• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Peter Pavey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

BLACKPOOL & DISTRICT CANINE SOCIETY 23 JUNE 2018 Judge(s): MR PETER PAVEY DCC SH CH CLARAMAND ZIGGY ZIGGY JW SHCM (MRS E THOMAS) RDCC AMAROANNE GLORY DAYS (MR H TAIT) BCC CLASSICWAY CLAUDIA SCHIFER JW (MRS D & MISS J DARBY) RBCC RYALLCOURT TANGLE (MS P WHITEHEAD) BOB SH CH CLARAMAND ZIGGY ZIGGY JW SHCM (MRS E THOMAS) BP RYALLCOURT TANGLE (MS P WHITEHEAD) BJ CANYONN CLASSIC LEGACY JW (MISS D & MRS S YOUNG) Minor Puppy - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0 1st CARMELFAIR MAGNIFIQUE (MISS K L NUTTALL) 6 month old light Blue baby who screams cocker. Pleasing balanced head with super eye and expression. Lovely neck and laid back shoulder, good bone and feet, well sprung ribs. Good hind angulation, low hocks, moved very steady for one so young 2nd SUNABIL ESGID Y GOG O LIBANUS (MS M T ROBERTS) Another 6 month old Dark Blue who is still very much a baby, he has a good head, dark eye and gentle expression balanced outline in profile. A little erratic on the move. Puppy - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 1st LUJESA IMPOSSIBLE DREAM (MISSES A & S KETTLE) 9 month old black of good breed type, balanced head with gentle eye and expression, good length of neck into well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Well sprung ribs. Level in topline with good tail carriage, good angulation fore and aft. Presented in excellent coat and condition 2nd JENNOBAR LET THERE BE MAGIC (MRS K CORNETT) 10 month old light blue who is of good breed type and very well balanced, good forehand construction, well bodied with nicely angulated well muscled hindquarters. I preferred the head on the winner. 3rd CASSOM CANALETTO AT BARNSBUR (MISS M E BURLEY) Junior - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 1st CANYONN CLASSIC LEGACY JW (MISS D & MRS S YOUNG) 3 Different types of dog in this class all with attributes to like, my winner was a 17 month old black dog of super quality. Well balanced head, correct stop, dark eye with gentle expression. Good strong neck of correct length, well laid shoulders. Big ribs, good topline with excellent quarters. Once he settled he covered the ground effortlessly. He was presented in excellent coat and condition. Best Junior 2nd KASTRIAN AFFECTION (MRS B ROBERTSON) At just over 12 months old this black dog was presented in fabulous coat and condition, built on bigger lines than winner but still balanced in outline. Good head and expression, preferred the shoulder of winner and he is still a little narrow in front. Well ribbed and good rear angulation, moved well. 3rd CRAIGDEAN HOLBY CITY (MRS S EWAN) Yearling - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 1 1st PEARKIM POKEMON AT LUANSHYA (MRS J E SMITH) 13 month old very outgoing orange dog who has both quality and balance. Pleasing well chiselled head with alert expression. Good forehand, well ribbed and firm loin. Angulated muscled hindquarters, he moves true both ways and holds a solid topline, making the most of his tail on the move. 2nd MOLKARA FAUSTUS AT BRIMBECK (MRS S, MISS E & MISS V PILKINGTON ELLIS) 19 month old black dog longer cast and not the body of winner, pleasing head, strong neck leading to good lay of shoulders, straight in front with good bone quality. Level top line, good rear angulation, low set hocks, moved well when settled. 3rd TOPDAY RINGO STAR (MISS J MCBRIDE) Graduate - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 1st KERRIGLOW GAME OF THRONES (MISS L DAVIES) 15 month old black who has a masculine head he is of good breed type and well made, forehand is very good with a good lay of shoulder, well ribbed, compact body with good breadth of chest and depth of brisket. Well muscled hindquarters with developed 2nd thigh. Moves well with a typical merry action. 2nd BLUEACRE OH DANNY BOY (MRS C WALSH) 2 year old outgoing good moving black dog with a pleasant head, good forehand, compact and well ribbed. Presented in good coat and condition. I just preferred the overall presence and balance of winner. 