• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Chinese Crested

Minor Puppy Dog (3 entry, 1 absent) 1st Crow’s Arte Figure Next Level At Casacavallo (imp Fin) b hl good head planes, chiselled cheeks, correct ear used well, arched neck, deep chest, solid topline, good tail carriage, long stifle used to advantage on the move BPIB I was pleased to see him awarded 3rd in the Puppy Group. 2nd Waddison’s Xelocrest Winter Snow, biscuit pp, good head proportions, long clean neck, well laid shoulder, level topline, strong hindquarters, just preferred reach of 1. Puppy Dog (2,0) 1st  Jones’ Hitmonchan The Showman, two puppies developing well just preferred the lay of shoulder of 1b/w pp alert expression, long neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, moderate tuck, solid topline, good rear angulation 2nd Hellmuth’s Shengson First N Foremost, hl pleasing head and crest, deep chest, solid pasterns, good tail carriage, moved well. Junior Dog (6,1) 1st McKenzie & Muldoon’s Zcherzando Roxy’s Dancer von Queshian b hl, most pleasing alert expression, good ear set and crest, long arched neck, solid level topline, good balanced angulation front and rear, strong pasterns and well let down hocks, preferred overall balance on the move 2nd Cooper’s Renedream’s Credence, silver pp, good head and ear, well laid shoulder, deep chest, level topline, well muscled hindquarters, covered the ground 3rd Hinton’s Ajatiaza’s Lover Boy At Cheeswood Yearling Dog (2,0) 1st  Z Roxy’s Dancer V Queshian 2nd Masters & Shakeshaft’s Doucai’s Show Boy b/w hl correct head planes and ear set, deep chest, level topline would prefer a little less weight. Post Grad Dog (7,1) 1st Dowsett’s Winterkloud Gingerbread by Tteswood, m hl good head ear and eye, arched neck, into well laid shoulder, deep chest, solid topline, medium angles front and rear, covered the ground when settled and not playing handler up, 2nd Barker’s Goldamulet Amber Tone c/w pp correct head planes with chiselled cheeks, deep chest, good angles front and rear, level topline, carried tail up and proud 3rd Knowles Pariansoez Innuendo At Jhanchi JW Limit Dog (9,0) 1st Barker’s Cheeswood Shimmering Moon s pp very pleasing profile, alert expression, tapering muzzle, correct eye and ear set, balanced skull and muzzle, long arched clean neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, straight forelegs with solid pasterns, solid topline, strong loin, well muscled hindquarters, strong stifle and well let down hocks, easy action 2nd Crow’s Estllinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo JW hl long chiselled muzzle, good crest, strong  neck, level topline, good tail carriage, exuberant driving action 3rd Bartlett’s Michadaine Crazy For You Open Dog (7,1) 3 quality dogs headed this class just preferred overall picture and movement of 1 although would prefer longer skull and muzzle 1st Crow’s Ch Just Kidding of Angel’s Legacy at Casacavallo JW ShCM (imp Nld) m/w hl, dark eye, correct ear set, profuse crest, rounded skull, good head carriage on long clean arched neck into well laid shoulders, strong straight pasterns with full socks, deep chest, good ribbing, strong loin, level topline, well carried tail, balanced muscular hindquarters giving an easy ground covering action CC. 2nd Taylor’s Zimorodek Next Germanica (imp Pl) w pp balanced head and muzzle with definite stop, long arched neck into well laid shoulder, good forechest, good ribbing, strong pastern, solid topline, long moderate arched stifle, strong second thigh solid driving action RCC. 3rd Fletcher & Merryweather’s Swed/Fin Ch Myrtans Topnotch. Veteran Dog (3,1) 1st Dowsett’s Ch Doonbeg Bete Noir Via Tteswood 9yr b/w pp still got it, well chiselled cheeks, dark eye, correct ear set, arched neck, good shoulders, deep chest, level topline, strong loin, moderate stifle into well let down hocks, good coat, easy driving action. BVIB 2nd Dale’s Zanjero Odyssey’s Shadow With Dalrosmic JW ShCM alert expression, deep chest, solid topline, good angles front and rear, steady mover. Special Beginners Dog (2,0)  just preferred topline of 1st Higgs’ X Factor Dom Risorto (imp Ukr) b hl alert expression, long rib, solid loin, good turn of stifle moved well. 2nd Saunders Scherzando Goldfinger m hl, good eye and crest, well ribbed, brisket to elbow, medium stifle, good tail carriage. Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2) 2 raw puppies just preferred shoulder of 1st  Dowsett’s Godpeakiki Uptosummat With Tteswood pretty head, clean neck, level topline, well laid shoulder, straight forelegs, long stifle into well let down hocks, having a fun day out 2nd Dale’s Ajatiaza Finella’s Finery, b hl alert expression, well chiselled cheek, good stop, clean neck, long rib, balanced hindquarters, needs to settle. Puppy Bitch (3,1) 1st Clark’s Kelsions Imperial Promise b squarer b lovely expression, good neck straight front, solid pastern, medium stifle, driving action 2nd Higgs’ Eldy Lady Freuhartang cream pp good head, neck and shoulder. Would prefer slightly more length of rib, good long stifle into well let down hocks, solid mover. Junior Bitch (4,1) 1st Dixon’s Glorious Yasmine Heybett Avec Debrita (imp Svk) b/w hl pretty young b with well chiselled cheeks, good crest and furnishings, balanced head planes, good shoulder, deep chest with brisket to tight elbow, solid level topline, short strong loin, long sweeping stifle, well let down hocks, covered the ground with reach and drive, pushed hard but for me not quite there yet. 2nd Watling’s Scherzando Pride of Roxy, w pp sweet expression, deep chest, good rib, medium stifle, moved with ease 3rd Higgs’ Fairy Vom Apfelland (imp Deu) Yearling Bitch (6,0) 1st Fletcher & Merryweather’s Happy Dancing Fabulous Gorgeous Ynchreenoo black & silver pp, pleasing alert expression, good eye and ear, definite stop, good long skull and balanced muzzle, arched neck into good shoulder, deep chest, balanced angles front and rear, level topline, gay tail carriage, covered ground with ease 2nd Watling’s S Pride of Roxy 3rd Bartlett’s Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem Among Michadaine JW ShCM Post Grad Bitch (4,0) 1st Inwood’s Hazeltweed Sugar Plum Fairy, golden cream pp chiselled cheeks, good ear and eye, clean neck, deep chest, solid topline, medium stifle, covered ground with ease 2nd Frame’s Elfallons Crazy Moon ShCM bw hl pretty head, chiselled cheek, deep chest, good shoulder, balanced front and rear, easy action 3rd  James-Parker’s Shumllea A Saint She Aint Limit Bitch (9,2) 1st Hellmuth’s Shumllea Press Release JW good length muzzle balanced to skull, chiselled cheeks, top of base of ear set level with eye, ear erect with profuse fringe, long clean arched neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, straight forelegs with solid pasterns, good socks, level topline and moderate tuck, ribs well back to short strong loin, well muscled hindquarters, moved with precision, CC & BOB 2nd Rees’ Parcauwen Secret Sapphire cream pp alert expression, good ear and balanced head, good shoulder, level topline, well angulated front and rear used to advantage on the move 3rd Frost’s Harriet Take Me Away To Kojiki JW (imp) Open Bitch (4,1) 1st Jones’ Kelsion Bling It On Hitmonchan, light gold pp alert expression, well chiselled cheeks definite stop, balanced skull and muzzle, arched neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, solid topline, good angulation balanced front and rear, good jacket, tail carried up and above back, easy ground covering action RCC 2nd Cole’s Doucai’s Above And Beyond, alert expression, with good eye and ear, clean neck, solid pastern, deep chest, solid topline, good rear angulation, solid action 3rd Dowsett’s Doonbeg Reach For The Sky Tteswood JW Veteran Bitch (1,0) 1st Hellmuth’s Omegaville Press Release For Shumllea (imp Esp) nearly 9 yr mottled mahogany hl, pleasing expression, good neck, shoulder and chest, solid topline, well let down hock used on the move Sp Beg Bitch (3,0) 1st Bartlett’s P Crazy Secret Jem Among M JW ShCM s/w pp pretty head, arched neck, good chest, solid topline, covered the ground.Best Special Beginner 2nd James-Parker’s S A Saint She Aint, good head and expression, balanced angles front and rear so much better when tail is carried up. 3rd Leto’s Kiwango Free Thinker