• Show Date: 08/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

German Wirehaired Pointer Club

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer


08 JUL 18

I was delighted and honoured to win the members ballot for my first time awarding CC's in this beautiful breed. It was very warm today which despite careful owners giving dogs plenty of shade and water did prove a struggle with some exhibits who were not at their best in the heat. On the whole the breed is in a good place. Temperaments were excellent, coat texture was generally good but proportions must be monitored as shorter backs seem to be creeping in although good to see ribs are not also getting shorter.

MPD 2(0)

Morris & Evans’ Bareve Brynderi. Well balanced and proportioned, good feet and well muscled. Correct harsh coat with some furnishings, masculine head and good bone.

Johnson’s Beechillawn Diamond of St Louis. More immature than 1, well furnished and carrying good muscle, puppy action on the move just needs to tighten up all over a little bit.

PD 1(0)

Thornton’s Bareve Bat Out Of Hell, BPD, BPIS. Black and white, nice dark eye, feet could be tighter, good croup and carrying good muscle, good drive and extension once settled.

JD 2(0)

Donnelly’s Kimmax Knock Yourself Out. Better proportioned than 2nd, good shoulders, well muscled and well furnished, good feet and a little closer behind than I would prefer.  

McCabe’s Chironstone Chaos. Moved better once settled, well sprung ribs and good bone, handling could be better.

YD 1(0)

Lovatt’s Beechillawn I’m Free with Shirostar. Great in profile but needs to tighten up coming to and going away. Stood on good feet, slightly tall at the moment spoiling overall balance but well muscled. 

PGD 4(3)

Ward’s Quaestor Vom Schulmeister. Solid liver, masculine head and adequate muscle on good feet. Profile movement good, handling could improve.

LD 4(0)

Geary/Hoyle’s Egermaster Ultimatum to Germanus. Well balanced and moved well in profile. Head well furnished and good bone, would prefer fitter feet.

Thornton’s Bareve Bokkraal (AI). Well boned with good feet, would prefer more parallel behind.

Kearns/Thomas’ Germanus Gnarrenburg.

OD 3(0)

McCullough’s Sh ChKimmax Kurious George, DCC, RBIS, BOS. Well balanced, furnished and muscled, fit feet and good bone, good reach of neck and moved with purpose and drive.  

Johnston’s Sh Ch/NL/Lux/Bel/Dt Ch VDH Charmer V/D Tuindershof with Glenquin (Imp), RDCC. Well balanced, boned and muscled overall, just lacked the enthusiasm of 1 on the move.

Gettings’ IR Sh Ch Beechillawn Sound Of The Underground An Ch’15,’16 CW’17 Jnr Ch JD. Excellent in profile but just a bit too much all over for me.

VD 1(0)

O’Connor’s Karlejay Gump Zulu Warrior JW ShCM. Pleasing head and wiry coat, balanced although an extra inch wouldn’t go amiss. Good croup and enthusiastic profile movement.

SBD 2(1)

Ward’s Quaestor Vom Schulmeister. Moved a little faster this time and showed more front extension. Nice easy gait and handling improving class by class. 

SWTD 5(2)

Donnelly’s Kimmax Knock Yourself Out. Previously seen dog just better in profile than the rest of the class.

O’Connor’s Karlejay Gump Kin Ya Work It. Just would prefer a touch more length, feet, also could be fitter but lovely expression and good angulation.

Geary/Hoyle’s Germanus Black N Gold.

BBE 1(0)

Godbold’s Washwires Lucky Thirteen. Coat slightly wavy on top, would prefer more croup, previous exhibit.

NBBE 6(1)

McCullough’s Beechillawn Calling Kimmax (IKC). Out-moved class, preferred head of 2nd, well muscled and a little loose behind but won this class on movement.

Donnelly’s Kimmax Knock Yourself Out. Lack lustre performance had him beaten in this class.

McCabe’s Chironstone Chaos.

MPB 3(0)

Gettings’ Beechillawn Fire Queen Opal, BPB, RBPIS. Lovely movement and well proportioned. A bit rangy at the moment but well muscled and nice furnishings with good feet.