3rd BARTONHOLM BAGODARE (MR L & MRS M FORFAR) Post Graduate - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 1 1st AMAROANNE GLORY DAYS (MR H TAIT) 3 year old light Blue dog who is so full of breed type, and presented in fit hard condition. Masculine well chiselled head with inquisitive expression, good length of neck, well laid shoulder, compact body, big ribs, deep chest, strong topline, which he retains both stood and on the move. RCC 2nd RIONDEL MURPHYS LAW (MISS C MORRIS) Liked this young man he is an honest sort of dog, He has a well balanced head with super expression, good angulation fore and aft, he was just a little longer in loin than winner and not as settled on the move. 3rd ANNASIDE HARVEST MOON (MISS C NUTTER) Mid Limit - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 1 1st DREAMIST ROCK'N' RYE AT COLMEIR (MRS P K PALMER) 3 year old blk/white/tan stood alone in this class, he was well presented with the correct amount of coat making the best of him. Good legs and feet and good ribbing and depth of brisket. He certainly is a very merry cocker enjoying his day out. Limit - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 1st HELENWOOD ISLANDER (MRS J H MARRIS-BRAY) 2 year old golden masculine head with dark expressive eyes. Combines quality with substance and over all balance and proportions. Excellent forequarters, short, deep, big ribbed body and muscular hindquarters. He moves true both ways, holding his topline at all times 2nd MOLKARA MAURIZIO (MS K & MRS S GAIN & AMATT) 3 year old blue dog of good size, good head and eye. Sufficient reach of neck, not the body of winner well angulated quarters, he was just a little unsettled on the move. Handled and presented well. 3rd BARTONHOLM BLENDED BLUES JW SHCM (MR R & MRS Y LOWERY) Open - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 1st SH CH CLARAMAND ZIGGY ZIGGY JW SHCM (MRS E THOMAS) Quality orange dog who I have admired from the ringside and he did not disappoint today, he is so full of breed type and is a pleasure to go over. Excellent head and kind, gentle expression, very good forehand with good bone, strong legs and well padded feet Strong compact body, firm top-line and well angulated quarters. True fluid action with great drive from low set hocks. Presented in gleaming coat, and superbly handled. CC & BOB 2nd ALISMA ZACHARIUS J W (MR D CRAIG) 4 year old blue and another one who is of good breed type, pleasing head and expression, balanced in outline, good forehand, good width to his chest, and well ribbed, strong topline. Just not the strength of quarters as my winner. Moved soundly, covering the ground well. 3rd TOPDAY HUGO BOSS JW (MISS J MCBRIDE) Veteran - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 1st CRAIGDEAN CALLIMAKOKR AT LUANSHYA SHCM (MRS J E SMITH) 8 year old blue dog, another one I have admired from the ringside and he certainly demanded my attention today. Masculine head, kind eye and expression. Correct head carriage, clean neck and well laid shoulders. Excellent legs and feet, immaculate coat and well muscled throughout. Moved true both ways using his tail at all times. Seriously considered for higher honours. 2nd CHATIVORE STARGAZER (K, J & M NUTTALL, FAIRBAIRN & MADIGAN) Another blue 9 year old dog of excellent size, make and shape, good neck and shoulders, strong, compact well ribbed body. Strong well muscled hindquarters. Merry and presented in good coat. 3rd ANNASIDE MOONRISE SHCM (MISS C NUTTER Minor Puppy - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2 1st ANNILANN MISS ZING (MISS S J WHITING) Feminine 8 month old blue puppy she is so full of quality and breed type. Prettiest of heads, soft, gentle eye and expression. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, Excellent head carriage Quality bone, excellent body proportions for her age, Very sound and free in movement covering the ground effortlessly 2nd GLOWHILL SILVER ANGEL (MRS J E MITCHELL) 8 month old light blue baby and unlucky to meet 1 today, another very pretty puppy, feminine head, super eye and expression. Good angulation fore and aft. Very sound on the move with the typical cockery action. Just needs time to develop. 3rd CASSOM MARY POPPINS AT DIZZNEESTAR (MISS G & MR R STAFFORD & FULLER) Puppy - Bitch Entries: 13 Absentees: 0 1st RYALLCOURT TANGLE (MS P WHITEHEAD) A quality class of beautiful puppies my winner was a 12 month old blk/white/tan she appealed for her size, make and shape, she is so feminine and balanced all through, she has a really delightful head, super eyes and expression. Good length of neck, excellent depth and body for one so young with a super flowing outline. Firm in topline. . She has an excellent topline.She comes alive on the move with her typical cockery movement and moves in such a stylish manner. BP & RCC 2nd QUETTADENE TOUCH THE STARS (MRS S & MRS P SHINKFIELD & LESTER) 11 month old black slightly larger built but still very feminine, balanced in outline, pleasing head, eye and expression. Excellent body properties, presented in good coat and condition, just not as steady on the move as 1 today. 