• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Richard C Kinsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: German Pinscher

Firstly thanks to the Crufts committee for the appointment and hospitality shown throughout the show. On the downside it was a shame that it was so late getting into the ring then having to rush in order for the BOB’s to make the group collecting ring in time, having some 90 entries to assess at 3.00pm is not ideal when there were the around 100 dogs over 2 breeds taking almost 6 hours. On the upside I thoroughly enjoyed the dogs and found some real quality exhibits in both my breeds German Pinscher and Russian Black Terrier. Temperaments and presentation was of the highest quality throughout with only one exhibit being somewhat fazed by the occasion and the owner opting to withdraw her, I must point out that she was merely overwhelmed by the occasion nothing more, having probably been there since early morning and now around 3.30. Pleased to see both BOB’s put in a sterling performance in the group later on in the day. My thanks to my capable stewards Mr. Morris and Mrs. Clucas for keeping things rolling along efficiently.

German Pinscher

JD 1 Gilder & Duncan’s Goodsouls Mr. Brightside 13 month old black / tan up to size and well balanced in outline. Good head to handle with well chiseled features and good planes. Good length of neck into moderate front assembly, muscular and straight in limb. Good shape to ribbing for his age, correct depth in chest. Topline tended to be a tad soft when stood but firmed up on the move where he is sound and clean from any angle. Just needs a few months on him to tighten through completely. PGD 1 Lodge’s Inxs Carbon Copy for Remikz 3 year old black / tan. Another up to size boy that moves with drive and a steady pace covering the ground well. Strong in head with dark eyes and well set ears, correct wedge shape and full dentition. Well made in forehand, shoulders laid back and legs straight supported by tight feet. Well shaped in rib, firm in topline and muscular in quarters. 2 Lundy’s Aritaur Nefarious 2 year old black / tan. Close up to winner in terms of shape and movement when he settled into his stride. Good head to handle, clean lines, dark pigmentation and full clean dentition. Strong neck of fair length into well laid shoulders and well boned limbs. Positive on the move going away and in profile just not as clean coming to as winner today. 3 Ellis’ Nettle’s Londonderry for Falkor [Fin Imp] OD Good class of strong males.1 Wakefield’s Int/Multi CH. Hickson Matrix Of Milo at Brintala [Imp Swe] JWW2013 This 5 ½ year old red stands top end of the scale but is still perfectly balanced in outline and holds his silhouette at all times whether static or on the move where he is spot on in terms of footfall and stride pattern in profile. Scores well in head, strong yet in no way overdone or coarse. Powerfully built in forehand with very good shoulders and limbs which in turn is matched in his quarters allowing the freedom in his movement to cover the ground with consummate ease and precision. BD then stepped up a gear in the challenge later on to take BOB over the equally sound female. Put in a sound performance later on in the group ring. 2 Harris’ Calvaxar Canoochee Young red rising 18 months and similar in shape and size as winner today but not quite as controlled in movement as him on the day. Good head piece being proportionate and clean with dark eyes and well set ears. Moderate length of neck into muscular forequarters and straight front. Well let down in chest and correct in ribbing. Holds a firm topline at all times thanks to his well developed quarters. One for the future given his age. RBD 3 Wynne-Eyton’s IR CH. Brintala Valentino at Twrcymru GCD 1 Lodge’s Inxs Carbon Copy for Remikz 2 Ellis’ Nettle’s Londonderry for Falkor [Fin Imp] I liked this boy a lot and in this class he moved better than in his previous one. Had the pleasure of judging him a few months ago and then he was more settled and cleaner on the move, having said that he is still a good shape and a well put together youngster that can stride out and cover the ground easily when he wants to. Well toned throughout and good to go over. 3 Clark’s LUX CH. Hickson Phantasos Dream Vid Dreamtasos [Imp Swe]

VB 1 McDowell’s Hickson Haze [Imp Swe] Well made red rising 8 years of age and is maybe just starting to show this. Strong in head yet still obviously feminine in looks. Ample length of neck flowing into moderately angled forehand and straight limbs. Deep in chest flat in rib but for me just needs more body covering all over. Sprightly on the move with a positive step and clean footfall. JB 1 Ellis’ Goodsouls Rumour Has It It’s Falkor Beautiful dark red just 14 months old and so full of promise if she continues in the same vein as today. Scores well in head shape and lines, dark eyes, well set ears and clean full dentition. Well laid in shoulders straight front and super muscle toning. Deep in chest, flat in rib, topline firm and sloping in back. Very good toning in quarters to compliment her front allowing such an easy stride pattern. Handled to get the best from her. RBB 2 Stewart & Kell’s Calvaxar Cheyenne This 18 month old black / tan stands a tad higher on leg than winner and as such is not as balanced in outline. Correct wedged shape head, dark eyes and overall pigmentation. Moderate in forehand with matching quarters. Needs to strengthen and tidy up on the move as she was somewhat uncoordinated at times, not unsound just not as tidy as winner. PGB 1 Wakefield’s Ceriinan Vivica at Brintala 2 year old red of fair type and the easiest mover on the day in this class. Strong yet feminine in head dark eyes, well set ears and full dentition. Moderate front angulation with well boned straight limbs and good feet. Ribs of correct shape, topline firm and back straight. Steady and clean on the move in all directions. 2 Saunders’ Brintala Melania Black / tan rising 3 years. Good head shape with dark eyes but ears could be better. Enough length in neck and angulation in forehand supported by tight feet. Unfortunately today she was a tad heavy and this did affect her movement somewhat at times. 3 Mordacz’s Paula Kalong OB Good class of quality females. 1 Smith & Holliday’s Inxs Written In The Stars 3 year old red and I see she is out of one of my favourite dogs Van’nistelrooy and she carries much the same shape and movement as him for me. Scores well in head with dark sparkling eyes and ear set on just right. Well toned and angulated in forehand and mirrored in her quarters to give her not only the shape but the power to drive and extend in front cleanly and fluently. Holds a good shape at all times, static or in motion. BB Pushed the dog hard but he had been rested up and pipped her at the post today. 2 Ranson & Pearce’s Calvaxar Amniculous BW16 Close up to winner for shape and size but not as positive in forward reach as her today, given the build of some of these exhibits I think they may have suffered by having to wait so long to get in the ring and this may have affected movement. Clean head planes with correct wedged shape, well set ears and eyes. Toned in forehand ample lay back in shoulder. Good rib shape and topline. Firm in back and strong in quarters. Controlled on the move when settled. 3 Wakefield’s Ceriinan Violette via Brintala GCB 1 McDowell’s Hickson Haze [Imp Swe]