• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Peter Bakewell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

South Wales K.A. 

Championship Show 

Jack Russell Terrier 


Puppy Dog (5-3a) 

1. Witmond. Jacksboks Unique St. Tilster, a soundly made dog, well balanced, nice size with good outline, good head and ears, strong jaw, good shoulders and forequarters, good ribs and body, moved well fore and aft. Best Dog and Best Puppy 

2. Phipps, Katilley Action Packed At Tufterslodge, pleasing in outline and overall balance, typey head, nice neck, ribs and body, moved well. 

Post Graduate Dog (2-1a) 

1. Lane & Sandell Bark, Goldland’s Kulawand Skip N Go Naked, a shade larger cast, but nicely made, masculine head balanced of correct proportions good ears, nice quarters fore and aft, muscular, moved well. 

Open Dog (5-3a) 

1. Ellis, Eddy Eldorada Dos Makuas For Chayo (IMP PRT), a lovely well balanced dog with good outline, nice size and well presented, good type, good head balance with dark eye and good expression, strong jaw, good neck, shoulders and forequarters, good ribs and body, strong quarters, would have liked little more drive behind.  Reserve Best Dog. 

2. Johnston Tal-Kraws Morris Moulain, Very typical, balanced outline, nice head, spannable ribs, ok in body, a shade wide in front, good topline, nice hindquarter, moved well behind.  

Puppy Bitch (6-2a) 

1. Ellis, Chayo Rose Gold, a showy well balance pup with good outline, feminine head, dark expressive eye, nice neck good shoulders and forequarters, good ribs and body, good hindquarters. Moved well  

2. Rodson, Touchstar Yellowstone Of Eilloh (IMP ITA) NAF TAF, a nicely made pup, feminine head with good expression, nice quarters fore and aft, moved well 

3. Lane-Ridyard, Kulawand Hot Chilli Pepper 

Post Graduate Bitch (4-1a) 

1. Phipps, Fair And Brave Great Glen At Tufterslodge (IMP ITA), nice head and expression, strong jaw, nice neck and shoulders, well made body, muscular, nice quarters fore and aft. Moved well. 

2. Lane & Lane-Ridyard, Kulawand Hot Spice, nice size, pleasing in outline, nice ribs and body, level topline, moved well. 

3. Hamar, Rosenrussell’s Flying High 

Open Bitch (4-2a) 

1. Turton, Shiroblam Simpli Sage, a lovely well balanced bitch, with good outline, nice size, good head, strong jaw, dark expressive eye, good spannable ribs, soundly made ribs fore and aft. Moved very well. Best Bitch and Best of Breed.  

2. Hamar, Rosenrussell’s Flying High, 3rd in the last class, typey head, nice neck and shoulders, spannable ribs, ok in body, level topline. Moved well behind. 


Judge: Peter E. Bakewell