3rd ROYALDEAN STRICTLY LEGACY (MRS M H HATTON) Junior - Bitch Entries: 13 Absentees: 6 1st ALISMA ANNIVERSARY ROSE (MR D CRAIG) 14 month blue of good size and breed type, feminine head with soft expression. Excellent forequarters, super compact body and well ribbed. Good bone and feet. Good muscle tone throughout. Moved very well. 2nd SNOWGATE MOOD INDIGO (MRS E & MISS C ROBERTS & SMITH) 15 month old blue bitch who is well made all through and slightly longer cast than winner, very pretty head, good length neck very good ribs and body. Well presented and moved well 3rd NULEA DESTINY (MISS A NUGENT) Yearling - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 5 1st MARTISO FANCY NANCY (MRS S &MR P AMATT) 19 month old blk/tan who has breed type and is of good make and shape, pretty feminine head. Good neck and well laid shoulders. Compact body, well ribbed, strong hindquarters, good bone and neat feet. Moved very well. 2nd ANNASIDE ROSE MOON (MR P & MRS M DAVIES) 22 month old blue, very cockery with a happy outgoing temperament, pretty feminine head and soft gentle expression, balanced in outline, good body proportions, moved well. 3rd STOBYTILL HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE (MRS S J HUTSON) Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 3 1st CASSOM COLOUR ME BLUE FOR ATHERBRON JW (MRS H & MR A BROWN & CROSSLEY) Blue feminine bitch, who presents a balanced picture, feminine head and expression, excellent neck and shoulders, deep, well ribbed body, firm topline and excellent well rounded quarters. Once settled she moved with purpose and drive 2nd MILALDER VIOLETS ARE BLUE (MRS S L TOMLINSON) 2 year old nicely balanced bitch with a balanced outline. Feminine head and lovely expression, She is lacking body and coat today and needs a little more width in front. Mid Limit - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 1 1st LUJESA JEAN GENIE JW (MISSES A & S KETTLE) Black, in lovely coat and condition, very attractive head and expression, well boned with neat feet, excellent neck and well laid shoulders. Super compact body, big ribs, well muscled and rounded quarters. Moved out well with a merry driving action. 2nd JALANKIU FLIRTATION WITH LUDZSKA (MRS D E LINTON) Black a little longer in the loin than winner, pleasing head, eye and expression Good front construction with good depth of brisket and correct ribbing, moved vey well. 3rd VERATEY VOGUE (MS R BRADLEY) Limit - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 1st CLASSICWAY CLAUDIA SCHIFER JW (MRS D & MISS J DARBY) At nearly 3 year old this Blue roan/tan quality bitch is another one I have always admired from the ringside and I found her delightful to go over, she presents a very cockery outline. I loved her head, it is balanced and feminine, with lovely dark, expressive eye. She has depth through the front, her neck flows into well laid back shoulders. She has good ribbing, deep brisket, short and firm loin, lovely tailset and carriage, excellent rear muscle tone and good bend of stifle. On the move she powers away with positive drive, reaching out in front with ease and style, really using her tail to advantage. CC 2nd QUETTADENE STAR TIME JW SHCM (MRS S & MRS P SHINKFIELD & LESTER) Black of excellent breed type and substance. Feminine head and soft gentle expression, Quality bone, excellent body proportions excellent ribcage for age. Good angulation fore and aft. Well made hindquarters. Sound and very merry on the move. 3rd ANNASIDE MOONFLOWER (MR P & MRS M DAVIES) Open - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2 1st DANTON HOLY QUEST (MRS E & MISS C ROBERTS & SMITH) Blue and another quality bitch who is full of breed type, good head with super expression. Excellent forehand, short and firm in body with good depth, big ribs and a strong topline. On the move she is precise and fluid, showing good forward extension and drive from behind. 2nd SH CH LUJESA MAGIC TOUCH AT CLASSICWAY JW (MRS D & MISS J DARBY) Black bitch who oozes breed type, loved her head, lots of work in it with a kind expression. Excellent body proportions, level topline, well ribbed. Good rear angulation and low hocks. Another excellent mover. 3rd KALRIZIENNE'S ZAFFIRO JW (MRS J & MR G GLENNERSTER & STEELE) Veteran - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 1 1st ANNASIDE MOONBEAM (MR P & MRS M DAVIES) 7 year old Light Blue very cockery and of lovely breed type and style. Well balanced with a good head, good neck and shoulders, strong well ribbed body with a short loin. Moves out well and shows to best advantage. 2nd VERATEY VIOLETTA (MS R BRADLEY) 13 year old blue bitch of good breed type, balanced in outline, feminine head. Good reach of neck into well angulated shoulders. Cobby, short, well ribbed body. Good rear angulation. Moved soundly. In good coat and condition 3rd VERATEY VALENTINA (M R BRADLEY)