• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Peter Halstead Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: English Setter


ENGLISH SETTERS (Sun 1st July 2018)

I was a late replacement for the booked judge, who I used to see regularly at shows around the country some years ago, as we were benched next to each other on the ES benches. He had a very nice entry and we all wish him well in his recovery from a knee operation. Thoroughly enjoyable day albeit very hot! Always interesting to judge my breed after a long time away from shows. My impressions, from the day, was quality is about the same, it’s the depth that has fallen away with the drop in numbers. Bites have improved to the point where 95% are good scissor bites with even, well sized teeth. Upper arm still leaves much to be desired in a lot of exhibits. Straight driving movement was rare. Pleased with all my winners.

Veteran Dog (4.2)

1st & BV Whiting & Grant’s Ir Sh Ch Albadora Make A Stand at Ormstiga. 7 y/o o/b, nice head – dark eye, masculine without being overdone into reasonable reach of neck. Layback ok, a little upright in upper arm, good bone, would like neater feet, reasonably short coupled, tail well set on, rear angulation ok. Lively, straight and true movement with slashing tail and level topline.

2nd Wood’s Swannery Magical Moment. 10 y/o b/b, lovely masculine head with dark eye and low set ears. Front angulation ok but a touch wide in front. Tail well set on and rear angulation ok. Movement could be better.

Minor Puppy Dog (3.0)

1st & BPD Phillips, Bryant’s & Watkins Glenmaurangi Star Man b/b & t. Only 7 months and at the ‘awkward’ stage - yet to start filling out, but the framework is all there with good angulations. Nice head and bite, deep body, short tail. In outline a shade long cast at the moment and yet to grow into himself. Very impressive movement for one so young – nice true, straight and steady with a slashing tail.

2nd Worthy’s Tattersett Big Orange. 9 month o/b close up to 1st with more body and depth and more compact than 1st but preferred head of 1st and movement much better. Nice head, good reach of neck, reasonable angulation, good depth. Carried tail a little high on the move. Overall a nice puppy.

3rd Poynter’s & Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys And Angels

Puppy Dog (3.0)

1st Harris & Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela. o/b. Everything to like about him in construction but movement could have been better. Lovely head, good bite, good reach of neck. Shade upright in upper arm. Good depth of body and spring of rib, short coupled.

2nd Worthy’s Tattersett Big Orange

3rd Full’s Ravensett Midas Touch at Teignestuary

Junior Dog (4.1)

1st Sayers’ & Dennis’ Nattasett True Glow (Imp). 15 month well balanced dark b/b. Lovely head with a dark eye. Good bite. Very good reach of neck into good front angulation. Good depth of body and well off for bone. Would like more bend of stifle. Movement ok.

2nd Arkley’s Hartsett Flash Dance. Nice dog, run very close by 3rd, who, writing this critique, I now see is his litter brother. 17 month o/b that was more compact, balanced and looked better stood up than 3rd although preferred eye of 3rd. Movement ok.

3rd Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz

Yearling Dog (3.0)

Difficult class to judge.

1st Leather’s Back To Black De Los Vitorones (Imp) 21 month dk b/b. At the in between stage and looking a bit ‘racy’. Scored over 2nd in head and eye. Slightly sloping topline. A little heavy in head. Could have better reach of neck and upper arm. Moved ok but with a slightly gay tail.

2nd Salmon’s Gillancett Day Dreamer. 22 month o/b. Good depth of body, nice shoulders, upright in upper arm, good reach of neck, rear angulation ok. Movement could be better and helped by the handler.

3rd Lewis’ Belton Pearls A Kind Of Magic (Imp)

Novice Dog (2.0)

1st Harris & Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela

2nd Full’s Ravensett Midas Touch at Teignestuary. o/b, nice balance and shape, good reach of neck, dark eye, good bone, reasonable depth and angulation.

Post Graduate Dog (7.1)

Good class. Very pleased with my 1st, looked hard at him in the challenge.

