• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paula Steele Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Basenji

My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee of Windsor for my invitation to judge and the welcome and assistance I received on the day.  I must also thank my excellent stewards on the day especially Miss Jackie Cooley.    It was an honor and a privilege to be invited to judge at Windsor especially as an owner, breeder, and handler awarding CC’s in my chosen breed for the first time.   

The following is my overall summary of my entry on the day;  heads generally are not consistent in the breed and finding small hooded ears and profuse wrinkle was a challenge, along with the more correct dark hazel colored eye with soft almond shape.    That said the general desired appearance of a high on the leg and short in the back elegant Basenji is to be seen in abundance.  The typical Basenji movement in profile is evident, however fronts of medium width do appear to be less common,  which does have an impact to movement front on.  The hindquarters on many exhibits were true and moderate, with hocks well let down.  

Proper construction and movement are very important to assure robustness, so that a dog can be fit for function.  A Basenji moving in profile should never be misidentified as a different breed, thus movement is a function of type and a Basenji should be capable of endurance and galloping when fast burst are speed are required.  

Class 18 VD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 84 HARDY, Mrs. D & HALLAM Mrs. P Ch. Tokaji California Dreaming – Red and white of 7.5 years.  Lovely overall type to this girl and although in the veteran class she performed like a youngster.  Neat and compact in shape with a lovey arched neck and short level back, moving with a lovely side gait.  Went on to win Best Veteran, Veteran Hound Group and RBVIS, congratulations.   2nd: 81 GRAY Mr S & Mrs. S J Woodella Northern Delight Of Jisgard – another red and white but of a different type to the class winner, although another quality exhibit.  Lovely length of leg and overall proportions, creating a lovely outline.  Not quite as enthusiastic on the move as the class winner today.  

Class 19 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 108 STEWART Mrs. J P Kingwanas Vincent Van Boof of Jenbasi (Imp) – red male who was proving a challenge to his handler today.  Sweet expression, with a nice balanced head, ear set just a little low at present.  Unfortunately out of coat, overall nicely balanced just needs to develop more elegance as he matures.    2nd: 91 KALNINA Frederick Fantastic Destiny – it was most unfortunate he would not cooperate with his handler on the day, and so his movement was compromised.  Preferred his size of the two exhibits.  Lovely head, with the correct ear set and size, demonstrating lovely wrinkle. I am sure once handler and Basenji have a little more practice they will have lots of fun.   

Class 20 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 1   1st: 86 HARDY, HALLAM, KITE & GILLESPIE Tokaji Klassic Tribesman JW – Tri boy up to size, head and ear set okay, lovely arched neck which creates a pleasing outline and level top line which is kept on the move. I would prefer less white; otherwise the colours are gleaming on this Tri boy.  Moved well in profile.   

Class 21 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 77 FALCUS Mr P & Mrs. J Krendal Mysterious Talisman Phareal (Imp) – red boy in good coat and overall condition.  Correct size and overall shape for me, lovely balance head with a masculine look, good to see a Basenji with the required underjaw and wrinkle.  Nice length of neck and layback of shoulder, and the required short level back.  Moderate hindquarters and balance back and front.  Would prefer a more oval shaped foot and a darker eye to complete the picture.  RDCC.  2nd: 112 WALLER Mr & Mrs. E Sliverbriar Atherton – Handsome Tri boy, he has a lovely arched neck and the most correct shoulder of the day, nice short level back and moderate back and front, which creates a lovely outline.  He just needs a little more coaching with his handler to reach his full potential; however both seemed to be enjoying the day.     3rd: 98 NICHOLLS Mr C S & Mrs. J K Bahaticca's Inferno For Shyllar (Imp) – elegant Brindle male,  who is high on leg and short in back.  Balanced head.  I would prefer to see a more well laid back shoulder and a little more infill to his chest.  Moved well in profile.   

Class 22 LD (2 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 83 GRAYSON, Mrs. E & ROWLAND Mrs. J Embeau Sun Seeker - taller male but has a nice outline and overall balance.  Lovely head and wrinkle with soft eye which I liked.  Lovely orange colour to his coat and in excellent condition.  A little pinched at the elbow at the moment, hopefully this will improve with maturity.  Moved well in profile and with the desired length of stride.    2nd: 99 NICHOLLS Mr C S & Mrs. J K Natures Masterpiece Fantastic Toyboy (Imp) – different type to class winner but lots to like about this boy too.  Strong head piece, good length of neck and level short back.  Just looking a little heavy on the day and not cooperating well with his handler on the move.   

