• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachael Reddin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs

Judge Rachael Reddin

This will be my 34th year of being involved in the PWD and to judge at Crufts is surely the pinnacle of any judges career. Being an active breeder and exhibitor means you get to see many in the breed from puppy through to adult and I was saddened that some dogs I greatly admire were not entered. I was thrilled with my entry of 54 with only 5 absentees a real privilege for a breed specialist to get such a large entry.

My general view of the breed today was that heads are very good with good overall shape and size. Eyes were mostly dark. Tail sets were great and it was a pleasure to see all but a couple using them on the move. Bone was strong and coats were all of good texture although 4 or 5 would have benefited from a good comb through.

It saddened me to see so many exhibits with very narrow rear movement and in some they completely lacked muscle substance. Bad mouths seem to be creeping in to the breed with 5 either undershot or with crooked bites. 

Having said this my main winners were all a credit to their owners, breeders and handlers. There were many I loved and with a little more maturity, will I’m sure challenge the best. Thank you all for bringing your dogs and for your sporting acceptance of my decisions.

VD (2,1) 1. Mainland, Bel, NL, RO CH Dragonbank Sea Spider, 7 yo black Wavy. Nice shaped head, good stop, dark eyes deep chest but could be wider, short neck and nice length to body. Tail carried well and set nicely. Moving a little close behind and somewhat lacking in muscle but he did cover the ground well with an easy action. Nice texture to his coat and presented nicely. BVD. 

PB (2,1) 1 Henry & Moody Portmarni Benjamin Bunny, 10mth B&W Curly, up to standard, really nice shaped head with good stop and strong back scull, short strong neck and nice bone. Deep, wide chest and well bodied. Possibly slightly long in loin, good tail set and carried well. He was very naughty on the move and only occasionally got all 4 feet on the ground. What a shame he has an incorrect bite. 

JD (3,0) 1 Wlckova, Jonatan Rarach Z Kasetek, Black Wavy, pleasing shape to head which is strong. Dark eye. Short neck carried high leading into well laid shoulders. Nice length to body with a deep spacious chest. Welll bodied and muscular all through. A little naughty on the move but he is still young. 2, Walmsleys, Robenger Duarte Carlitos, B&W Wavy, strong head with short muzzle and dark eyes although the set of eye was a little different to what I'm used to. Strong neck held high leading into well laid shoulders with a strong well rounded rib. Nice length to body and well muscled throughout. What a shame he was not using his tail on the move. 3, McGill, Rolo Polonski Winterkloud, Brown Wavy, strong head, lovely eye and short strong neck. Nice length to body and strong all through, what a shame he was just not happy today. 

PGD (2,0) 1 Pikes Breezelyn Blue Topaz, Black Wavy, strong broad head with a strong slightly tapering muzzle, leading into a short strong well held neck, fabulous well laid shoulders with broad, deep chest. Lovely length of body and strong well muscled all through. He used his tail well on the move. Side gait was nice and coming was lovely, slightly untidy in the rear movement but time is on his side. 2, Bingley Winterkloud Black Star, Black Wavy, taller boy but strong head and good neck with well laid shoulder, strongly muscled right through with good movement and nicely carried tail. Just not a positive on the move as 1. 

LD, (2,1) 1 Suchanova, Balthazar Django Rei Pescador, Brown Wavy, really lovely head, strong and broad with a really nice eye shape, would have preferred the eye to be slightly darker but it was acceptable. Short strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. Well muscled body with good strong bone. A real showman when moved and quite eye catching. Considered in the challenge. 2, Mellor, Austwell I Get Around, Black Wavy, taller but strong with the ideal head for shape and strength, good strong well muscled body of good length to height. Coat was of good texture and well presented, tail set well and used on the move. He was a little straight in stifle and just didn't have the energy of 1. But a dog that has much to like. 

OD (10,1) 1 Kristiansen NO Ch Aquafortass Eros, Brown Wavy, a dog with the wow factor. His head is so typical of the breed, strong, broad and beautifully shaped, eyes are dark and set well. His head is held high on a short strong neck That leads into well angulated shoulders. Chest is deep and broad and loin short and strong. He carries his tail up and uses it well on the move. His front movement and side gait were a joy to watch but I would have preferred a slightly more positive rear movement. A dog I greatly admired. CC, BOS. 2, Hirtz-Schmidt & Schmidt Boa Felicidade Diamante, Black Wavy, another top quality dog, he has a strong head that is so typical for the breed. Short strong neck and shoulders that are well laid. His front is strong and straight with really well sprung ribs. Super body and in fit, hard condition, he had the more pleasing rear movement but today he was just not as happy in the ring as the winner. RDCC. 3, Oliveira, Claircreek Lusitanio Oceano Atlantico, another quality male with so much to like. Just carrying a little too much weight today. 

