• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Newman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

Darlington Championship Show 16th September 2018 Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas

Thank you to the Darlington committee for the invitation to judge at this prestigious show and for the warm welcome and hospitality. Thank you to my proficient stewards, to exhibitors for your entries and for the good spirit with which you greeted my decisions. There was strength in depth in the bitches which made for some close decisions and I was very pleased with my final line up. 

 Veteran D/B (6) 1. Lawson and Wright’s Riannor Oszkar. Eight year old male who fits the standard so well. He’s a strong, fit, masculine dog with good bone and without any coarseness. Correct head with furnishings, a kind eye and intelligent expression. Harsh wire coat, correct height to length ratio. Deep brisket, correct ribbing and length of loin. Good feet. Front and hind angulation moderate. His balanced construction and precise easy movement enabled him to outmove the younger dogs to take the DCC, making him up on the day. Congratulations.  2) Johnson’s Blamtrinever Dancing Queen. I remember judging her at an open show years ago – v taken with her then and now. Workmanlike, strong but feminine with a good wire coat. She has an attractive head with facial furnishings. Good neck. Brisket to elbow and correct body proportions. Well muscled and moved with drive.   3) Wand and Rickman’s Herlinga Herleva ShCM

PD (2) 1. Guest’s Bardentop Banoffee. Eyecatching 8 month old youngster with a well furnished striking head, kind eye and harsh russet wire coat. Liked his balance and construction. Correctly angulated fore and aft with good bone, straight front legs, tight feet. Confident and balanced on the move, keeping his topline and with that ‘Look at me’ attitude. Just going up on the leg a little giving his sister the edge for best puppy.  2) Alison’s Fitzrovia Gone with the Wind. Similar colour to 1 but lighter in bone and less mature. He has a good outline with pleasing head properties and a short, harsh coat. Brisket needs to drop. He was quite unsettled which made his movement difficult to assess.

 JD (6,2) 1.Thomas’ Hosokter Tompa. This well muscled fit young dog was one of the best constructed HWVs today. Correct body proportions, brisket reaching to elbow, good sternum, ribbing, short loin. His shoulder and upper arm are correct and he has a good neck and forechest. He has a tight wire coat. I’d like more head furnishings to soften his expression. Expertly handled he moved well keeping his topline to win the class and RCC.  2.Sweeney’s Zoldmali Monda. Only a puppy but deserved his place in this class. Attractive head and expression with a harsh coat. Liked his size and general make but a little upright in shoulder thus not the front angulation of the winner. Moved well behind but needs to tighten in front.  3.Stephenson’s Leiborschy Leif of Fryerfold

Post Grad D (6, 1) 1. Saint’s Zoldmali Tarlo. A well proportioned male with a dense wire coat who won on his breed type and movement. Heavy bone and substance with a correctly angled forehand which enabled him to move with precision. Very good in profile movement. Brisket to elbow. Strong, masculine head. Feet need to tighten.  2. McNeill’s Auchinner Fionn. Harsh coat, attractive head and expression. He has correct depth of brisket and strong loin. Moderate angulation. I thought this dog would be my winner when watching the class move around the ring but just a little heavy across the loin and shoulder on the day  3. Williams’ Ambermoore Diamond Heist Hollowmoor.

Limit D (6,1) 1.Howard’s Lanokk Szivos. Four year old dog. A medium sized dog who looked well balanced with good bone and moderate angulation. He has a heavy coat with a well furnished head, kind eye and expression. Deep brisket, ribs reaching well back. Best mover in the class which secured his place.  2.Heslop’s Lyharr Flavio Akos for Bonisla. A smaller, lighter boned dog than 1 in good hard condition. Liked his height/length ratio and moderate angulation. Balanced and moved well.  3.Hibbert’s Ewtor Skyfall at Mindszenty

Open D (5,1) 1.Spillane’s Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules. Strong, fit dog but not coarse in any way. Masculine head with plenty of furnishings and with a kind eye. Good shoulder placement, upper arm a little steep. Deep body reaching below brisket, strong loin, tight feet. Harsh coat. Balanced, expertly handled. Moved positively from well angulated hind quarters. Considered for the RCC.      2. Alison’s Sh Ch Napvirag Dolgos Arlo (Imp). Very different type to 1 Lighter in bone with a harsh russet wire coat. Shorter in body with brisket to elbow. Tight feet. Liked his head and good neck into well placed shoulders. A little steep in upper arm. Balanced on the move.  3.Whiting’s Ir Ch Cragvallie Zenit

