• Show Date: 25/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Eurasier

Critique: Eurasier – Midland Counties 28th October 2018


I would like to thank the Committee of Midland Counties Canine Society for opportunity to judge at this prestigious event, to my efficient and lovely stewards, and to the exhibitors for providing a super entry of quality and quantity! This is a breed I have taken a close interest in over the years and it is pleasing to see real improvement in both breed type and steadiness of temperament. Presentation was overall very good. Well done to the breeders who have worked hard to move the breed forward to such good effect.

Puppy – Dog (1)

1ST ALBIONSPITZ RIGEL (MISS H LACEY). Attractive 9-month puppy, currently at that in-between stage, growth-wise, but his overall proportions are very pleasing. Good wedge-shaped head correct balance of foreface and skull. Sufficient length of neck and really scores in front assembly with good forechest. While lacking a little in undercoat at present, top coat of good quality and shown well-conditioned. Moved out well.

Junior – Dog (4,1)

1ST ALBIONSPITZ BLUE MOON (MISS S WATKINS). My star of the day. Stunning young male presenting a balanced and pleasing picture, and first impressions were confirmed on closer examination. Masculine in head without heaviness, correct eye shape and ear placement; well set on neck and nicely angled front with good forechest. Correct off-square outline and lovely harsh, loose lying coat. Strong in body and correct rear angulation. Scored on the move which was easy and ground covering, great foot placement giving super side gait and moving straight coming and going. Quality exhibit. BD and BOB and was later thrilled to see him take Group 2 in a very good line up.

2ND LUMIKEDON HISKI HIIVIO (MISS N STAFFORD). Another very nice junior, slightly smaller than 1 but with super type. Lovely headpiece, soft attractive expression. Good overall balance and construction with correct bone and feet. Coat of very good quality, harsh in texture, but could benefit from more finished presentation. Sound on the move but not the freedom of 1.


Post Graduate – Dog (1)

1ST CAROMARDA JUST ONE LOOK (MR N, MRS K & MISS J APPLEBY). Attractive male with neat head, correct eye shape and set, ears a little wide set. Super pigment. Good neck and overall body proportions and well put together, balanced front and rear and required good length of rib, good rear and correct set of tail. Coat of correct texture and presented well. Moved out nicely.

Open – Dog (3,2)

1ST FRIONARIZ ODIN DUKE KRONAS DES MOONGAZIE (MRS T HOPKINSON). Handsome, very impressive mature male, dark rich coat colour, deepening to black on muzzle and ears and with black overlay. His more stand-off coat adds bulk with gives the impression of a squarer outline, but on going over him I found his proportions good. Liked his front angles and good bone. Would like a little more strength in front pastern, however he moved out well. RBD.

Puppy – Bitch (2,1)

1ST KAYDANMY A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE (MR C, MRS J & MISS K PARKINSON). Enchanting 8-month baby – very feminine, with lovely head with dark eye and good ear placement. Exudes confidence and has a cheeky expression. Very good front and forechest, good bone, sufficient body length to provide a pleasing picture on the stand. While she still has to tighten, she is sound on the move and shows a lot of promise. BPIB.

Junior – Bitch (5,2)

1ST SILMORALBION RAVEN (MISS S WATKINS). 14-month, medium sized black with a super outline. Attractive head with correct eye shape and colour. Really well constructed with balanced angles front and rear, good bone. Presents a lovely picture. Today she was messing about on the move but did enough to win her class.

2ND SILMORALBIONS UNDMIEL (MR N, MRS K & MISS J APPLEBY) Really nice shaded red bitch showing good breed type. Well-constructed and with good bone and feet. Neat on the move. Just needs to find her inner ‘showgirl’ to really stand out. One to watch.


Post Graduate Bitch (2,2)

Open – Bitch (4)

1ST LUX/IR CH XANIA DE EURASIPOMER AT KAYDANMY (IMP) BWNL18 CW18 CW17 CW1 (MR C, MRS J & MISS K PARKINSON). Lovely cream bitch with correct proportions, quality coat and shown in tip top condition. Super head with neat well-placed ears; eye could be a little darker; good set and length of neck and forehand of sufficient angulation and equally strong in rear. On the move showed good foot placement and moved out well. RBB

2ND SILMORALBION'S ALGARIA (MISS N STAFFORD). Very attractive red carrying a quality coat of correct texture. Very good overall body proportions, good for bone and with very nice feet. I felt she was carrying a little too much weight which just told against her today. Moved out soundly. A good quality bitch.



Veteran – Bitch (2)

1ST ALBIONSPITZ BELOVED (MR C J & MRS E S REYNOLDS).7-year old bitch of lovely type. Good for size and shown in quality coat; presented in A1 condition. Pretty head – which has strength without coarseness; lovely oval eye and well-placed neat ears. Correct angulation front and rear and good length of rib. Lovely bone and feet. Moved out strongly and soundly to take this class and BB. Loved her!

2ND ALBIONSPITZ DARKNESS AT YAWREN SHCM (MS W MCKEAN). Another lovely veteran – black and tan coat in super condition. Pretty girl, good head, and overall presents a great balanced picture. Good bone and feet. Not quite the outgoing confidence of 1, and not quite as free on the move. A lovely bitch and a quality class to finish with.

Judge: Penny Roberts (Archaeus)