• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Richard C Kinsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Russian Black Terrier

CRUFTS 2018 

Firstly thanks to the Crufts committee for the appointment and hospitality shown throughout the show. On the downside it was a shame that it was so late getting into the ring then having to rush in order for the BOB’s to make the group collecting ring in time, having some 90 entries to assess at 3.00pm is not ideal when there were the around 100 dogs over 2 breeds taking almost 6 hours. On the upside I thoroughly enjoyed the dogs and found some real quality exhibits in both my breeds German Pinscher and Russian Black Terrier. Temperaments and presentation was of the highest quality throughout with only one exhibit being somewhat fazed by the occasion and the owner opting to withdraw her, I must point out that she was merely overwhelmed by the occasion nothing more, having probably been there since early morning and now around 3.30. Pleased to see both BOB’s put in a sterling performance in the group later on in the day. My thanks to my capable stewards Mr. Morris and Mrs. Clucas for keeping things rolling along efficiently

Russian Black Terrier 

VD 1 Dickenson’s The Ace Of Spades Sh.CM Sturdily built young man of good type and balance all through. Strong proportionate head with good pigmentation all round. Powerful neck into clean well placed shoulders and straight front. Moderate angulation front and rear allowing an easy stride and ground clearance in any direction. Put down in full bloom of correct texture. PD 1 Gabaliene’s Talisman Iz Russkoi Dinastii [ATC AU01775RUS] Well up to size this exciting young dog just rising a year old took everything in his stride covering the ground with plenty of reach and firm drive from his well toned quarters. Good head to handle clean and in proportion to his body. Complete dentition and scissor bite. Ample length of neck into well laid shoulders and strong forehand. Presented to the minute in coat and body toning. 2 Slade’s Vint Lord Nelson at Potterspride NAF Another promising youngster just 10 months old but already well schooled and confident in the ring today. Scores well in head and forehand with ample bone and compact feet. Well let down in chest and sprung in ribbing. Moves well in profile but is a tad closer than winner going away. 3 Jenkins’ Hannoveria Anteros [Imp Pol] JD 1 Atkinson & Murphy’s Lintweed Black Diamond This young man is just 18 months old and must surely have a bright future if he carries on in his development as he is today. Well balanced in head and body giving a super silhouette on the stand of power and strength. On the move he comes into his own and strides out cleanly and fluently from any angle then comes to rest and stands four square with minimal fuss. Again presented to get the best from him in terms of jacket and body toning. Needs a bit more time to reach his peak obviously but it is all there to work on for the future. RBD 2 Newton’s Lintweed Epidote Litter mate to winner at many of his attributes apply but for me today he was not in such good bodily condition as him and therefore had to concede 1st place but having said that with time he should be giving his brother a real run for his money, he just needs to body up. Free and effortless on the move with good clearance and drive. PGD 1 Shishkin’s Medvezhya Staya Naslednik Prestola [ATC AV00331RUS] My star of the day today this boy came into the ring and defied you to look away. Not yet 2 years old so there is still a lot more to come from him for sure. Super headpiece to handle, strong yet in no way overdone, well furnished, sparkling dark eyes with a calm confident gaze. Well muscled in forehand, powerful neck of good length flowing into top class shoulders and straight front supported by the best of feet. Deep in chest and ample spring in ribbing, level back that holds at all times thanks to his muscular body. Strong broad rump allowing the super flowing movement displayed today in complete unison with his clever handler. Presented to the minute to complete the very good picture. In the challenge he stepped up another gear and showed just how well made he is covering the ground with consummate ease and style to take BD and later BOB. Put in a good display in the group later despite being rushed from one hall to the Arena in time. Well done. 2 Smith’s Kontaktas Phoenix at Fernwood Another dog that put in a good performance rising 2 ½ years old he too has a good future by todays showing. Strong well proportioned head, dark oval eyes and well set ears. Good length of neck into moderate shoulders and muscular front assembly and straight well boned limbs. Deep in chest, well sprung in rib, holds a firm topline and level back standing or on the move where he is clean in footfall and effortless in his stride. Presented in correct jacket of good texture. Just couldn’t match one for his overall movement on the day. 3 Adolf’s Fortuna Feeria Efgrafiy Alexandrowitsch [ AU02411DEU] OD 1 Shishkin’s INT CH. Medvezhya Staya Zhelanny Dar [ATC AS02735RUS] Another well made dog from this kennel that again had the freedom fluency on the move as his kennel mate but today wasn’t able to match him in the final run off. Strong all male head, correct proportions and pigmentation all through from his flat skull to his slightly tapered muzzle. Excels in front assembly in terms of angles and muscle toning. Well let down in chest and sprung in ribbing with moderate tuck up. Powerfully built in quarters giving him a firm driving action going away but today was not as accurate as BD in forward reach which given his front construction was a little surprising. The same remarks apply regards to his presentation as his kennel mate in that he is spot on and to the minute in coat and muscle. 