• Show Date: 31/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Seamons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Breeds Canine Club

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Golden Retriever Bitches

Thanks to all who entered under me on my first judging appointment.

I was very pleased with the depth of quality in the bitches. Some very promising

youngsters and in the senior classes, I was really spoilt for choice.

My co-judge and I were in full agreement for Best of Breed and Best Puppy.

Best Of Breed was awarded to the male, Wild’s Sh Ch Fenwood Ell Masterpiece at

Bluewaters JW.

Veteran 5 (2)

1st Ewart's Beaupippin Moonlight Orchid ShCM

A well balanced, 9 year old mid-gold bitch. Well angled front and rear, level top-line,

straight front legs and tight feet. Attractive, well proportioned head. Hard condition

and moved well.

2nd Walker's Kanteal Camomile Lawn of Cardrona

Compact and short-coupled mid gold bitch with an attractive head with good

expression. Good legs and feet, level top-line and well angled quarters.

3rd Hill & Smith's Megarvey Mississippi JW

Minor Puppy 7 (2)

1st Clarkson's Drumkilty Lisdoonvarna

Blonde bitch with a very attractive head and expression. Excellent lay of shoulder,

good reach of neck and a good turn of stifle. Level top-line and good width of

quarters. Moved well.

2nd Cuthill's Mousseglen Makes Me Smile

Lived up to her name and made me smile. A compact but well angulated puppy with

a pretty head and expression and good pigment. Good bone with excellent, tight

feet. Moved a bit erratically to start with, but steadied enough for me to see her

movement when ran again.

3rd Keill's Giogan Touched By An Angel

Puppy 11 (3)

1st Williamson's Sandti Hits The Sweet Spot

A very balanced mid gold bitch with no exaggerations. Attractive head and

expression. Good upper arm and lay of shoulder with a clean neck. Straight legs

with tight feet, a level top-line and well angled quarters of good width.

Moved well with a good head carriage and deportment.

I understand that her wins in this and 3 subsequent classes gave her a well

deserved Junior Warrant. I was delighted that she was ultimately awarded Best

Puppy In Show. Well done!

Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy In Breed and Best Puppy In Show.

2nd Crookes and Jenkinson's Quakerhall Pandora's Bounty

Liked her a lot and unlucky to meet the winner in this class. Very well constructed

puppy with good angulation both ends. A pretty head with good pigment. Level topline

good width to quarters and moved well. Being critical, I would prefer her a little

leaner, but this will change as she matures.

3rd Woods’ Monchique Mrs Brown

Junior 7 (2)

1st Grady's Glenrioch Sengalicious

Longer cast cream bitch. Very pretty head with good pigment. Excellent lay of

shoulder, upper arm and reach of neck. Rear angulation balances with her front

and a good width of quarters. Level top line, Tight, cat-like feet and straight front


Needs to deepen in the body to complete the picture, but just right for her age.

Moved well.

2nd Purdie's Megarvey Itty Bitty Boo JW

Light gold bitch. More compact than 1/, but still good angulation both ends, with a

level top-line. Attractive head with good pigmentation. Straight legs and good feet.

Good width of quarters. Moved well.

3rd McDowell's Penridge Pretty In Pink

Yearling 11 (0)

1st Cuthill's Mousseglen Macaria

Dark gold bitch, compact and balanced with a good upper am and lay of shoulder.

Complemented by a good width of quarters with a correct turn of stifle. Level topline,

straight front legs with very nice cat-like feet. Moved well.

2nd Tower's Alibren Kimberella. Very attractive head with a pretty expression with

good pigment and a dark eye.

Excels in correct front and rear angulation. Excellent legs and feet, very pretty coat

and well presented, as usual from this kennel. At the moment, she can lose her topline

on the move, so this counted against her for the top spot today.

3rd Grady's Glenrioch Sengalicious.

