chow Chow

MPD(4,3abs) 1st Parsons Jenrene’s Mighty Enzo, at just 6mo this red is very promising just needing to grow on to achieve his potential, carries an attractive head with broad flat skull and neat thick ears well placed, moderate stop and ample strength to muzzle, clean eyes, well boned straight forelimbs down to cat feet, ribcage developing, level topline with high set tail, correct hindquarters with low set hocks, respectable all round mover, BPD. PD(3,1) 1st McNaught Loyjean Jolson, 10mo blk maturing well, masculine without excess, neat ears well placed, moderate stop, clean eyes, broad front, small round feet, well ribbed and carried back, high tail carriage, firm hocks, another steady mover, just marginally preferred expression of Enzo when it came to BPD. 2nd Haddow DzhumanaTan Kenzo, 10mo blk who was rather out of coat particularly on his hindquarters which reflected in his overall balance today, well grown with substance and a masculine head, clean dark eyes, broad chest, excellent neck, needs to settle in topline and action. JD(5,2) 1st Richards Charids Captain Scarlet, well grown light red who scored in length to leg, masculine head with excellent width to flat skull and super clean oval shaped dark eyes, moderate stop, good width to front and ribcage, arch to neck, would prefer a shade shorter loin, decent hindquarters, shown in good coat and stepped out smartly. 2nd Fosters Shasadees Lotties Lad at Setrof, medium sized red who seemed a little unsettled today and consequently not giving of his best, he is very typy with neatest of heads, attributes are well laid out to give desired scowling expression, straight well boned front and just enough neck, a little more daylight under him would complete the picture. 3rd Haddow Dzhumana Tan Kenzo. PGD(7) 1st Godber Jenrene’s Mighty Zack for Lechan, compact blk who put on a good performance to top this rather mixed class, sporting a very balanced head which is very well laid out with clean eyes and neat ears giving the desired expression, decent front assembly, reasonable ribcage, high tail carriage and low set hocks, steady mover. 2nd Jakeman Tanlap Tarron, masculine blk of good size whose mind was obviously elsewhere today as he gave his handler a hard time with typical Chow stubbornness, head has size allowing features to be well laid out, eyes are dark and clean, defined stop and well filled muzzle, broad front, would prefer him up on his toes a little more, good tail carriage and hindquarters, displayed sound action if a little erratic today. 3rd Pyne Monanika De Ja Vu. LD(2) 1st Cannon Miketilla Rocket Man, medium red who presents a most appealing outline set off with attractive headpiece carried on best of arched necks, liked his tiny neat thick ears so well placed and used to advantage, at 2.1/2yo I felt he still has quite a bit of maturing to do, many of the best dogs in history did not reach their best until much older than this, RCC. 2nd Wright Hiswin Star Fantasy, lt red who is solidly built with a masculine head but nothing overstated, he has a very broad chest but his elbows are held firm and he is well ribbed up, his topline is firm with tail carried high and excellent hindquarters, felt he was rather sluggish on the move today and not really giving of his best. OD(4,1) 1st Cummins & Rogers Dragonsway Tom Thumb, 3yo lt red who is solidly built, particularly admired his tiny ears and pigmentation, other head features well distributed to give masculine outlook without exaggeration, broad chest, straight forelimbs and round feet, very well ribbed up, level topline and firm loin, very high set tail, sound hindquarters, low set hocks, quality coat, typical mover, CC & BOB which I understand gives him his title. 2nd Squires Ch Kwaitang Kristian at Kyong, I had judged this lad before in the group at this show in 2015 when I placed him Group 4 and sung his praises, today I felt he was probably best left at home to bask in past glories, with multiple CC to his credit he has been a good ambassador for the breed. 3rd Haddow DzhumanaTan Kenzo. MPB(7,2) 1st Allen Amadar Harlie Quinn, developing well for her 6m, upstanding with correct head carried on super neck with nothing overstated, loved her ears, eyes, neck and expression, excellent front with rear in harmony, one to watch, BP. 2nd Wright Shulian Sparkling Star, built on similar lines and close up here, at this stage not quite the ears or finish of 1 but only time will tell how they might mature. 3rd King Shulian Shimmering Star at Kweichow. PB(6,2) 1st Allen Amadar Harlie Quinn. 2nd Rennie Rendel Cherry B, 11.1/2mo, solidly built and feminine, neat thick ears, clean dark eyes, straight front with good bone, arch to neck down to broad chest, firm topline, well sprung ribcage, touch long in loin, high set tail, low set hocks, true mover. 3rd Evans Sawsee Shiraz Simcha. JB(2) 1st Clarke Jamarhys Galadriel, stunning coloured self red, seldom seen in this country these days (what our US colleagues would call Mahogany) very typy in a compact frame, neat in head and ear, broad front, arch to neck when she deigns to use it, well ribbed up, level topline with tail carried high, steady mover. 2nd Campbell Sitze Gous Glazz Amazing Grace at Kuanyin, almost 14mo blk smooth coat, rather at the teenage in between stage today, needing to fill her frame and drop into her body, sound enough on the move. PGB(3,1) 1st Finlay Finchow Freya, upstanding lt red of 23mo, handy size, feminine with substance and quite well balanced, clean dark eyes well placed, broad chest, straight forelimbs, decent arch to neck, well ribbed up, tad long in loin, high set tail, soundly constructed hindquarters, true enough in action. 2nd Watmough Mosspark Blue Cascade at Tedmisty, substantially constructed blue but retaining the look of her gender, balanced head carried on excellent arched neck, appealing expression from clean eyes, would prefer shorter back, high tailset, stepped out smartly once she got the hang of what was required. LB(4) 1st Parsons Jenrenes Loving Black Jack, smart, upstanding, eye catcher, you could go on adding superlatives, feminine without a hint of coarseness, a real pleasure to stand back and look at and no disappointments when you get hands on, well proportioned all through and legs of a decent length, need I say more, happy to award her the CC, may she get plenty more. 2nd Clucas Hiswin Star Dreams, this handler was doubtless hopeful of picking up her qualifying ticket from me after a good win a while ago but today her charge was determined not to cooperate and had to settle for the RCC, its all about performance on the day. 3rd Godber Lechan Starlight. OB(4,2) 1st Campbell Tanlap Takoda, upstanding blk that presents a balanced outline with good leg length and neck, neat ears, moderate stop and clean dark eyes, straight front and elbows held firm, firm loin, free true mover. 2nd Parsons Jenrene’s Making It With You, were there to have been an award for the cutest dog this would have been the winner but that was not my brief. Rodney Oldham (Judge)