• Show Date: 03/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: philippa gilbert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Tibetan Terrier Association

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier Association Championship Show 2018

Judge – Philippa Gilbert

Firstly I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of the TTA for inviting me to judge this Championship Show but more over the club members who voted for me and lastly all the exhibitors who entered their dogs.  My feelings are well known about Officers & Committee showing at their own show; even if they do not select the judges themselves and I still stand by this.  A show is busy enough to run without half the committee being in the ring.  This was my second time of judging the TTA Champ Show (last time, in 2001 was when the genders were split and I assessed the bitches) and I deemed it a great honour to be asked again.  Also I would like to say a BIG ‘Thank You’ to my 2 stewards who had their work cut out with some of the classes.

As for the dogs themselves, obviously with such an entry there were bound to be variations. However my main concerns are that that size is still an issue and although I can go with a slightly taller heavier male, bitches for me should fall within the standard of being smaller than 16”.  There should be substance, sturdiness and good bone in both genders.  Several exhibits were overweight which spoilt their movement, let alone being unhealthy. There are still many narrow skulls, long forefaces and weak under jaws, all which lead to non-typical expression. Small feet and lack of stop also require attention.

Sadly due to the floor at the venue some dogs; who I know can drive; were restrictive in their movement and therefore paid the price as it’s ‘on the day’.

On the plus side teeth on the whole were clean and of good size and shape, in addition I was pleased to find a good percentage of reverse scissor bites too. One of my favourites, the kink tail ends is still evident, return of upper arms has improved and coat presentation has been taken to the next level.     


MPD (7:2ab)

1.    Allen  – Balderstone Quizzical

This baby was certainly enjoying his day. Pleasing head proportions with large well placed dark eyes and good dentition. Well angulated shoulders, large flat feet and exhibits no exaggeration throughout. Coat’s coming. Moved well

2.    Green  – Verony Dal Passato

Smaller than 1 and very much the type of this kennel. Lots to like about him when gone over, compact well ribbed body with good set tail sporting the welcome end kink. Super head conformation with well developed chin and dark eyes. Not as sure on the move as 1 but I’m sure it will come.

3.    Bateman – Baltoro Black To The Future

PD (5:0ab)

1.    Price, Leese & Barron – Araki Brass Barabass

10 month old gold of correct size who just oozes personality. Well developed head and jaw. Good eye pigment and of adequate size, excellent dentition.  Short coupled with level top-line and balanced confirmation both front & rear all of which allowed him to move so freely making it easy to award him BPD.

2.    Meegan  – Avaness Whatever The Dream

Larger built black who is very pleasing under the hand. Strong head with correct eye placement and expression.  Strength in muzzle with wide mouth, sporting good size teeth. Firm body with level top-line, excellent tail set & carriage. Lovely big feet.  Moved well when settled, although I had the feeling he just wanted to ‘get going’.

3.    Plummer & Bingham – Silgarhi Holy Smoke


1.    Hearne – Snoanda Designer Label

Top end for size, this striking black and white dog compels you to watch him from the off. Well-muscled, good compact body and sound throughout. Adequate width to skull, lovely large dark eyes, good strength to muzzle, although foreface could be slightly shorter. Correct amount of neck which he uses to its best.  Level top-line both stood and in motion.  Beautifully presented double coat. Holds himself proud both standing and on the move. Easily the freest mover in the class today which clinched his placing. One for top honours in the future I’m sure

2.    Andrew-Tempest  – Qanda Lhi’s U-Tsang At Mikudi Jnr Ch

One that just oozes breed type. Good angulations front and back, good length and spring of rib. Enough bone and correct feet.  Beautifully constructed head with good width of jaw. Large dark well placed eyes and correct stop giving a true TT expression. If I was to be picky I would like a little more strength overall in head for his structure. Moved well, just a shame he had to meet 1.

