• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

Standard Poodle

A small entry, typical for this show. I was presented with a number of quality exhibits. Unfortunately rain arrived as judging was about to commence and the indoor ring was extremely small for any breed and made it a real challenge for these dogs to demonstrate elegant movement. In a larger ring some may have been placed differently.

PD (2,1)

1 & BP Elricks’ DOWNPIX THE PIPER OF PITFOUR (IMP SWE), 9 month old white who took my eye. Loved his make and shape. Good length of head, dark almond eyes, good bite and excellent pigment. Straight front and well knuckled feet. Nice length of neck going into a deep chest with good spring of rib. Well angulated rear. Coat of nice texture, presented to advantage. Proud head carriage in profile and sound both ways.

JD (4,0)

1 Gleave’s KERTELLAS TALKING IN CODES AT MONTRAVIA, Black who presented an excellent outline. Pleasing masculine head, dark sparkling eye, good bite, adequate leathers. Good front and tight feet. Good length of neck and well ribbed body, good tail set. Moderate rear angulation. Well presented jacket. A little untidy in front, nice rear action and pleasing profile.

2 Chu’s ENTHONY KOBWITLER IMP, Pleasing masculine head, dark almond eye, good bite. Enough width of chest, nice front and feet. Good tail set. Harsh coat texture. Needs to be more settled on the move to make the most of him.


ND (1,0)


lovely even colour. Pleasing head, good eye shape and good bite. Straight front and tidy feet. Compact shape but needs much more body and this reflected in his movement which was close both fore and aft.

PGD (1,0)

1 McLachlan’s STARENE RANTIN ROVIN ROBIN, black with nice masculine head. Good eyes, good bite, leathers ok. Straight front. Feet ok. Moderately arched neck, nice depth of chest and coat of good texture. Prefer a slightly higher tail set. Moderate rear angulation. Very unsettled on the move and needs better handling.

LD (4,0)

1 Brekkerud & McBlain’s KOSSAB SANTA CRUZ, black handsome upstanding lad. Masculine, but not coarse, dark sparkling eyes, good bite and good chin. Straight legs and well knuckled feet. Strong neck of good length going into a deep chest, well ribbed. Thick root to tail. Moderately angulated quarters. Harsh well presented coat. Moved freely with light positive gait.

2 Buchan’s HIGHLA SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR MICHERICELE, compact outline. Refined head, good eye shape. Good legs and feet. Good length of neck and nicely ribbed. Good quarters. Good tail set. Well presented jacket. Moved soundly and freely.


OD (2,1)

1, CC & BOB Wade & Stone’s AFTERGLOW DRAG RACE JW ShCM, presented an elegant outline. Pleasing masculine head, dark almond eyes. Leathers could be a little larger. Best of fronts and super feet. Good length of neck, nicely arched. Deep chest, well ribbed, good tail set. Well angulated quarters, well muscled. Excellently presented coat of harsh texture. Free easy action in profile and lovely elegant head carriage.

VD (1,0)

1 & RCC Furey’s CH SOMANIC STYLE BY DESIGN AT CLANESE, eye catching and in a very well presented trim making the most of virtues. Good length of head, good eyes and bite with good leathers. Good legs and feet. Lengthy arched neck. Nice depth of chest, prefer a tad more body. Correct tail set. Nicely muscled quarters. Sound both ways and proud head carriage. His elegant movement belied his age.

PB (2,1)

1 Dennison’s LABAMBA MELISANDE, well balanced compact black. Lovely feminine head, nice expression with good chin. Sparkling eyes, good bite, leathers could be a little thicker. Straight front and good feet. Nice length of neck, well ribbed with nice depth of chest. Well presented jacket. Sound light positive action both ways.

JB (2,0)

1 Steel & Aitken’s ZHEMCHUZHINA SIBIRI LANETTE COOL GIRL (IMP RUS), white presented in continental. Lovely feminine head, excellent pigment, dark almond eyes, leathers ok. Straight front, feet ok. Nice length of neck going into a compact body with nice rib. Moderate rear angulation. Sound movement fore and aft. Nice outline in profile.

2 Elrick’s PITFOUR HONEY IT IS THE TRUTH, White with pleasing head and expression, dark eyes, good bite, good pigment, good leathers. Good front and feet. Adequate neck and fair rib, well presented jacket. Moderate rear. Not as accurate on the move as 1.

LB (2,1)

1 Hilditch’s TEHILLAH DREAM GIRL, white, liked her size. Would prefer a little more rear angulation. Super pigment, dark sparkling eyes. Nice front and tidy feet. Good depth of chest, nicely presented coat of good texture. Straight fore and aft, nice head carriage.

OB (4,1)

1 & CC Elrick’s DEL ZARZOSO WITH LOVE TO PITFOUR (IMP ESP) black, long lean head, nicely chiselled. Correct almond eyes, good bite and desired chin. Leathers ok. Good front and feet. Good length of neck slightly arched, compact body, good depth of chest and well ribbed. Harsh coat texture, well presented. Nicely muscled quarters. Free light accurate movement both ways and lovely profile.

2 & RCC Lynn,Isherwood & Nilsson’s AFTERGLOW POPPA DON'T PREACH , white with pigment to die for. True poodle expression. Straight front and well knuckled feet. Nicely arched neck of good length going into a well ribbed deep body Good tail set. Well muscled quarters. Excellent presentation. Not quite as accurate as 1 on the move, held compact outline in profile.


Rob McLeod (Judge)