• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

I judged the males outside before the rain arrived. The indoor ring whilst of a fair size was quite rough and the grass a little long making some appear a little short on leg.

SBD/B (3,0)

1 Luckman’s Fleurlilly Moonbeam, 9 month old lad who pleased for size. Good head, dark eyes, good bite and pigment. Nice legs, feet ok. Fair reach of neck, rib ok, quite compact in body. Moved well both ways

2 Willey’s Charney Minako Hoshi,6 year old of nice make and shape. Pleasing feminine head, eyes could be darker, good pigment. Nice legs and feet ok. Nice rib, well presented coat. Moved ok behind, a little untidy in front.

3 Turner’s Anlemar Noble Tadashi Of Mayumi

PD (3,1)

1 Fleurlilly Moonbeam

2 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow's Gifted One, just 6 months old and very raw. Pleasing wedge head, dark eye. Straight front and neat feet. Fair reach of neck, nice rib for age. Topline needs to settle. Nice rear angulation. In nice coat. A little unsteady both ways but had a pleasing profile.

JD (3,1)

1 Mootaz’s Charney Tsukino With Tazapash, masculine head, good ears, eyes could be a little darker, good bite. Good legs, Slightly arched neck, good rib and topline. Well muscled quarters. Good coat texture. Moved well in front, ok behind.

2 Turner’s Glamglow's Making A Statement At Mayumi NAF TAF More refined than 1. Pleasing head, good eyes and dark pigment. Straight front and good feet. Fair rib, nice topline. Moderately angulated quarters. Lost out on movement a little untidy behind and a rather high action in front.

PGD (4,1)

1 &RBD Bambridge’s Tartiko Singapore Sling, stacked presented a good profile. Good head proportions, prefer a slightly darker eye, good ear set, good pigment. Good legs and feet and nice width of chest. Moderately arched neck, good rib and nicely muscled quarters. Nice coat of correct texture. Moved out soundly both ways with light action, lovely profile going around.

2 Castorina’s Charney Taka, pleased for shape and size. Nicely balanced head, well shaped eyes, pigment could be darker. Lovely legs and feet. Fair rib and correct tail set. Moderately angulated quarters. Light sound action with good profile movement.

3 Turner’s Mayumi's Simply The Best

LD (2,0)

1 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow's Charming As Ever, nice balance. Pleasing head, ears well set, good pigment and bite. Straight front and good feet. Moderately arched neck, good rib, level topline and high set tail. Sound movement and good head carriage in profile.

2 Turner’s Anlemar Bold As Brass Of Mayumi, masculine outlook, Dark eyes, good bite. Prefer slightly smaller ears. Good legs, feet could be tighter. Nice length of neck, fair rib, high set tail. Nicely presented coat. Quite sound on the move although a tad close in front.

OD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1 & BOB Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Ch Charney Precious Gift For Kumiko JW Sh.CM, ideal shape and size. Well balanced head with good expression, correct eye shape, dark pigment, good bite. Moderately arched neck, nice width of chest with good spring of rib. Level topline. Well muscled quarters. Well presented coat. Accurate light smooth gait and provided a super profile. Delighted to see him later go Group 4.

 PB (6,3)

1 Turner’s Mayumi's Follow The Dream, lovely feminine outlook, ideal size. Dark eyes, good bite and good pigment. Straight front and tight feet. Nice length of neck giving a little elegance. Nice rib for age, high set tail. Moderate quarters. In nice coat. Sound both ways. In the challenge for puppy bitch didn’t quite get it together.

2 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow's Precious Gem, just 6 months old and very much a baby. Sweet head, dark eyes, ears ok. Good bite and dark pigment. Straight front and best of feet. Fair neck, rib and body. Nice tail set. Moderate rear angulation. Not as accurate on the move as 1.

3 Robinson’s Newstart Starr Gaze

JB (3,0)

1 Bambridge’s Kessaku Betty Boop At Tartiko, pleasing feminine expression. Good ear set, good bite, would prefer a little darker eye. Straight front, feet ok. Slightly arched neck. Nice rib, level topline, high set tail. Nicely muscled quarters. Pleasing coat texture. Moved smartly both ways with light easy gait.

2 & BP Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow's Blessed One, 10 month old with pleasing head. Dark oval eye, good bite and neat ears. Straight front and good feet. Moderate neck, nice rib. Nice quarters. Tad longer cast than 1. Smart light action.

3 Turner’s Mayumi's Too Hot Too Handle

PGB (2,1)

1 Turner’s Glamglows All That Glitters At Mayumi, stacked up well but lost her outline on the move. Lovely feminine head and expression. Dark eyes, neat ears and good bite. Straight front and tidy feet. Nice width of chest and good rib. Nice quarters and in good coat of correct texture. Moved soundly but lacked enthusiasm.

LB (6,2)

Good class, close call

1 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow's Butter Me Up, elegant feminine outlook. Dark eyes, well set ears and correct bite. Nice legs and feet. Slightly arched neck of good length. Well ribbed, level topline and high set tail. Moderate rear angulation. Moved with light straight action. Pleased in profile.

2 Chudley’s Kessaku Penelope Pitstop JW, stacks up well. Lovely feminine head, good bite and ear well set. Prefer a slightly darker eye. Straight front and excellent feet. Good neck, rib and level topline. Light accurate movement with good profile. Well presented.

3 Turner’s Kessaku Tabitha Twitchit At Mayumi

Class 135 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 2

Excellent class for type.

1& BB Chudley’s Ch Kessaku Pumpkin Paws ShCM, loved her feminine outlook, ideal size. Well balanced head, dark eyes, super pigment, good bite. Best of fronts and tight feet. Well ribbed, nice quarters. Excellent coat texture and high set tail.Light positive action. Stacks up well.

2 & RBB Bambridge’s Ch Kessaku Raspberry Tart, another out of the top drawer, slightly larger though well balanced. Liked her head proportions, good eye shape, neat ears. Nice legs and feet. Good rib and nice width of chest. Well muscled quarters. Well presented coat. Moved with light smooth gait and lovely profile action.

Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)