3.    Armstrong – Baltoro Hellcat At Tizzycharm


1.    Davies – Pinrow Dark Treasure

Fabulously constructed square shaped TT. This boy has super angulations front and rear with nothing overdone. Lovely head, with excellent stop and correctly placed large dark eyes giving a wonderful expression. Pleasing length & strength of muzzle and mouth with correct dentition. Correct ear shape & placement. Good depth of chest and super top-line, which he held on the move. Coat of good texture and maturing nicely. Moved well

2.    Betts – Q’Karma For Tibettsi From Heaven’s Earth

Muscular male with a lot to like about him. Head of good proportions with well-set dark eyes and pleasing strength of muzzle. Strong neck which flows in to well layback of shoulder and enough return of upper arm. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. Low hocks and correct feet for his size. Moved with an easy stride enjoying his day, would like to see him use his neck better.

3.    Marley & Thirwell – Myrlea Under The Spell



1.    Betts – Q’Karma For Tibettsi From Heaven’s Earth

2.    Hargreaves – Waterley Celtric Prince With Islantic

Well grown boy with strong boned, good spring of rib and depth of chest. Enough neck and large feet. Excellent, predominantly white, double coat which was presented commendably. Suitably muscled and moved freely when settled.

3.    Mackenzie – Routenburn Agamemnon


1.    O’Connor – Talisman Tibeta Budda (Imp Rus)

This is one you need to get your hands on to appreciate. Good head with strong muzzle and large well placed dark eyes.  Excellent width to mouth with correct dentition. Good bone, large flat feet, held his shape on the move which was smooth and effortless.  Difficult double coat but shows all the signs of maturing well.    

2.    Stringer – Kyipo’s Keepsake Made For Incalux JW

Strong masculine male who has a well developed body and good angles throughout. Not as short coupled as 1 but has level top-line which leads into an excellent tail set. Balanced head proportions with good width to mouth & jaw. Double coat of correct texture and plenty of it. Moved with reach & drive

3.    Price & Draper Andrews – Lasang Jumping Jack Flash


Delightful trio of males who tested me with their offerings

1.    Guziolek – Boshanti Nevill

Strong sizable male with a super shape and angles, excellent body with good depth of chest and short coupling. Balanced head with well positioned eyes of good size and shape. Well set-on tail which he carried correctly. Large flat feet.  Well-muscled and toned throughout allowing him effortless reach and driving movement. Contender for top honours

2.    Vernall – Renvall Thistle Do Nicely

Loved this boy when I judged him before and great to see him maturing in to a super specimen.  Wonderfully proportioned head with one of the best stops of the day. Great angulations throughout and bodying up nicely.  Large padded feet. Moved well but today had the tendency to fly his tail in motion which spoilt his outline.

3.    Jones – Waterley Broadway Lights JW

(I feel I need to comment on this dog as in my opinion he could go places if he carried far less weight as he has just the right amount of everything else!)


1.    Smith & Hadlington – Ch. Tetsimi Moves Like Jagger

What can I say about this boy that hasn’t been said already?

Last time I judged him he had to be content with the res CC, however this time deservingly his was the CC and BIS.

Strong, compact body in super condition, just the right amount of neck which flows in to well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm. Lovely head in strength and proportions. Good mouth with correct size dentition. Large, well placed eyes. Large flat feet. Well angulated and muscled hind quarters. Moved with reach, drive and purpose, holding his shape on the move, never letting his handler down – a true showman and a worthy Champion.

2.    Davies – Ch. Waterley Boogie Woogie

Good head with pleasing width to skull and strength of muzzle. Strong body which is slightly longer cast than 1, excellent depth of chest and ratio of body to leg.  Well angulated throughout with large padded flat feet. Moved steadily but lacked the enthusiasm in the ring of 1 but still had enough to gain the Res CC.

3.    Green – Ch. Verony Veni Vidi Vici JW


1.    Stuchbury – Nefertari Life On Mars At Kutula

Strong 8 year old boy with pleasing angulations throughout. Big feet. Excellent double coat in super condition and presented well. Moved really well, holding his top-line.

2.    Nutt – Waterley Wonderwall at Zantestar

Another 8 year old but not so balanced in front and rear angulations and less positive on the move.

