• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ray Strudwick Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

Border Union Agricultural Society

Championship Show


Sunday 17th June 2018

Cocker Spaniel 

Thank you Border Union for this appointment plus your very kind hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed this quality entry and was delighted to see that both my BOB and BP winning their respective groups, big thanks to all exhibitors for the quality entry.

Minor Puppy Dog (10/2a)

1st Scotland’s - Lynlochan Perseus

Well grown youngster with well proportioned head, clean in neck, good overall balance, well bodied, moved out well sound and true.

2nd Todd & Rahman’s - Chataway Hijacked

Close decision just preferred the overall balance and movement of my winner, lovely in head and expression, short in body, well rounded quarters.

3rd Walker’s - Annilann Mister Mischief At Brackenjack

Puppy Dog (5/0a)

1st Hynd’s - Ryallcourt Tan About Town At Scomar - BDP

Well presented boy in excellent coat and condition, lovely chiselled head with gentle expression, well angulated at front and rear, good width of quarters, true on the move

2nd Scotland’s - L P

3rd Robertson’s - Kastrian Affection

Junior Dog (5/0a)

1st Smith’s - Pearkim Pokemon At Luanshya

Masculine headed boy with gentle expression, clean in neck, well ribbed, good rear angulation, just preferred his ground covering movement to take this class.

2nd Blackley & Salero’s - Cooleela Operation Dynamo Wightroche 

Coby black of lovely type, balanced chiselled head on moderate length of neck, level topline, rounded quarters, moved true but not with the enthusiasm of one.

3rd Hynd’s - R T A T at S

Yearling Dog (4/1a)

1st Todd & Rahman’s - Sh Ch Glenntree Tradition - RCC

Quality young male with lovely overall balance and construction, clean neck into well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, firm topline, strong well angulated rear, moved with excellent reach and drive.

2nd Evan’s - Craigdean Holby City

Balanced headed boy with good dark eye, moderate length of neck, short in loin, good width of quarters, true on the move.

3rd Rainey’s - Cooleela Red Admiral

Maiden Dog (2/0a)

1st Blackley & Salero’s - C O D W

2nd Qualtrough’s - Helenwood Trade Secret

Fourth in the strong puppy class and unplaced in minor Puppy, balanced headed youngster of just 6 months who just needs to mature on, good topline, short bodied, steady on the move.

Post Graduate Dog (9/2a)

1st Craig’s - Nicibec Misunderstood JW

Loved this blue roan boy who I considered for top honours, has well proportioned chiselled head, excellent angulation both fore and aft, good spring of rib, short in loin, well rounded quarters, just loved his ground covering movement.

2nd Torbett’s - Kirlinjis Made You Look JW, ShCM

Another of good quality, close to one but not quite the overall balance, lovely in head and eye, straight forelegs, short bodied, firm topline, adequate rear angulation, moved sound and true with good reach.

3rd Glasper’s - C R A

Limit Dog (11/1a)

1st Ray’s - Annilann Mister Blue Sky

This was my post grad winner at Bath two years ago, so pleased he has fulfilled his early promise, just love his overall good balance and construction, loveliest of heads on muscular neck, well laid shoulders into firm topline, strong well rounded quarters producing such great driving movement, another who pushed hard for top honours.

2nd Williams - Gallingos Gold Finger

Lovely male another with good overall balance, well developed head on moderate length of neck, well placed shoulders, straight forelegs, short coupled, adequate turn of stifle, moved out sound and true.

3rd Marris-Bray’s - Helenwood Islander

Open Dog (6/0a)

1st Amos-Jones - Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom - CC, BOB, G1

I guess much has been written about this outstanding dog so you may have read similar remarks so many times. This compact blue roan just oozes quality so beautifully balanced looking the complete picture today in superb coat and condition, loved his most classic well proportioned chiselled head, he is so well angulated fore and aft with strong firm topline which he held on the move, just loved his effortless merry movement covering the ground so well with reach and drive plus using his tail to advantage. Pleased to have awarded him the CC (his 59th I believe) BOB and later to see him take G1.                                                               

2nd Brennan’s - Kerrijoy The Ice King

Good size male with stronger head of good balance, clean neck into a good lay of shoulder, strong bodied, deep chest, adequate rear angulation with good widths, moved sound and true with good reach, another considered for the RCC.

3rd Adam’s - Port/GI Ch Corralet Amor Brujjo

Veteran Dog (5/0a)

1st Smith’s - Craigdean Callimakokr At Luanshya ShCM

Lovely eight year old with good overall construction, balanced in head, straight forelegs, level topline, well ribbed, short in loin, moved out sound and true with good drive to win this class.

2nd Nuttall, Fairbairn & Madigan’s - Chativore Stargazer 

Another lovely boy of rising nine years little to separate the first two just preferred the side gate of one, slightly smaller dog but with similar construction as one, moved sound and true.