2 Perks’ Dromnagus Firestarter Typy 3 ½ year old dog I have had the pleasure of before a couple of times and he has gone from being BP then BOB 2 years ago under me to being a force to be reckoned with anytime but today he wasn’t quite as fluent as 1st placed dog on the move but I know he can and does move better when he is on song. Good head to handle with ample breadth and balance all through. Powerful forehand, good bone and substance with compact feet. Holds his topline on the move thanks to his very good body toning. As ever presented to the ultimate to show off his attributes. 3 Gabaliene’s Multi/INT CH. Etalon Iz Russkoi Dinastii JW WW JWW [ATC AR01076RUS] GCD 1 Newton’s Lintweed Epidote 2nd in Junior 2 Dickenson’s Kalaslane Demyan [IKC] Up to size boy 6 ¾ year old boy that has the shape and proportions when stacked up but he is not as positive on the move as winner. Moderate forehand and matching quarters give him a balanced framework. Well sprung in ribbing but back could be firm on the stand to be picky. Shown in good jacket. 3 Newton’s Fun Nord’s Maxilmilian at Lintweed [Imp Rus] PB 1 Hockenhull’s Fortuna Freeria Gloria Star Iz Ultrastar [Imp Deu] A t just 9 months old this young female has the world at her feet if she continues in the same vein as today. Strong yet oh so feminine in head with correct ratios and proportions to body. Powerfully built and angulated in front with corresponding hindquarters she presents a picture of harmony and strength whether static or on the move where she is effortless and precise for one so young. Enough depth in chest and spring in rib for her age and size. Handled to get everything she had to offer on the day by her very good handler. Surely a bright career awaits. BPB and BPIB later on. 2 Ferguson-Blakeley’s Havroshka Bella Fantasia This 11 month old needs to body up to be at her best. Easy on the move when she settled into her stride. Moderate angulation front and rear giving her a balanced outline. Feminine head proportionate and clean cut with just enough breadth and stop. Under her jacket she has the framework to build on she just needs time and effort to get her fully prepared. JB 1 Newton’s Lintweed Black Beryl Litter sisters to the JD’s in the first two places and very much in the same mould as them except for their obvious femininity. Cracking head to handle, strong without being overdone, dark appealing eyes and well set on ears. Correct in shoulders and overall forehand allowing good forward reach to match her drive. Deep chest ample ribbing and straight back that holds firm at all times. Shown in full bloom. 2 Atkinson & Murphy’s Lintweed Black Star Of India As I said litter mates and much the same remarks in terms of skeletal construction but unfortunately today she had left her jacket at home along with her body covering, that said she has the framework to build on and work with and like her sisters and brothers I’m sure this will happen given time. Fluent and precise on the move from all angles. 3 Hammond’s Dromnagus Dutch Gold at Koschei PGB 1 Perks’ Dromnagus Firecracker This young female has come on since I last judged her and today she thoroughly deserved her placing putting in a good performance on the move. Good head to handle clean lines dark eyes and good mouth. Strong neck of fair length into well placed shoulders and straight front. Correct topline and tail set, straight in back and well muscled in hindquarters. Handled well to show off her attributes. In full bloom of good texture. 2 Hammond’s Jaybiem Keasha at Koschei Well made 3 year old that was let down by her handler today but she did enough to secure this place due to her build and type. Scores well in head, proportionate and strong matching her body. Ample length of neck easing cleanly into well made forehand. Well toned and angled in quarters giving her drive to match her reach. She just needs to get it together with her handler to be at her best. 3 Anatolus Doksvels’ Kontaktas Ruslana OB 1 Perks’ Dromnagus Black Ice Yet another I have had the pleasure of before and given top honours to and like fine wine she gets better with age. Super head shape and proportions, appealing dark eyes of correct oval shape. Ears set on high, well furnished all through in head from beard to brows. Forehand is from the top drawer and as close as you could get to the standard and in turn is mirrored in her muscular hindquarters to give her the ability to eat up the ring with such fluency and minimal effort in tune with her young handler. As ever from this kennel she is presented to the ultimate degree in coat and body toning. Pleased to award her BB. It was a pleasure to watch her and the male compete stride for stride in the challenge and she pushed him all the way but he just pipped her to take a hard fought BOB. 2 Skrinjar & Aber’s Morticia A Tara’s Sarja [ATC AT02035DEU] Another well built 3 year old that pushed winner hard on the day but in the end had to concede to her more accurate side gait and reach. Good head to handle, strong proportionate and clean cut with good furnishings. Well laid shoulders and straight front, ample bone and substance all through. Holds her body shape standing and on the move. Presented in excellent conditioning all round. 3 Slade’s Jaybiem Georgia at Potterspride Sh. CM GCB 1 Norton & Thomas’ Aveyrew Hot Gossip 4th in PGB but she got her act together better in this class particularly on the move where she was more positive and cleaner than before. Moderate angulation front and rear allowing a balanced outline. Coat of good texture. Well muscled all through, she just needs to be more consistent to be in the cards regularly. 2 Newton’s Lintweed Black Beryl 3 Newton’s Dromnagus Black Pearl at Lintweed

     Richard C Kinsey