• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rodney Oldham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Canaan Dog

PD/B(2) 1st MintoAnacan Poetry in Motion, just 6mo, obviously still very raw at this tender age but possesses an outgoing inquisitive temperament, which is encouraging, proportioned head, ears to settle, decent shoulder and front assembly, level topline and high set tail, definition to hindquarters, moved out soundly, BP & RBB. 2nd Haddon Naama De Solemel, well grown at nearly 9mo, carries good substance and a balanced outline, expressive dark almond shaped eyes, balanced angulation fore and aft, needs lots more exposure to people, new situations and general socialisation. JD/B(1) 1st Witheld. 2nd Haddon Naama De Solemel. LD/B(3) 1st Minto Anacan Bring The Dawn, upstanding wh/r, balanced head, super dark eye, straight front with elbows held firm, level topline and high set tail, turn to stifle, steady mover. 2nd Kaye, Byrne & Barclay River Rock Under Way to Nizzana, this Grey with white head markings projected a very balanced outline and possessed a delightful steady temperament, head proportions are correct with super eye and expression, arch to neck, high set tail, turn to stifle, decent reachy mover, such a shame about her colour. 3rd Haddon Naama De Solemel. OD(3) 1st Minto Caiser Samorodok at Anacan, solidly constructed r/w lad, 50:50 head white blaze, super almond shaped dark eye, ears well placed, well laid shoulder and excellent front, depth to well sprung ribcage, high set tail and gentle turn to stifle, easy mover, steady temperament, BD. 2nd Kaye, Byrne & Barclay Micha De Solemel at Nizzana, very masculine white with a strong headpiece but not overdone, arch to neck, good level topline, depth to well sprung ribcage, high tail carriage, definition to hindquarters, would prefer cleaner hind action. 3rd Moulding Anacan Abu Ghosh. OB(2,1abs) 1st Minto Anacan Glory Road, wh/r well grown and balanced with proportioned head, dark eye, upstanding, arch to neck, level topline, high set tail, gentle turn to stifle, easy mover. VD/B(1) 1st Minto Anacan Talia My Treasure, 7.1/2yo Blk/wh, steady in temperament and in her showing, very well balanced in all departments, liked her head and expression, good front assembly and arch to neck, level topline and fair tailset , turn to stifle, steady on the move, BB & BOB. Rodney Oldham (Judge)