3rd Rodger’s - Pembrokegate Dandy Lad

Minor Puppy Bitch (8/2a)

1st Whiting’s - Annilann Miss Zing - BPIB & PG1 

Beautiful blue youngster who is showing great promise, prettiest of typey heads on well constructed body with firm topline, moved with good reach and drive for one so young, so pleased to see take a strong puppy group.

2nd Devine’s - Chataway The Number One Girl At Devmont

Typy youngster, feminine in head and expression, good in neck and shoulder, short hocks, nicely rounded quarters, steady and true on the move

3rd Flowers - Totenkoft Dancing On Ice

Puppy Bitch (12/0a)

1st Wildman, Gerrard & Spenser’s - Manlinson Painted Lady

Well balanced female of good size, feminine in head and expression, moderate length of neck into well placed shoulders, short in loin, strong well rounded quarters, excellent ground covering movement to take this class.

2nd Marris-Bray’s - Helenwood Illusion 

Black female of lovely type, balanced in head with correct shaped eye, deep brisket, firm topline, good turn of stifle, well rounded quarters, moved out well.

3rd Fairbairn’s - Carmelfair True Colours.

Junior Bitch (8/2a)

1st Todd & Rahman’s - Marquell Mijas Breeze

Coby youngster of good size, typical in head and expression, clean neck into slopping shoulders, short in loin, good rear angulation, best of movement.

2nd Peterson’s - Cassom Moonbeam

Feminine balanced in head with correct shaped eye, deep brisket, firm topline, good rear angulation, moved out well,

3rd Sherlock’s - Snowgate Indigo Mist To Crimicar

Yearling Bitch (5/0a)

1st Macfarlane’s - Lochranza One The Heart

Well proportioned head with lovely expression, straightest of fronts, good in neck and shoulder, level back into correct tail set, good rear angulation, moved out true

2nd Davies - Annaside Rose Moon

Sound moving female with balanced feminine chiselled head, straight forelegs, deep chest, neat hocks, sound and true on the move

3rd Coltart’s - Bartonholm Cross Stitch At Branniffmhor

Maiden Bitch (4/1a) 

1st Brown’s - Rosbercon Good Day Sunshine 

Has good overall balance with pretty typey head, slightly long in loin, adequate rear angulation, she was the soundest mover in the class.

2nd Macfarlane’s - Cooleela Ruby Tuesday

Unplaced in the strong Junior class, feminine in head with gentle expression, moderate length of neck, would have preferred firmer topline, needs to tighten at the rear.

3rd Thomas - Vittador Fenella

Post Graduate Bitch (4/0a)

1st Scott’s - Lujesa Dark Diamond At Anjspan

Quality female with lovely head and expression, clean neck into good lay of shoulder, correct level back, good bone, excellent rear angulation, strong well rounded quarters, moving with excellent drive.

2nd Gilmour’s - Chavez Royal Belief

Balanced chiselled head with gentle expression, deep in body, short in loin, neat hocks, sound and true on the move.

3rd Thompson’s - Colenda Chasing Shadows

Limit Bitch (7/2a)

1st Whiting & Walker’s - Annilann Miss Altoe

Quality compact female with most lovely feminine balanced chiselled head and expression, moderate length of neck into well placed shoulders, level topline sloping into correct tail set, short coupled, well angulated quarters, short neat hocks, covering the ground well on the move, loved her type and overall balance, considered for top honours.

2nd Linton’s - Jalankiu Flirtation With Ludzska

Another of top quality shown in excellent coat and condition, balanced feminine head, good reach of neck, excellent level topline, good spring of rib, well angulated front and rear, excellent on the move, unlucky to meet one on top form.

3rd Davies - Annaside’s Starring Role

Open Bitch (7/0a)

1st Wildman & Spenser’s - Multi Ch Serenade De Annaba Xey JCH - CC

Quality black feminine bitch of just 2 years, well proportioned head on clean neck, excellent construction both fore and aft, firm topline which she held on the move, loved her clean overall balance, looked a complete picture on the move with her ground covering movement.

2nd Craig’s - Nicibec Mischievous JW - RCC

Litter sister to my post grad dog winner showing similar attributes, just loved her type, so well constructed at front and rear, loveliest of feminine chiselled heads typical in expression, has excellent overall balance, loved her true driving movement.

3rd Madigan’s - Misperros Silver Lining At Carmelfair

Veteran Bitch (3/0a)

1st Blackley & Salero’s - Sh Ch Glenntree Ruby Slippers JW, ShCM - BVIB

Compact well constructed Black and Tan with ultra balanced feminine head, firm level topline which she held on the move, well sprung ribs, short coupled, looked good on the move to take this class wth ease.

2nd Davies - Annaside Moonbeam

Feminine 7 year old blue, nice head with good eye, straight forelegs, well placed shoulder, level topline, not so coby as one, steady on the move. 

Ray Strudwick. (Judge)