• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Schipperke

My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to award CC’s in this breed for the 1st time. Fortunately, we managed to complete judging outside before the heavier rain arrived. I was looking for a small compact dog who met my interpretation of the standard for type. Several didn’t and were penalised.

PD (3,1)

1 Thorne’s SCHIPDALE REBUS well balanced youngster, ideal size. Good wedge head, good eye shape. Good rib for age ,level topline, good tailset. Straight front and tidy feet. Moderate rear angulation. Well presented dense coat. Moved well behind, a little untidy in front. Presented a good profile.

2 Hardy’s PALMOSA GABRIEL A little bigger and a tad longer cast than 1. Pleasing head, nice expression and good ears. Straight front and nice feet. Nice rib and level topline. Prefer a slightly higher tailset. Brisk movement with true front action.

PGD (1,0)

1 Riley’s SCHOJAN ALEKSANDR OF LAKSHMI Pleasing wedge head, good bite and well set ears. Straight front and neat feet. Slightly arched neck, adequate rib but would prefer him a little more cobby. Good tailset, in nice coat. Brisk gait, true fore and aft.

LD (3,1)

1 Collier’s STONEYBURN BANNA, well balanced, typical head proportions. Dark eyes, good ears. Broad chest with good depth and good rib. Strong, slightly arched neck. Level topline, good tailset. Coat of harsh texture. Good head carriage in profile. Good front action, a little close behind.

2 Archer’s SCHOJAN ALEKSEI WITH RADASH, a little taller on leg than 1 and he was really on his toes. Good wedge head, bright sparkling eyes. Straight front and tidy feet. Fair rib, level topline and good tailset. Moderate rear angulation. Good front action, a little close behind.

OD (3,1)

1, CC & BOB Cheatham’s ARADET ACTION MAN ShCM, last judged this lad 2 years ago and he has matured well. Ideal size and well balanced. Good head proportions. Good bite and bright expressive eyes, Good front and feet. Well ribbed cobby body. Level topline, good tailset and well presented harsh coat. Moderate well muscled rear. Sound brisk action with proud head carriage in profile. I understand this was his crowning CC and his showmanship edged BOB.

2 McLachlans’ SHALOVLIVAJA IGRUSHKA HARISON FORD (IMP RUS) W17 JW17, classic outline but too much of him for me. Masculine head, dark eyes, good bite. Heavier bone, tight feet. Strong, arched neck. Good rib and topline. Well presented coat which was a little stand offish. Moved soundly with good profile.

VD (1,0)

1 & RCC Fludder’s CH ARADET XTRA ADDITION, excellent make and shape. Pleasing head,

dark expressive eyes, good ear placement. Straight front and nice feet. Cobby body, well ribbed. Moderate rear angulation, well muscled thighs. Gleaming coat of harsh texture. Moved well in front, rear ok and good profile. Just beginning to age.

JB (1,0)

1 & BP McLachlans’ VOICE SAYS I WILL BE THE KING BY AHMED BOZIEV (IMP RUS) classic outline and loved her size. Lovely feminine head. Dark eyes, good bite. Straight front and good feet. Slightly arched neck, nice rib for age. Moderate rear angulation. Well presented coat. Moved out quite soundly once settled and presented a good profile. Considered in the challenge but she requires more schooling, one for the future.

PGB (3,)

1 Whales’ RISTINE DUCHESS AT ROSHAANA cobby outline. Feminine head, good bite, dark eyes. Straight front, feet ok, Nicely arched neck, nice rib and topline. Moderate rear angulation. Fair coat texture. Moved well in front and ok behind.

2 Reeds’ STONEYBURN MAIA, a tad longer cast than1. Pleasing head, good bite, dark expressive eyes. Ears used to advantage. Nice legs and feet. Nice rib and moderate rear angulation. Nice front action but rather untidy behind and lost a little in profile.

LB (2,1)

1 Reeds’ STONEYBURN ARBEIA good make and shape. Lovely feminine head, eye could be a little darker. Straight front and tidy feet. Nicely arched strong neck. Good rib and topline. Coat of harsh texture. Pleased in front action but little untidy behind.

OB (4,0)

Good class with exhibits offering differing virtues

1 & CC Donldsons’ CH ZORBALOO THE BLACK ICE, loved her make and shape, lovely feminine outlook. Good wedge head, dark eyes, good bite and ears used well. Straight front and good feet. Slightly arched strong neck going into a good body, well ribbed with level topline. Coat of harsh texture. Moved out with brisk action, particularly good front action and held her outline in profile.

2 & RCC Hardys’ PALMOSA ANGELIQUE, another well balanced girl not quite as compact as 1. Lovely expressive head, Straight front and good feet. Slightly arched neck going into a good body, nicely ribbed with level topline. Good coat texture. Smart brisk movement, particularly sound rear action.


Rob McLeod (Judge)