• Show Date: 14/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Patrick McDevitt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern Counties Chihuahua Club

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Northern Counties Chihuahua Club

60th Anniversary Championship Show

14th October 2018

Smooth Coat Chihuahuas

Judge: Patrick McDevitt (Keenaughts)

I would like to thank the Secretary, Officers & the Committee members of the Northern Counties Chihuahua Club for inviting to judge smooth coats at their friendly 60th anniversary show, it was indeed an honour & a priviledge. Thank you for the lovely gifts & to the exhibitors for supporting my entry. Special thanks must go to my 2 hard working efficient stewards Rose Love & Nicki Wilkes who kept everything running smoothly. I hope that you all enjoyed your day as much as myself, lovely venue & plenty of light. It has been 6 years since I judged smooth coats so all dogs were completely new to me. Smooth coats have continued to improve quite a lot both in temperament, bites & correct muzzles, some very promising young puppy males coming through, they could swop places at any time, males being much stronger in quality than females although a variation in size. All Chihuahuas were very well lead trained but a few adults needs more table training for judges to go over them & to see their bites. Glad not to see curly tails which spoils their outlines & to see nice clean large non runny eyes. My main winners have the type & quality that I was looking for in the smooth coats & hopefully these exhibits will continue to do well for the breed.

MPD (6)

1 McAllister’s Bermac Bavani

8 mths cream up to size good head with fine muzzle, good mouth, lovely eye & ear set, sound movement, good outline

2 Massey’s Chibull True Miracle

6 mths white smaller than 1, good pigmention, good head sound movement, needs more body weight but that will come with maturity, good outline

3 Norton’s Valenchino One Last Time with Donlunchi

PD (7) (1a)

1 Sutton’s Now or Never De’Lisle Au Vert Coteau Nikitos (imp FRA)


10 mths outstanding cream the star of the day for me, well bodied mature sound puppy, good mouth, lovely strong head with correct expression, good eyes & ears, good outline with perfect tailset, what a showman for so young, very attentive to handler, never stopped showing right to the end so deserved to win BOB, I predict a bright future for this boy

2 Suprinaityte’s Jahneemahs Man in the Mirror

11 mths nicely marked tri smaller than 1, good head, eye & ears, good mouth, not as confident as 1, lovely outline

3 Norton’s Valenchino One Last Time with Donlunchi

JD (5)

1 Fothergill's Diamonchi Mister Moon (RCC DOG)

12 mths white sound promising boy just out of puppy, lovely size, good head & mouth, good pigmention, very attentive to handler, lovely outline, just needs to drop in body but that will come with age, another boy with an exciting future, very attentive to handler, head very similar to the CC dog

2 Stading’s Stadmeyer Reggie

16 mths gold & white strong head, mature body, good eye needs to watch topline

3 Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Royal Albert JW

ND (5) (2a)

1 Sutton's Jicara Poised to Strike Nikitos

11 mths white still a puppy so has lots of time, good head mouth & body, good pigmention, again very attentive to handler, & good outline

2 Davis’s Sayenchis Aria Magico at Chibull

10 mths white similar in type to 1, good head with lovely big eye, level topline, good outline, just lacking in drive for now

3 Incerti’s Ann’s Darling Boy Del Perlanera

GD (3)

1 Sutton’s Jicara Heartbreaker Nikitos

11 mths cream again a puppy so has plenty of time, good showmanship from this kennel, compact body, ideal size good mouth, good outline, nice big eye good movement

2 Davis's Niochi Red Roija at Chibull

15 mths red just slightly bigger than 1 with mature body, good head, lovely outline, good front, just lacking in drive, very attentive to handler

3 Incerti’s Valenchino China White at Perlanera

PGD (3) (1a)

1 Anderson’s Lumanatil’s Fist of Fury

23 mths red boy, good head, large eye, good pigmention, level topline, good outline compact body ideal size

2 Edward’s Copymear Kharlid

bigger than 1, 2 years old, good head, eye & ears, longer in leg, good topline, lovely outline when standing, movement ok

LD (8) (2a)

1 Huntley’s Jahneemahs Mastermind

2 yrs nicely marked tri ideal size, good head & mouth, large eye with good size flaring ears, nice reach of neck, level topline good outline very attentive to handler

2 Veazey’s Tidos Wishful Walter at Crichlys

2 yrs gold bigger than 1, but nice type with beaver tail, strong head good mouth good front but backend needs more exercise

3 Evans's Ritagold Ice Warrior at Lemaritz Sh CM

OD (7)

1 Hunt's Valenchino Mocking Jay for Moltobello JW Sh CM

3 yrs blue fawn, compact sturdy body, strong head with good mouth large eye, beaver tail, ideal size level topline & outline everything to love about this dog but he threw it away in the challenge which was a pity

