• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rodney Oldham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Schnauzer

West of England Ladies Kennel Society - 27th April 2018 Schnauzers

JD(3) 1st Lockyer Miccosukees Lionheart, presents a square, clean cut outline and is very well balanced, refined head of length and sufficient strength through for his sex, dark oval shaped eye, best of necks into well laid shoulder, good front, ribcage developing, straight topline with gentle slope to rear, easy reachy mover, RCC. 2nd Railton Odivane Master Class with Lefenix, similar for type and also possesses a clean headpiece with super dark eye of correct shape, straight front, arch to neck, preferred tailset of 1, definition to hindquarters, free mover. 3rd Smee & Coleman Ikarus Alarm Beskyd Avec Schnaubern. PGD(1) 1st Lewington Perry Mason Grand Calvera at Leebren, lively blk, has lots of appeal just needing to settle to the job in hand, sturdily built, masculine without excess, flat skull with moderate stop and only gently developed cheeks, sprung ribcage and firm loin and topline, high set tail, turn to stifle, comes into his own in profile movement once concentrating. LD(2) 1st Lockyer Mihan Mesikamaen at Miccosukees, compact in outline, he carries a proportioned masculine head without exaggeration on a strong neck, straight topline gently sloping to high set tail, definition to hindquarters, scored in hind action, shown in crisp coat. 2nd Sanders & Richardson Steinhaus Man of Steel, also compact in outline with balanced, dark oval shaped eye giving good expression, clean neck and shoulder down to definite forechest, good topline, shape to hindquarters but needs to tighten up. OD(7) Quite a mixed class. 1st Chapman Miccosukees Rasputin at Nilchand, scored here on his compact outline and better front assembly, very balanced clean headpiece set about right on arched neck of good length, dark expressive eyes of good shape, flat skull not too broad, tidy rear, crisp coat well presented, pleased to award him the CC which I understand gives him his title and later BOB. 2nd Johnston Ch Achnacarry Records Boy, very good for type, masculine head of goodly proportions, preferred pasterns of 1, firm straight topline held in action, high tail carriage, well turned out. 3rd Fletcher Fivepits The Mole. SpBB(1) 1st Turner Maidluns Halo Helga for Geeseco, very feminine in a balanced outline, head properties well laid out, flat skull with ears well placed and used to advantage, dark expressive eyes, straight front with elbows held firm, some length to neck, depth to well sprung ribs, firm loin with gentle tuck up, high set tail and definition to hindquarters, steady mover, BSPB. VB(3,1) 1st Bawden & Brown Ch Khanate Euro Million, 8yo, feminine in a compact frame, length to her proportioned head, dark eyes and clean cheeks, decent front assembly with tidy feet and firm elbows, strong neck, deep well sprung ribcage, firm loin and high set tail. 2nd Pratt Schabaal Vashti, at 13yo this blk appeared to be enjoying her day out and was a real credit to her owner, her dark eyes are still as clear as a bell and her dentition in good order, she carries a firm body and could still show some of the youngsters a thing or two when asked to move. PB(2) 1st Wise Ulreda Joe’s Lass Goes South to Brumist BP and 2nd Beadles Lefenix Hearts Content, there was little to separate these two young ladies, in the end I felt Joe’s Lass possessed slightly better hind angulation but needs to tighten up a touch in pastern, I’m sure they will swap places many times in the months to come, length to heads with dark expressive eyes of good shape, flat skulls, straight fronts with elbows set and held firmly, ribcages are developing well on both, comparable toplines and movers. JB(4) 1st Hole Rozmic Jemma’s Gem, thought she stood away here, compact and upstanding in a square frame enhanced by a crisp coat, feminine with substance, proportioned head with excellent attributes, straight front with firm elbows, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed up and carried back, excellent hindquarters, moves out freely, one for the future I would guess. 2nd Bullock Ouseviews Causing Chaos, excellent for breed type and close up here, 4m younger and just lacking the maturity of 1 but could easily catch her up given time, looked quite the baby today but has it all there to build upon. 3rd Lewington Oshea Khagrass at Leebren . YB(3,1) 1st Hole Rozmic Jemma’s Gem. 2nd Watson Westbridge Dior at Jalero, feminine with substance, very well balanced, oval shaped dark eye well placed, flat skull with moderate stop, good forechest and front, arch to neck, straight topline with gentle slope to rear giving decent tailset, firm loin and slight tuck up, definition to hindquarters, steady mover. PGB(3) 1st Turner Maidluns Halo Helga for Geeseco. 2nd Railton Lefenix Future Majik, well grown, square and upstanding with good leg length, proportioned headpiece with moderate stop and dark eye, high tail set and carriage, easy free mover. 3rd Mather Diamond In The Sky of Daiquincy at Danelbeks. LB(4,2) 1st Lockyer Miccosukees The Showgirl, aptly named ultra feminine with substance in a handy sized package, super for balance and all round angulation, liked her construction and the way each part complimented the other, easy mover with flowing reach and drive, just lost out to the male on presence but a close run decision, her 2nd CC I understand, hope the 3rd is not too long coming. 2nd Bullock Ouseview Avid Alena , quality girl who could not be overlooked, from a slightly larger mould but still feminine and possessing all the required attributes in abundance, a very worthy RCC behind ! OB(5) 1st Smee & Coleman Ir Ch Odivane Maid for Fun with Schnaubern, upstanding with decent leg length yet retaining some femininity with substance, flat skull with moderate stop, dark eyes, well placed ears used to advantage, straight front and firmly placed elbows, super neck and shoulders, well ribbed up, firm loin, gentle tuck up, high tail carriage, turn to stifle, easy mover. 2nd Fletcher Fivepits The Detonator, deserved her place here for her overall qualities, not quite the definition to breastbone of 1 but scored in hindquarters, well ribbed up and firm in topline, easy mover. 3rd Watson Ch Jalero Miss Iowher. Rodney Oldham (Judge)