3.    Inwood & Price – Pinrow Dressed In Gold At Bedivere


1.    Tonge – Kybo In Chaoots With Aonachmor ShCM

If only you could scale this boy down, a credit to his owner for his fabulous condition both in body and glorious jacket.  Well-constructed throughout and a set of teeth that any youngster would be proud of. At 13 a joy to go over him again and watch him strut his stuff.

2.    Ford – Incalux Defiance Over Setrique

A finer dog in both body and stature than 1. Pleasing head conformation and front & rear angles but lacked in coat today to complete the picture.



1.    James – Waterley Partypiece

This flashy young lady certainly knows how to turn on the charm. Very feminine throughout she is balanced with good angles, tail-set and carriage. Lovely head with areas still developing but time is on her side. Excellent mouth & dentition. Strutted her stuff with reach and drive

2.    Bateman – Baltoro Available In Black

Suitably named this little girl has a lot to like about her. Slightly narrower in head than 1, she has correct strength and length of neck which flows in to good front angles. Balanced front & rear. Moved steady.

3.    Marley & Thirlwell – Myrlea Spooked By Ink


1.    Guziolek – Boshanti Elexia

Feminine but with strength and substance plus excellent shape to her both stood and in motion. Head of good proportions with strength to muzzle and jaw. Well matched angles both front & rear, straight legs with the desired sloping pasterns. Short lion, with ample length of well sprung rib. Moved with drive and purpose. Kept herself together in all the challenges to gain BPIS. One to watch out for.

2.    Skaboullos – Rogell’s Zesty Lady Cloudbuster (Imp Nor)

Stronger than 1 but not overdone in any way and with a very square balanced outline. Well boned with plenty of substance this girl will come in to her own in the older classes.  Front and rear angulations are balanced, neck is in keeping with her over all look. Pleasing head proportions with large dark eyes and rims. Has an air about her when she moves that compels you to watch her good movement.  

3.    Price, Leese & Barron – Araki Kareless Whisper


1.    Marley & Thirlwell – Ch. Pinrow Midnight Eclipse Over Myrlea JW

Takes your eye from entering the ring. Solid black of excellent shape and substance. Very balanced outline when viewed stood and on the move. Great head proportions with excellent stop and dark large round eyes. Large flat heavily furnished feet. Excellent firm top line, good tail set and carriage. Excelled in lay of shoulder and return of upper arm.  Well angulated rear and turn of stifle which enabled her to move with reach and drive. Understandably a Champion already. Pushed hard for high honours

2.    Andrew - Tempest– Qanda Lhi’s U-Bzanba At Mikudi

What a shame to have met 1, as another day could have easily taken the class. Lovely shape sable bitch in good coat for her age. Very typy head dimensions, lovely shaped mouth with good dentition. Super neck flowing in to well laid shoulders, good angles both front and rear. Moved steady with reach and drive.

3.    Green – Verony The Usual Suspect


Wow what a line-up of lovelies

1.    Smith – Tetsimi Rock Your Sox Off

This cobby, square young lady was a delight to go over.  She’s feminine yet when assessing has strength of bone and substance. Excellent ration of body to length of leg.  Has a beautifully constructed head with large dark correctly placed eyes. Large flat feet, moved steady and with purpose. Hugh coat which was well presented. Not exaggerated in any way and just oozes true TT type for me. Excelled on the final move to be awarded Res CC and surely one to watch out for.

2.    Davies – Pinrow Precious Gem

Lots to like about this young lady. She has a soundly put together structure with excellent fore chest, angles both front and rear, with great tail position and carriage. Very pleasing head with fabulous expression. Moved steady and had maturity on her side to be placed over 3 who also is a cracking bitch.  