Class 23 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0   This was such a class of quality males, I was so lucky to have these here on the day.    1st: 74 CLINTON Miss A Westlawn Diablo – Tri male in his prime at 3.5 years.   Ideal size and type for me, head carried proudly with good length of neck, firmly set onto slopping shoulders, short and level top line which is maintained on the move.  Lovely oval feet with strong flexible pasterns.  I would prefer a darker eye and a little more work to his head, but this does not detract from the overall soundness of this male.  When this boy moves and uses himself he is clean coming and going and his side gait is effortless.  Delighted to award him CC and BOB.  Apparently this was his third and crowning CC, well deserved.    2nd: 112 WALLER Mr & Mrs. E Sliverbriar Atherton – still not quite cooperating fully for his handler in this class; however the previous comments still apply.  Good to see handler and Basenji enjoying themselves.     3rd: 73 CHAVEZ-NOVOA Mrs. L M Woodella Vamos – Another quality Tri male who has such a classic outline of a basenji.  Balanced head, good length of neck, level short back.  Just looked a little down on his pasterns today. 

Class 24 GCD/B NO ENTRIES   Class 25 SBD/B NO ENTRIES   Class 26 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 104 RICHARDSON, Mr P G & WOOD Miss M L Mombatongaempress Eugenie of Cooperland (Imp) – Pretty Tri girl 6 months, correct size for age and creates a lovely balanced outline.  Attractive head and expression, correct medium front, nice high set tail, lovely side gait and shown in gleaming condition.  Promising puppy.  BP and Hound Puppy Group 4, congratulations.   2nd: 97 MCCARTHY Mrs. E Westlawn Ruby Slippers – another pretty puppy.  Red girl at 7 months, lots to like about this one too.  Lovely balanced outline, beautiful expression and moderate throughout.  Preferred the feet of the class winner and just lacking a little infill to chest at the moment.  Another promising puppy.   3rd: 107 STEWART Mrs. J P Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi (Imp) – Brindle girl at 6 months and giving her handler a challenge today.  Pleasing head and expression and correct medium chest, a little longer in loin and not quite the elegance of the class winners on the day.  

Class 27 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 85 HARDY, Mrs. D & HALLAM Mrs. P Tokaji Klassic Trinity – Tri girl up to size but is clearly feminine.  Head a little long for me, clean neck and shoulder, and medium front which all creates a pleasing outline.  Moved well in profile and with the desired length of stride.  Won the class on movement and awarded RBCC.    2nd: 78 FALCUS Mr P & Mrs. J La Bomba Mysterious Talisman Phareal (Imp) – another nice girl in this class which I liked, she is a nice size and shape for me, good length of neck and short level top line, which she kept on the move. Just needing a little more elegance.  Not a fan of the white creeping into the red.  3rd: 88 HOLLOWAY Mrs. T Aksaifleet Russki Rose – Red girl nice size and shape which creates a nice outline.  Chest a little narrow at this stage.     

Class 28 PGB (2 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 95 MATTHEWS Miss E Flugelberry Cherie Trifle – not an easy class this and two very different types.  Nice head and proportions, and good front and infill to chest, moved the better of the two on the day.  2nd: 103 PALUBICKI Miss J E Nganga's Princess Snow White – Lovely orange red coat, sweet expression, lovely tail set and moderate rear.  Ear set is a little low and moved a little heavy on the forehand in profile.   

Class 29 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0   1st: 80 GAIGALAS Mr T Maja (Imp) – lovely type and size for me, moderate, lovely short back with level top line maintained on the move, which creates a lovely balanced outline.  For me her head is a little heavy and not as feminine as I prefer.  2nd: 71 BANTON Mr M T Embeau Sun Treasure - a nice elegant girl with good overall balance.  Head a little long and narrow, but lovely sweet eye.  Lovely orange coat in excellent condition.  Nice short back and desired length of leg and so moved well in profile.      3rd: 101 NICHOLLS Mr C S & Mrs. J K Woodella Devil Wears Prada For Shyllar – I have always liked this girl, she has such lovely small hooded ears and correct set.  At 5 years she had to give way to the younger ones in the class today.  Pleasing outline, nice shelf and moderate rear.   

Class 30 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0   What a quality class this was on the day and I only wish I could have awarded to more.    1st: 76 DUNSDON Mrs. S Aus. Ch. Zandeena Getn Cort In The Act (Imp) – Feminine girl who has lovely overall style and size for me.  Shown in excellent gleaming condition, pleasing head with lovely profile proportions.  Lovely correct front and pasterns which are the correct length, straight and flexible.  Feet a little flat.  Lovely to watch in profile with super level top line, although can lift and kick a little high when moving away.  Handled to maximum performance.  Overall I appreciated her style and type.  Pleased to award her CC & BOS on the day.    2nd: 79 FROST, Ms. J K & FROST, Ms. A R & FROST Miss C R Am & Can Ch. Bushwacker Candy Coated Crime (Imp) – exquisite head, ear set and proportions and the best on the day, with lovely small hooded ears which are hard to find.  Adequate length of neck, good layback of shoulder and straight front.  Short level back and moderate rear.  Regrettably not in the show condition of the class winner on the day, and this did impair the elegant high on leg requirement of the breed standard.    3rd: 92 LEGGET Mrs. I Ch. Swanwite Karaleigh – stronger in type, with nice head and expression, medium neck, level topline and high set tail.  Sound mover all ways, just lost out to the class winners who were a little more elegant.