Pinkerton’s Bareve Bronwen. Lots of promise and has excellent balance. Glimpses of profile movement gained her place.

Lovatt’s Beechillawn Amarillo Starlight of Shirostar.

PB 2(0)

Pinkerton’s Bareve Back to Black. Balanced and well coated, pleasing dark eye, good furnishings, more compact than 2nd but well muscled.

Gettings’ Beechillawn Argyle Pink Jubilee. Balanced and in good in profile, lots of promise, good croup and feet, possible movement thrown by apparent coming into season.  

JB 7(2)

McCullough’s Kimmax Koz I Kan, BCC, BIS. I could not take my eyes off this bitch in the class and in the challenge having never seen her before. Pretty head, overly furnished for my liking but balanced underneath. Well balanced throughout, excellent forward reach and rear drive with good feet and carrying good muscle.

Ramsden’s Kimmax Kute As A Button. Balanced, just lacking extension of 1 and slightly finer in bone.

Geary’s Germanus Arianaegermaster.

YB 2(0)

Ramsden’s Kimmax Kute As A Button. (Previous class). Would prefer darker eyes but balanced overall.

Donnelly’s Beechillawn Oooh Betty. Well furnished, could have been handled to better advantage. Not the proportions of 1.

PGB 5(1)

Johnston’s Canis Fortuna Harda. Well balanced and moved well. Good muscle and forward reach with good drive and adequate furnishings.

McCullough’s Kimmax Kall Me Madam. As above, better furnished just lacking attention! Good croup but handler struggled to keep control.  

Ramsden’s Kimmax Kute As A Button.

LB 4(1)

Morris/Evans’ Bareve Boken. Rangy but balanced, profile movement excellent, good croup and feet and well muscled. 

Cooke’s Tynsil Tennyson. Muscled but shorter in back than 1 so didn’t cover the ground as well. Nicely furnished but preferred the substance of this bitch to 1.

Dooner’s Tynsil Vera.

OB 4(0)

McCullough’s Sh Ch Kimmax Miss Kongeniality, RBCC. Balanced and well muscled and well furnished, moved well in profile.

Gettings’ IR Sh Ch Beechillawn Wired for Sound Jnr Ch JD CW’17. Not as much coat as 1 and slightly lighter in eye but better pasterns and moved well in profile.

Geary’s Egermaster Pandora for Germanus (Imp Rus).

FTB 1(0)

Jenkins’ Ch Kimmax Koming Home at Gerstenfeld ShCM. Well furnished, nice feminine expression, good balance and fit feet, well muscled, didn’t show the extension that structure implies on the move.  

VB 4(1)

Gettings’ Ch/IR Sh Ch/INT Sh Ch Kimmax Krystal Klear of Beechillawn CW ‘13,’12,’11,’10, An Ch’12’11, BVIS. Lovely veteran bitch still carrying good muscle, moved with purpose. Good croup and feet and well balanced. 

McCullough’s Sh Ch/Ger Ch Kimmax Bliss. Slightly less muscle than 1 but balanced overall.

English’s Sh Ch Karlejay Gump Guinea Bissaw With Wireduck.

SBB 3(0)

Dooner’s Tynsil Vera. (Previously seen). Nicely handled, would prefer darker eyes.

Thackstone’s Mustwork Queenbean. Nicely balanced and glimpses of good profile movement and extension.

Jones’ Dregheda Desert Song.

SWTB 2(0)

Jenkins’ Ch Kimmax Koming Home at Gerstenfeld ShCM. (Seen dog). 

Donnelly’s Beechillawn Oooh Betty.

BBE 3(0)

Pinkerton’s Bareve Bruevinka. Good bone, feminine head and profile movement excellent, covered ground, lacked the muscle that I would have expected.

Gettings’ IR Sh Ch Beechillawn Super Smashing Great. Lots of promise, nicely muscled, heavily furnished head, good in profile, handler could ‘let her go’ a bit more on the move.

Robinson’s Chironstone Edge of Reason (AI).

NBBE 3(2)

 Dooner’s Tynsil Vera. (Previously seen).