3.    Allen – Dhoki Apsos Joy To Be Foxy At Balderstone (Imp Nor)


1.    James – Waterley Partypiece

2.    Stringer – Incalux Prime Suspect

Stronger and slightly longer cast than 1, this young lady has a lot to offer. Great head proportions with good eye placement and expression. Well developed body, level topline leading in to correct tail set and carriage. Moved with drive and reach. Has an abundance of well presented coat to complete the image

3.    Hadlow & Hearne – Snoanda Hello Dolly


1.    Skaboullos – Rogell’s Zesty Lady Cloudbuster (Imp Nor)

2.    James – Waterley Partypiece

3.    Bridges, Rose-Dawson & Rose – Sanchara Passionfruit


1.    Rose-Dawson & Barron – Araki Kaught’U Again

Painted a very square shape in profile, this sturdy, yet feminine girl stood out in this strong class. Pleased to find an excellent body, which was well ribbed back with enough spring of rib. Well angulated both front and rear, good bone throughout and in super coat which you need to get under to appreciate her body to leg ratio. Excellent movement with drive and extension on what was a tricky floor. One to watch for the future.   

2.    Taylor – Mikudi’s Taste Of Honey

What a sweetie this girl is, so square with good body to leg ratio. Pretty feminine head of excellent proportions, good strength of muzzle, neat reverse scissor bite and super stop. Well angulated, strong muscles tone throughout, level top line with good tail set and carriage.  Moved with gusto

3.    Smith – Tetsimi Panda Print


Another stunning trio of beautiful bitches

1.    Lawerence – Lamlux Coqo Amala For Ludgate

One of those ‘slightly smaller than 16” ‘bitches that possesses stacks of breed type. Sturdy yet feminine throughout, beautifully angulated with good length and spring of rib for that all essential heart and lung room.  Well muscled and toned all over with level top line which she held on the move. Classic head with lovely slightly curved shaped mouth sporting a close reverse scissor bite of good size teeth.  Well developed under jaw (which doesn’t come from being undershot as some might think). Well place Moved steady and effortless in all the challenges. Pleased to award her the CC & RBIS and I’m sure her crown will not be far away.

2.    Simpson – Incalux T’Pau With Anouskarn

Small version, cobby bitch that just shouts ‘breed type’.  Super head with lovely stop, eye and true TT expression.  In keeping neck flows in to a good set of shoulders, excellent spring of rib and depth of chest. Short coupled, held her top line as she motored round the ring. Gave 3 a run for her money but overall maturity won over. Also pushed hard for 1st place but had to make do with 2nd today, considered for Res CC too.

3.    Willoughby – Baltoro Puss In Boots


1.    Meegan – Ch. Kyipo’s Dramarama At Avaness JW

Beautiful type bitch with a massive double coat of excellent condition and texture. Another one you need to get under the jackets’ abundance to fully appreciate her conformation. Lovely to go over, with balanced angulations throughout, well ribbed back with good spring of rib. Feminine head with correct proportions, super neck which she used to its best on the move. Large flat, very hairy padded feet.  Her level top-line, front extension and rear drive are a joy to watch on the move. Strong contender for top honours

2.    Price & Leese – Araki Already Whispering

What a little show off this girl is!! Good breed type who’s well angulated both front and rear. Pleasing head proportions, strength of muzzle and well placed ears. Compact body with the correct amount of strength. Moved with drive and reach and another who held her top-line so well when moving.

3.    Dennis – Boshanti Angelina At Denfast


1.    James & Davies – Ch. Alilah’s Very Impressed At Waterley  

Hello again Mrs!

She still has it and it’s great. Unexaggerated well constructed lady with pleasing head proportions, large dark eyes and correct ear carriage. Enough neck which flows into well laid shoulders. Large flat feet. Beautifully presented double coat of correct texture. Her action is still as lovely as ever, pushed hard in the challenge but had to be content with BVIS today.

2.    Taylor – Mikudi Sugar N’ Spice

Super size and shaped bitch, with very feminine head. Good body in super condition and muscle tone. Correct tail set and carriage. Balanced front and rear angles which allow her to cover the ring with smooth action, drive and purpose.  Shame she had to compete against 1

3.    Ch. Lynces Diamonds And Pearls JW ShCM


Joan Cain Memorial

Progeny Dog (0)

Progeny Bitch (1:1ab)

Brace (4: 1ab)

Lovely class with 3 groups of very compatible pairings. In the end it came down to togetherness in style and movement but still little to choose between them

1.    Tonge   

2.    Davies

3.    James & Davies