Maiden 9 (0)

1st Williamson's Sandti Hits The Sweet Spot

2nd Crookes and Jenkinson's Quakerhall Pandora's Bounty

3rd Woods’ Monchique Mrs Brown

Novice 14 (1)

1st Williamson's Sandti Hits The Sweet Spot

2nd Crookes and Jenkinson's Quakerhall Pandora's Bounty

3rd Woods’ Monchique Mrs Brown

Undergraduate 8 (2)

1st Williamson's Sandti Hits The Sweet Spot

2nd Woods’ Monchique Mrs Brown

Blonde bitch, well up to size. Excellent angulation. Attractive head and expression

with very good pigment and a dark eye.

Good width of quarters that allowed her to move with drive and a level top-line.

3rd Grady's Glenrioch Sengalicious

Graduate 6 (2)

1st McGeoch's Nedlezah Hey Jude JW

Mid gold bitch, plenty of substance but very balanced and in excellent hard

condition, which was lacking in many today and this helped her to move with drive.

Attractive head and expression, straight legs and tight feet. Level top-line.

Very well presented. Liked her a lot.

2nd Ewart's Beaupippin Dusky Lilac

Another one in correct hard condition. Mid gold, balanced front and rear with a

good width of quarters. Attractive head and expression, good legs and tight feet,

level top-line. Moved with drive.

3rd Foster's Auristela Sweet Sixteen JW

Post Graduate 11 (3)

1st Griggs' Mulfield Amethyst

Well presented in an attractive cream coat. Pretty head with good pigment and dark

eyes. Straight legs with good feet. Compact, short coupled but with balanced

angulation. Clean forehand construction. Good reach of neck. Moved with drive.

2nd Ewart's Beaupippin Diamond Dawn JW

Cream bitch, balanced with a good reach of neck, but would prefer a better lay of

shoulder. Pretty head with a dark eye and good pigment. Nice legs and feet and

like others shown from this kennel today, in good, hard condition. Moved well.

3rd Cockburn's Corrievern Bonnie Heather

Limit 21 (6)

A class full of quality and it took me two cuts to find my final line-up.

1st Maddison's Jaymardey Hidden Secret JW ShCM

Pale gold bitch with plenty of substance and presented in beautiful hard condition.

Very balanced with good angulation, well laid shoulders and good reach of neck.

Strong quarters without exaggeration. Attractive head and expression with good

pigment and dark eye. Excellent legs and feet that enabled her to move with drive.

A well deserved Res CC in quality company today.

2nd McCormac's Flyngalee Piquet JW ShCM

Close up to 1/ and many of the same comments apply. Mid gold bitch with

substance. Excellent hard condition, moved with drive and very attentive to handler.

Balanced throughout and well angulated, with good width of quarters. Attractive

head and expression. Very well presented.

3rd Haxton's Dantassie Dancing Delight JW

Open 9 (2)

My class of the day. Full of quality and any of the first four would have been worthy

winners, but there can only be one winner on the day and a difficult decision had to

be made.

1st Dunbar's Sh Ch Linirgor Violets Are Blue

Beautifully constructed mid-gold bitch. Typical of the type in this kennel and one I

have admired from the ringside.

A pretty head with a dark eye and intelligent expression. To my eye, perfectly

balanced with no exaggerations. Good length of leg, well laid shoulders and a good

reach of neck. Free stood with a happy wagging tail, coming off a level top-line.

Straight legs and tight feet. Moved with drive, but in the challenge for BOB, had lost

a bit of her sparkle.

Bitch CC.

2nd Hill and Smith's Sh Ch Megarvey Once Upon A Time JW.

Very close up to 1/. Loved her presence in the ring and carriage on the move. Mid

gold bitch with substance and balance. Pretty head and expression, level top-line,

excellent angulation front and rear with strong quarters. Beautifully presented coat

and very attentive to handler.

3rd Clarkson's Drumkilty Hibernia JW

Paul Seamons (Messano)