PB (3) 1.Connolly’s Bardentop Rumbaba with Benmorby. Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Balanced body, well grown with bone and substance but not too big. Brisket to elbow, good ribbing. Her front assembly enabled her to extend on the move and she moved so positively for a 8 month baby. Shorter harsh wire coat just coming through but needs her facial furnishings to soften her strong head. BPIB   2. Harris-Mayell’s Fitzrovia to be a Pilgrim. Lighter in bone than the winner. Very pretty feminine head with a gentle expression. Good depth of brisket and good ribbing. She has balance, tight feet, a good wire coat and moved well once settled.   3. Thompson’s Moricroft Custom Made

JB (4,2). 1.Bendikas’ Holsan Electra. Up to size. Pleasing typical outline, strong but feminine, balanced with a good harsh coat. Head of correct proportions with furnishings and a melting expression. Brisket to elbow, correct height – length ratio. Moved positively from well angulated hindquarters. Excels in topline.  2. Lawson and Wright’s Leiborschy Allium for Riannor. Balanced with correct body proportions, brisket to elbow, good angulation fore and aft. Attractive head and expression and a wire jacket. Not as settled or as confident on the move as 1.

Post Grad B (7) 1.Deighton’s Fourlums Flora. This bitch has really grown on well since I last saw her. Daughter of the bitch CC winner with many of her attributes (pardon the pun). A clear winner in this company and outmoved the others in the class. Liked her type and balance. Body is strong with deep brisket and short loin. Shoulder angulation is good. Her coat is harsh. Correct head proportions and expression. Tight feet. Plenty of bone but nothing coarse about her.  2. Quigley, Day and Piper’s Leiborschy Give a Tuppence with Swnydwr. Up to size but feminine. Russet wire coat, tight elbows, straight front legs, deep brisket, good ribbing and loin, prominent sternum. Moderate rear angulation. Excellent topline which she kept on the move. 3. McNeill’s Fassfields Pride Rock  

Limit B (6) Quality in depth in this class and a pleasure to judge. Splitting hairs between one and two. A very close decision which ultimately came down to maturity. 1.Pike’s Herlinga Zaffron to Zilvarson. Four years old. I’ve judged this bitch before and she has grown on well. She’s a neat, fit, well muscled bitch in her prime. Sound, workmanlike with good bone and a harsh wire jacket. Her head is correctly proportioned with attractive furnishings and kind expression. Shoulders well placed, tight feet, correct height – length ratio. Brisket to elbow and strong through body with deep ribs and short loin. Very sound on the move driving from strong rear quarters and keeping her topline. RCC

2. Edminson’s Kisdons Custom Made. I did her well as a puppy and have watched her progress since. Such a good, balanced two year old. Attractive head with furnishings, straight front legs, tight feet, deep brisket and correct ribbing and loin. Moderate angulation fore and aft, harsh jacket. Moved with drive extending well in front. 3.Sweeney’s Redrafi Oi Tukai. 

Open B (5) Deighton’s Kisdons Attribute. Five years old and a fully mature bitch she is feminine and workmanlike with good bone. I can find little to fault in this 5 year old bitch other than a proud tail on the move which is a minor issue given her quality. Completely balanced she is so sound and moves with drive and precision keeping her topllne. She has a typical, most attractive head with furnishings, good neck into well-placed shoulders. Deep brisket with ribs going well back and strong loin. Straight front legs and good feet. Moderate hind angulation. Finished with a harsh wire coat she couldn’t be overlooked. CC and BOB.   2. Summerfield’s Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc ShCM. Different type to 1. A smaller, neat bitch with a shorter russet wire coat. Feminine head, dark eye, good legs and feet. A little steep in upper arm but good shoulders and forechest. Deep brisket, strong loin, tight feet. Moved positively.  3.Wand’s Herlinga Hulda with Aswann

Rachel Newman (Judge)