1st Jennings-Sharman & Sharman’s Canteris Cool For Catz JW. Masculine b/b but not overdone in any way. Well balanced – lovely stood up – balanced in outline. Lovely majestic head. Good bite. To be very critical would have liked just a little more reach of neck. Good bone. Angulation good front and rear. Short tail well set on. Moved really well.

2nd Tompsett Radbrooks Sloop John’b. Very nice dog – lighter build overall than 1st. Nice head and dark eye – not as masculine as 1st. Bite ok. Good reach of neck. Good spring of rib and depth of body. Very good rear angulation. Moved very well.

3rd Pitts Wandsfell Call On Me

Limit Dog (10.4)

1st Sayers Mariglen Solar Flame. Very well balanced. Lovely masculine head into good reach of neck flowing into good shoulders. Bite ok. Good layback and reasonable upper arm. Good depth of body. Short coupled. Good rear angulation. Moved well.

2nd Cole’s Sorbus Storm Ryder JW. Very nice balanced o/b, close up to 1st who just bettered him on each aspect.

3rd Whittington’s Juldeane Excalibur Sh.CM

Open Dog (4.1)

Only 3 in a very high quality class and really tough to judge. All 3 close up.

1st, CC & BOB Littlechild & Bridgewater’s Sh Ch Ravensett Fire ‘n’ Ice JW. If I have a ‘type’ it’s probably true to say this is not what others would associate me with but I loved this o/b who presented a really balanced picture in outline with an elegant, refined, masculine head and dark eye. Good bite. Long reach of neck into well angulated front. Good depth, good bone and neat feet. Very well angulated at the rear. Well set on tail. Moved really well and scored over 2nd on movement. Lovely dog.

2nd & RCC Sykes’ Sh Ch Daraquist Barry A Reef JW. b/b that I last judged as an 8 month puppy at Bath Ch Sh, winning BP that day. So pleased to see how he has matured and fulfilled his promise. An older style of ES and looking at his head and expression reminded me strongly of our own ‘Fly By Night’. Not flashy but such a well constructed dog that has to be gone over to be appreciated. Quite different in type to 1st but his equal in all aspects, except movement, on a very hot day.

3rd Bryant & Hollis’ Sh Ch Phensett Blue Max

Good Citizen Dog or Bitch (2.0)

1st Harris & Montell’s Culverwell Front Page Story. Bb& t dog who was 5th in Limit. Nice head and reasonable reach of neck. Shoulders and upper arm cost him in the Limit class. Good depth of body, good spring of rib, a shade long cast but reasonably balanced in outline, good rear angulation. In good coat. Moved well.

2nd Kerr & Fanchon’s Lawdy Miss Clawdy Taffi (Imp). Light b/b bitch. Much preferred the head of 1st Front angulation could be better. Good depth and level topline. Good rear angulation. Movement could be better.

Special Beginners Dog (1.0)

1st Pearson’s Bradstar Total Eclipse at Yessandi. Light o/b that was 4th in Post Graduate. Nice head, angulation could be better, good depth, neat feet, good coat. Movement could improve and flying his tail.

Veteran Bitch (2.1)

1st Duchesne & Verboven’s Sh Ch Dutch Ch Upperwood Silent Rumours CW15. 7 y/o o/b. Balanced. Lovely head and dark eye. Good front angulation. Good depth. Would like more bone and neater feet. Good tail set and rear angulation. Moved well and happily.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1.0)

1st & BP Grimsdell’s Tattersett Dark Honey. Very nice 9 month o/b, quite mature for her age. Lovely feminine head, dark eye, low set ears, good bite and nice reach of neck. Short coupled, compact, deep body, good angulation. Very good movement.

Puppy Bitch (2.0)

1st Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto. 10 month b/b & t. Very sweet feminine head and expression, good bite and reach of neck, good spring of rib, slightly long cast, rear angulation could be better. Very good movement.

