• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Richardson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Bedlington Terrier

PD 3

1st. McManus's - L'end Show Mystery Uneverse ( Imp Russia ). A Youngster who won this class with some to spare, Good in profile and very well presented. Narrow head of good length, Well set ears with good dentition and enough bone and substance through his body. Correct rise which was over his loin, In good coat and colour. On the move he was straight both fore and aft holding his top line. RDCC

2nd. Davies - Velvety Eye Of The Storm At Honeymist. NAF TAF. Another Typy Youngster who on the day was giving a little away in age and maturity. Good narrow head ample length and in proportion. Deep in front and well off for bone. Ears well set, triangular eye and good dentition. Ample depth of brisket with good tuck up and rise over loin. A youngster who needs time.

3rd. Breeze's Sharpau Knot On Top.


1st. Balwdin's Woolytop Golden Surprise. A male which looks good in profile but on closer examination found he was a little wide in skull for me. He was of good size, nice long neck and good clean shoulders. straight in front with good pasterns. of good depth and correct rise. Well let down hocks with firm muscle tone. Straight on the move both fore and aft.

LD 3.

1st. Baldwin's Woolytop The Wherryman. A male i have judged previously. Top size but well put together. Well set ears, Good eye and correct dentition. Strong long neck and well placed shoulders. Nice in front with plenty of bone and correct hare like feet. Ample depth throughout the body with a solid rear and well off for muscle. In good coat with guard hairs on view and of good texture. A correct moving male both fore and aft.

2nd. McNally's Conekesheved Ironstone Boy. Lovely head of great shape. Nice eye, good bite, strong jaw with nothing exaggerated. Good neck set on well placed shoulders. Good deep brisket and good tuck up. Correct rise over loin with a well muscled rear. A good moving male turned out well.

3rd. McCourt's Bisbee Super Trooper.

OD 4.

1st. Davies CH Honeymist Blue Bols. A Male i have admired from ringside and pleased to go over him. Lovely in profile and did not disappoint hands on. Lovely shaped head. Good eye, correct leathers and powerful jaw with correct dentition. Nice strong long neck into well laid shoulders. Body of good length with ample depth throughout. Rise over loin and a well muscled rear with well let down hocks. Covers the ground well on the move with the typical bedlington action. DCC.

2nd. NcNally's Mackems Caught In The Act. A male of 9 years of age and one who can still show and move like a youngster. Of good size and good profile. Nice head, Good eye and ears set on well. Well muscled neck of good length and well placed shoulders. Correct depth of brisket, well ribbed and good tuck up and firm loin. Firm muscled rear and one who moves well botch fore and aft,

3rd. Baldwins Woolytop The One And Only JW ShCM.


1st. McManus's Travellerways Rory. A youngster who i thought was a little heavy throughout. Straight in front and well off for bone. Firm rear with good muscletone. I felt he would benefit from moving a little quicker on the move.

SBB. 3

1st. Southcott's Jobanker Chit Chat. Decent shape to head with thin leathers and good bite. Straight in front with good feet. Nice depth of brisket, Firm in loin and enough rear angulation. Well muscled and moved okay.

2nd. Doble's Daisy Rose Petal. I would have preferred a little bit more length of head on this exhibit. Good thin leathers and good bite. Nice shape to body and in good coat. Decent rear angle but a little close on the AFT movement.

3rd. McManus's Travellerways Jessica.

PB 1

1st. Southcott's Jobanker Suger Suger. This is a nice youngster of good type. Ahead of good proportion with nice thin ears, eye of good shape and good bite. Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Rise over her loin with good rear angles and well let down hocks. Maturing nicely. Nice shape to feet and one who moves out well with the typical mincing action.

JB 3

1st. Fletcher's Janmark JustFor J For Maevani. A young bitch what has lots to offer and one who with this class with some to spare. Correct ratio to a narrow shaped head with good thin ears and triangular shape to eye. Good dentition with nice big teeth. Lovely length to her neck, straight front with good pasterns and hare like feet. Good depth of chest and nice body length as the standard asks for. Correct rise over her firm loin and a good rear, Firm and well angulated with well let down hocks. Good firm muscle which allowed her to move around the ring with ease. Will watch her future. RBCC

2nd. Lacey's Bowlingbrook Makingwhoopi. Balanced and typy with decent head, Good length of neck and well set shoulders. Good depth of brisket with nice top line. Ample angulation but on the move she lacked that get up and go.

3rd. Southcott's Jobanker Chit Chat.


1st. Baldwin's Woolytop Lavender Girl. A bitch of good size and type with nice head and expression. Good length of neck set on well laid shoulders and a nice deep chest. Good rise and tuck up and good rear angles. A bitch what moves well.

2nd. Doble's Daisy Rose Petal.

3rd. Moore's Devleigh Dare To Dream.


1st. Gilles's Rhicullen Joy Of Patchwork. A bitch which caught my attention and was pleased with my overall findings. Correct head and ears with nice long neck into good shoulders. Deep brisket with good length to body, nice rise over loin and a firm rear with good muscle. Well let down hocks and one i could not fault on the move.

2nd. Bishops Fralex Culibre Bolyn. A bitch i have judged before, Feminine throughout. Good head ratio with thin leathers and good furnishings. Nice in front with good depth of chest. Would have just liked a little bit more length to her body. Firm rear and one who goes well on the move.

3rd. Mitchell's Mightymidgets Say Mama.

OB 4

1st. McNally's CH Conekesheved Kaldo Girl JW ShCM. A Bitch what i awarded BIS at a Young age. Pleased to see she has matured into a Lovely Bitch and Matured as i predicted when a youngster. Lovely head, Small triangular eye and good expression. Correct bite, good under jaw, lovely elegant neck and well laid shoulders. Straight in front with plenty of bone. Good rib, ample depth and good tuck up. good rise over her loin, correct tail set which on the move she carries low. Nice well muscled angulated rear and a bitch what covers the ground well BCC & BOB.

2nd. Bishop's Plumeria's Sea Breeze. A bitch i admired as a youngster and pleased she has made the standards. Feminine and nothing exaggerated. Presented in great condition. Narrow head with good eye and nice thin leathers. Good neck and well laid shoulder with ample substance throughout her body. On the day felt she was a little unsettled but her qualities won her this placing.

3rd. Davies CH Honetmist Posh Dreamz

Res. Moores Tcheria Tcheerleader At Devleigh.