2 Sutton’s Nikitos Nowherenearnormal JW

19 mths white ideal size male another nice head with good mouth, good eye & pigment, good shower level topline, lovely outline

3 Huntley’s Jahneemahs Look at Me JW

Champion D (5)

All were worthy champions in this class, a credit to breeders

1 Davis’s Ch Dachidas Johnnie Hot Rocks

3 yrs blue fawn worthy champion, full of confidence, compact body, good head with large eye & ears, good mouth, level topline, good outline

2 Rooney’s Ch Tinytoy White Wolf at Yorone

3 yrs cream male another worthy champion in this class, good head with large eye, good mouth, level topline, good tailset very attentive to handler

3 Davis’s Ch Dachidas State of Play

VB (2)

1 Fothergill's Ch Beths Sunshine Lady at Diamonchi JW Sh CM BVIB

7 yrs compact cream worthy champion looks good for her age & could show the young ones how to show, good head lovely size, nice eye & good movement a credit to her owner

2 Sutton’s Ch Lozek Rhapsody in Blue Nikitos JW

7 yrs compact white another worthy champion, again can show for her handler, good head nice size good pigmention level topline a credit to her owner

MPB (6) (1a)

1 Suprinaityte’s Borjomi Beyonce

6 mths blue fawn small & dainty promising puppy, good head, mouth & eye, super temperament, level topline good outline should do well

2 Huntley’s Jahneemahs All Eyes on Me

8 mths gold, lovely head, good eye & pigmention, level topline & good outline, showed well

3 Incerti’s Milendo Upika for Perlanera

PB (7) (1a)

1 Hornby’s Bramerita Prosecco Please BPB

10 mths cream promising girl ideal size good head with large expressive dark eyes, good mouth, level topline, good outline showed well another puppy who will have a bright future

2 Hunt’s Moltobello Prim Everdeen

11 mths cream puppy, good head & eye & good ear set, good mouth & level topline, just needs to mature

3 Davis's Chibull Princess Alyiyah

JB (9) (1a)

1 Fairbairn's Tidos Mission Insanity RCC BITCH

12 mths compact ideal sized cream just out of puppy, good head & eye with dark pigmention & large eye, good topline, & outline, never stopped showing, super temperament

2 Hunt's Moltobello Queen of my Heart

13 mths gold another showy good head, mouth & eye with nice reach of neck, sound movement, level topline & good outline

3 Holland-Smith’s Diamonchi Shine Like a Star

NB (3) (2a)

1 Davis’s Chibull Princess Alyiyah

2 yrs white adult pleasing head, good mouth, compact size, not showing as well on the day for handler

GB (4) (1)

1 Stangoe's Stanghurst Strike a Pose

21 mths small cream with good head & mouth, large dark eye, good reach of neck, level topline & good outline, showed well & very attentive to handler

2 Silverstein’s Silverchi in the Mood

2 yrs cream dual purpose, an asset to any kennel , again good head with big eye, level topline, good outline, showed well

3 Edward’s Torre Del Pilar Dancing Lady (imp ESP)

PGB (6) (2a)

1 Fothergill’s Diamonchi Golden Symphony JW

20 mths gold another lovely type from this kennel, ideal size, good head & ear set, dark eyes, sound mover

2 Fairbairn's Tidos Peace Mission

12 mths compact small sound cream, just out of puppy, good head with dark pigment, level topline, nice outline when standing, good temperament

3 Norton’s Krassel Euphoria Blossom Valenchino (imp)

LB (10)

1 Davis/Llamas/Regeuna’s Gibeltarik House Parti at Dachidas

2 yrs blue & white parti dual purpose, lovely head with large dark expressive eye, correct length of muzzle, good mouth, level topline & tailset, showed well for her handler

2 Anderson’s Lumanatil’s The Wonder of You

23 mths cream, again good head with lovely dark eye, level topline, good outline

3 Fothergill's Valenchino Catching Fira at Diamonchi

OB (10)

1 Johnson’s Diamonchi Golden Melody at Jaffajems CC BITCH, RBOB

20 mths gold perfect size, correct head with expressive eyes, perfect ear set, nice length of muzzle & good pigmention, good mouth, level topline, good outline, sound mover, quality bitch oozing breed type, should continue to win well

2 Suprinaityte’s Borjomi Beaware

2 yrs gold very similar to 1, ideal size, lovely head with dark eye, good mouth, level topline with nice outline, again a lovely type of bitch, as asset to any kennel & should continue to do well

3 Fairbairn’s Tidos Chosen Mission

Champion B (2) (1a)

1 Fothergill’s Ch Diamonchi Moonlight JW

4 yrs white ideal size worthy champion, good head with dark eyes, good pigmention, good ear set, good mouth, level topline with good outline, sound mover

Judge: Patrick McDevitt (Keenaughts)