• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rodney Oldham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes PD(4,1abs) 1st Ellis Chayo Cause Celebre, 8mo and well balanced, scored in leg length and hindquarters, head developing with ears well placed, dark brown eyes of good shape, sound front assembly down to good feet, length to arched neck, high set tail and good carriage, moves out with reach and drive covering ground with ease, BP. 2nd Edwards & Molloy Wintablizzard Cowabunga, just 6mo so still some growing to do, appeals for head and expression, straight front and well off for substance, definition to stifles, depth to chest, ribcage developing. 3rd Smith Snowshoes Telmarine King. JD(3,2) 1st Woodhead Noraisy Take My Breath Away, 14mo with good length to leg, masculine in head of correct proportions, prefer eye a shade darker, gentle stop, muzzle well filled, reasonable front and feet, arched neck, ribs have depth just needing to fill a little more, high tailset and carriage, defined hindquarters, stepped out with purpose. GD(6) 1st Woodgate Snowshoes Mountain Ranger, scored here for overall type and construction but would still like to see him come up a tad on the leg, head well laid out, eye just dark enough, decent straight front, arch to neck, good tailset and carriage, well ribbed and back, moderate definition to hindquarters, steady mover. 2nd Drake & Holt Freezefactor Tis The Season at Breconfrost, taller dog and quite well balanced, inclined to pace but can move out correctly once concentrating and covers the ground ok, good for leg length and hindquarters, BSB. 3rd Raby Yuayua at Icemoon. PGD(3,1) 1st John Nyrakym’s All That Remains Samaljankan to Cristake, masculine and well grown, head properties quite well laid out, eye of good shape and just dark enough, front touch narrow, arch to neck, depth to chest and ribs reasonably well sprung, gentle turn to stifle, willing mover. 2nd Cameron Sutarka Fire Storm, lighter built, dark eye well placed, good neck well arched, also needs to fill out in chest, high set tail and carriage, upright rear. LD(5) Much better class. 1st Ellis Chayo Suspicious Minds, 12mo and developing so well, well off for substance, masculine without excess and presents a clean balanced outline, liked his head layout and super dark eyes, moderate stop, excellent straight front down to strong pasterns, powerful neck, deep well sprung ribcage, good for topline and tail carriage, well modelled hindquarters, easy mover in all directions, quality coat. 2nd Edwards & Molloy Wintablizard’s Investment, was very close up and carries similar qualities to 1 including substance, just felt that maybe the heat today was detracting slightly from the accuracy of his foot fall in action, another day in different circumstances could give a different result. 3rd Windley & Taylor Royaltaylor Black Pearl. OD(7) Lovely class. 1st Ellis Ch Chayo Formula One, headed a class of quality males all giving of their best and not a cross word between them, upstanding lad, masculine with plenty of daylight under him and nothing overstated, appreciated his clean outline and especially his correct topline, head is carried on arched neck, well laid shoulders into straight front, plenty of heart and lung room, moves out effortlessly and commands attention, CC & BOB. 2nd Ellis & Nevinson Chayo Golden Touch, another with plenty of daylight under him and displaying a cracking outline, came as no surprise to learn that this was his 7th RCC after a couple of tickets, he surely deserves to move into the upper house very soon. 3rd Ellis Ch Chayo Klass Act. VD(4,2) 1st Isherwood Ishjamani Purple Haize, 7yo, well grown and very well balanced, well off for substance, clean dark brown eye, good front with broad chest, powerful neck, well ribbed up, high set tail and strong hindquarters, steady mover, admired his leg length. 2nd Robb Multi Ch Under Icewolf's Star Inditarod, size smaller but still masculine and well balanced, clear medium brown eye, well ribbed up and kept trim waistline. SBD(2) 1st Drake & Holt Freezefactor Tis The Season at Breconfrost. 2nd Raby Yuayua at Icemoon, 20mo and well grown, developing well, just needing to drop into his frame with maturity, good tempered and has time on his side. PB(2,1) 1st Jelfs Lapema Gia Visto, 8mo ultra feminine with substance, balanced all through, good head properties with super dark eye of good shape, straight front with elbows held firm and compact feet, arch to neck, depth to ribcage with spring developing, topline still to settle, gentle turn to stifle, moves out willingly. JB(5, 3) 1st Barnes & Sexton Muzoku Lil’devil, 15mo, quite well grown and developing well, carries good substance yet retains femininity, lovely dark eye well placed, super straight front, ribs well sprung, good topline and definition to hindquarters, moves true once settled to the job in hand. 2nd Whyman & Murray Tailfly Flamenco, also feminine with dark eye, not quite the substance of 1, good topline and turn to stifle, free mover. GB(2,1) 1st Obrien & Hughes Freezefactor Angel Wings, feminine 18mo, rather out of coat today, lovely shaped dark eye giving good expression, straight front with elbows held firm, tail set high and correct carriage, free and easy action. PGB(5) 1st Clarke Electra Illa Kuvianartokat Whiteout, although very much out of coat today this enhanced her out line and in particular the desired slightly sloping rear topline which was otherwise absent from this class, decent head, arch to neck, correct tail and carriage, moved out true. 2nd Obrien & Hughes Freezefactor Angel Wings. 3rd Edwards & Molloy Wintablizard’s Gin Lover. LB(5,3) 1st Windley & Taylor Royaltaylor Crown Jewel, 2yo, solidly built yet retains femininity, scored here in eye which is dark and well placed giving good expression, super pigmentation, straight front, broad chest and firm elbows, powerful neck, well sprung ribcage, highset tailset and carriage, moved out free and easy, CC. 2nd Woodhead Koromandel Rushin Around at Noraisy, solidly constructed 5yo, would prefer darker eye, strong arched neck, straight front, well ribbed up, gentle turn to stifles, steady mover. OB(6) 1st Jelfs Lapema Nino Vudu, feminine and presents an excellent outline, balanced and clean all round, would prefer eye a shade darker, very good front assembly with arched neck flowing into well laid shoulder, ribcage very well sprung with good topline and hindquarters, tidy mover, RCC. 2nd Ellis Ch Chayo Blue Diamond, 5yo and of a more stocky build, quite an open face and soft expression, maintaining strength through muzzle, excellent front and ribcage, high set tail and carriage, steady mover. 3rd Ellis Chayo Chayo Inspiration. VB(3,1) 1st Blaney Windberg Paparazzi to Fenrirkin, 8yo, very well balanced and shown in good nick, admired her head and expression, slight stop, arched neck, straight front, good topline with gentle slope to rear, high tailset and carriage, easy free mover. 2nd Druce Koromandel Glamorous Indie, 11yo and shown in great condition for her years, lovely clean clear eyes, broad chest and straight forelimbs, well ribbed yet retaining waistline, free mover. SBB(1) 1st Obrien & Hughes Freezefactor Angel Wings. Rodney Oldham (Judge)