2nd Lewis’ Quensha American Angel. 8 month b/b & t. Shorter coupled than 1st. Appeared to be a novice handler - in time, if handler and puppy settle, should develop into a very nice exhibit. Feminine head. Good spring of rib. Short coupled. Moved nicely.

Junior Bitch (6.2)

1st Bryant & Hollis’ Phensett Sparks Will Fly. 13 month b/b. Really well made, everything to like about her. Lovely feminine head, dark eye, good bite, reasonable reach of neck, well placed shoulders, into good front angulation. Balanced. Nice neat feet. A bit exuberant on the move but that can settle as she is barely out of puppy.

2nd Brook’s Felsett Angel Of The Morning. 15 month o/b. 2nd and 3rd really close – just preferred the balance of 2nd. Lovely head and reach of neck. Good bite. Shade upright in upper arm. Good bone and layback. Good depth, perhaps a shade long cast. Good spring of rib. Good bend of stifle. Well set on tail.

3rd Hartle & stone’s Hartsett Lady In Grey

Yearling Bitch (2.1)

1st Loakes’ Goldbirch Wings Of Desire JW Sh.CM. 21 month b/b & t. Pretty. When set up properly she looks very nice and balanced. Lovely feminine head, good reach of neck. Shoulders could be better. Good depth and spring of rib. Reasonably proportioned. Tail well set on. Moved well and happily.

Novice Bitch (1.0)

1st White’s Niddbeck Scarlet Lady at Paduan. o/b. Prefer more muzzle to get a balanced head. Neck a shade short. Shoulders not great. Reasonable spring and depth. Coupling ok. Rear angulation ok. Tail set could be better. Moved ok.

Post Graduate Bitch (10.2)

Really nice class.

1st Tucker’s Niddbeck Smokey Opal at Walshaw JW. Dark b/b & t. Won this well and I was looking hard at her in the challenge. So feminine, an old fashioned type in appearance, everything to like about her. Lovely head with dark eye into very good reach of neck, good bite. Good spring of rib, short coupled, compact and balanced with a level topline. Well set on tail. In good condition and coat. Lovely movement.

2nd Taylor & Bridgwater’s Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon. Different type to 1st. o/b. Slightly finer. Coat starting to blow. Lovely head. Good reach of neck. Good spring of rib. Short coupled. Balanced in outline. Moved very well.

3rd Croft’s Merleycopse Dolly Daydream at Thistlesett

Limit Bitch (13.5)

1st Sykes’ Daraquist Abbi Riginal. Lovely o/b and another who I looked at hard in the challenge. So balanced in outline. Lovely feminine head and reach of neck. Good bite. Good angulation all round. Good bone, neat feet. Short coupled. Good bend of stifle. Good tailset. Good spring of rib. Good movement.

2nd Aldridge’s Grakar Starstruck at Fleckers. b/b longer cast and a shade lighter in bone than 1st and didn’t have the movement or balanced outline of 1st, however a lovely headed bitch all the same.

3rd Hartle & Stone’s Hartsett All My Lovin

Open Bitch (8.3)

What a lovely class – very fine decisions between first three placings.

1st & CC Oliver’s Wansleydale Fairie Queene with Bramstorm. Totally balanced o/b. Lovely feminine head and good dark eye. Good bite. Excellent reach of neck. Very good angulation. In good coat, everything to like about her. Moved very well.

2nd & RCC Grimsdell’s Sh Ch Gillancette Pebbles for Tattersett JW. Another lovely o/b, just preferred 1st on the day. Shorter coupled than 1st – very compact. Feminine head and dark eye. Good bite. Good reach of neck. Good bone, short coupled, good angulation front and especially rear. Well set on tail. Also moved very well. Lovely bitch in very good coat.

3rd Taylor’s Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale JW

Special Beginners Bitch (3.1)

1st & BSB Kerr’s Ravensett Golden Charm. Really nice compact o/b who won this primarily on her movement. Dark eye. Not in good coat. Good topline.

2nd Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto

Peter Halstead (Judge)