VB (2,0) 1, Ebenig, INT Ch, Sunshine of My Life Da Pedra Da Anixia, 9 yo black Wavy. Everything I like in the breed, strength, beauty and elegance, her head is strong but still so pretty and has the darkest of eyes, held high on the move and supported by a strong short neck. Great shoulders and straight front, really well sprung ribs, firm loin and muscular rear. Her tail is beautifully set and used at all times. Great texture to the coat and well presented, her movement was so true and effortless that I could watch her all day, add to this a young handler that got every inch out of her you have the complete package. So pleased to award her CC & BOB. 2, Cobley, IBN Harun Coral, 12 yo Black Wavy, well what a stunner, really not showing her age. Pretty head of good shape and size. Nice shoulder and firm in body, she looked happy to be here enjoying her day, but today just could not compete with the youngsters. 

PB (3,0) 1 McGill Fire and Ice Jamelle Winterkloud, Brown wavy. Ultra feminine girl with a lot to like, nice shaped head and dark eye, short neck with nice shoulders and font. Strong body which is a good length. Using her tail at all times she has a easy, positive gait and true coming and going. One for the future I think. BPIB. 2 Randall Rusara Belle Elisabete, Black Wavy. Taller girl and not as together as 1 but she still has a nice head and good neck, tending to roach a little in back but strong in body and using her tail well she just needs more time. 3 Henry & Moody Portmarni Missy Marni, B&W Curly. Really nice proportions and showing some pleasing movement. She is put together nicely. 

JB (3,0) Biss, Ankors Primavera, B&W Wavy, I really like this bitch, she is feminine and strong, her head is broad and strong with dark eyes that look right through you. Strong short neck carrying her head high and shoulders and front built to work. She has a super ribcage and muscular body. Great textured coat and a rear that is strong and muscular, add a tail that was carried well on the move and you have a bitch that is going to be hard to beat once fully mature. Delighted to award her the RBCC. 2 Bradley's, Bellville Anjo Do Mar, Black Wavy, another quality bitch and both could easily swap places. She too has a strong head and neck, ribcage and great body. Tail set well and so balanced. It really was splitting hairs and had this bitch been as foot perfect as 1 I really could not have split them. 3, Armstrong Rowanbridge Ailsa Bay, pretty girl with a nice head and strong neck, tending to roach her back a little and not the positive movement as the first 2. She is however in good condition and firm in body. PGB (14,1) Pikes, Breezelyn Amber, Black Wavy, another quality bitch who appealed greatly to me. Strong head and expressive eyes, strong short neck which leads into great shoulders. Broad, deep chest and well ribbed. Great length to body and firm in loin. Super angles and when she moved she covers the ground with ease using her tail at all times. I seriously considered her along with the JB in the challenge. 2 Walmsleys, Robenger Marquesa Rebecca, B&W Wavy, yet another quality bitch and much the same applies. Head of good shape and size, held up nicely by a strong short neck. Firm in body and lovely angles front and rear. Loved her rear movement but she just seemed to be a little sluggish on the move. 3 Samuelson Somebody To Love Da Pedra Da Anixia Black Wavy, Taller girl who just needs time to grow into herself. Really well groomed and presented. One to watch. 

LB (3,0) Araujo Don't Worry Be Happy Vandens Stichija, Black Wavy, pretty head with dark eye, nice neck and deep chest although she could have more overall body and she was rather close in rear movement. She won this class on her lovely angulation and her energetic gait. 2 Henry & Moody, Grandway Emma Louise, Black Wavy, smaller more compact bitch, nicely put together and a pleasing shape. Nice mover but would just like more of her. 3 Reed, Ankors Haminja over Lillybrook, black Wavy, larger bitch who could lose a few pounds ideally. She does however have a great head, neck, shoulders and rib and super movement. Not really getting her tail up in the class. 

OB (7,0) 1 H Ch Sweet Obsession Goal Getter, Black Wavy a little over trimmed, very small but nicely made bitch, good shape to head and dark eye, short neck and well laid shoulder. Nice length to body and really good angles. She won this class on her super movement both coming, going and in side action. 2 Ebenig FCI/ INT Ch Boa Felicidade Beleza, Black Wavy more my size of bitch with a strong head and short strong neck. Good body and nice angles. She just wasn't as positive on the move as 1. 3, McGill Winterkloud Double Trouble, Black Wavy, really nice bitch who with a little more maturity will be difficult to beat. 

GCB 1 Reed, Ankors Haminja over Lillybrook. 2, Armstrong Elsa Mar Da Casa Da Buba, Black Wavy, nice head and short neck, strong limbs and good ribs unfortunately her back is rather dipped.