• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Patricia Rush Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: Brittany


 Many Thanks to National Gundog Association for the great honour of inviting me and to all Exhibitors for their entries....

 I was looking for a " Moderate" little Cob well rounded in all departments. I felt that heads have suffered a lot over the years and many lacked the " cheeky, alert and quizzical" expression so typical of the Brittany. Some lacked the refinement and chiselling in the head department which makes the breed so unique. Quite a variety in type since I last judged too.Weight needs watching.

Puppy Dog (3)

 1:Mr & Mrs Purawall Rochus Nico

Cobby little Orange & white dog, expressive & attractive head, with nice small ears, soft look,good pigment, round ribs with excellent topline, neat feet,excellent angulations, moved well. I would have preferred him slightly taller.

2: Mr & Mrs Anderson Rochus Noble

Tricolour brother to 1, nice size puppy dog, small ears, good pigment, a little short in muzzle and round cheek bones for me, kind expression, excellent topline, correct length of leg, good bone, good rear angulation, presented a square outline,moved with drive.

3: Miss F Cook Highclare Only One avec Tailliside

Junior Dog ( 2)

1: Mrs D Mooney Challowmoon Noah.

Typy and Cobby Orange and white, excellent ear set, attentive to handler, good spring of rib, well boned, nice broad thighs, correct coat texture ,good feet, his topline sloped a bit too much to the tail for me. Moved very well with typical clipped action .

2: Mr& Mrs Poole: Sanbosier Naos at Laurremar

Longer cast in body than 1. Sweet expression, good pigment, his muzzle is a little long in comparison to his skull. Nice bone and feet, good coat. I feel he needs to deepen in body as yet,but is still young; he lost his topline on the move.

Special Beginner: (1)

1: Miss S Finch Jassendue Manet's Medley am Cetgueli

Orange & White with a sweet expression, good pigment, not overdone in head but ears a bit large, a little long in back for me and over angulated in the rear which lost the clipped movement. Good bone, good shoulders and coat.Good neck.Well handled.


Graduate dog( 1)

Mr& Mrs Wilson's Denandmeg Mill Reef.

1:Attractive Black and White male who caught my eye, a real Cob, lovely moderate quality head without pronounced zygomatic arches, small and well set ears, Excellent spring of rib and super topline which he held on the move. Deep chest, excellent broad croup, good feet, moved with typical brisk action. DCC & BOB.

Post Graduate(0)

Limit Dog (1)

Mr S Wright's Hawkwise Land Agent

1: Orange and white, kind expression, good ear set, his head lacked a little in chiselling for me. Short in back, but needs more spring of rib and depth of chest .Good width of thigh, excellent bone and feet, moved well.

Open Dog ( 3, 1 ab)

Mr& Mrs Anderson Rochus Marvin.

Another excellent Black and White male which I really liked in type. Good typy head with small well set ears,dark eyes, round ribcage, deep body and chest descended to level of elbow, excellent bone, excellent feet, unfortunately his rear angulation affected the clipped movement...RDCC.

2: Mr Barlow Evans Rochus Huxley

Substantial male up to top of standard, skull quite broad, deep chest , well off for bone, excellent topline with slight slope from withers to croup. Rounded ribcage, good tight feet.Longer cast than 1, moved with drive.


Veteran bitch (1)

1: Miss Tully Sh Ch Highclare Flaming Nora.

Clear Orange short and cobby bitch, deep chest,correct proportions muzzle-skull, small ears set on feminine head, deep and well descended chest,, good tight feet, broad thighs and lovely round croup required.Today,however she looked her age and lost out.

Puppy bitch (3)

1: Miss Tully Oos the Daddy

At the tender age of 6 months, and everything is already there. Little ears, melting expression, dark eyes,correct feminine head, set on a good neck and very deep chest for one so young. excellent and strong topline, round rib, moderate bone, nice round croup. Promising baby.Moved well.

2: Ms L, Mr M &Mr Graham 7 Denwood Bonapartist Orchid of Lyndfil

Nice puppy bitch, sweet head, small ears, well up for bone with excellent topline, deep chest and mature body already for a baby. However she was overweight which made her movement roll. Preferred head of 1.

3: Mrs K Southorn Rochus Nelke.

Junior Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1: Hawkwise Nugget

Nice head and expression, good ear set, nice coat, feet, and bone. Short back, but needs a more rounded ribcage and to drop in chest, but she is young and needs to mature as yet. Moved well

Special Beginners (0)

Graduate: (0)

Post Graduate(1)

Mrs Cutler's Tarward Laura at Jayricnbrits

Good round and Cobby bitch, soft expression, feminine head with neat small ears, dark pigment, short coupled, with good rounded croup, holding her topline, tight feet,correct angulations I would have only preferred a bit more length of leg.

Limit:( 5, 2 abs)

1: Mr & Mrs Stevens's Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier.

Mature and well built Orange bitch, one of the few with that cheeky expression I was looking for, very alert, with high set ears, feminine in head with good tight lips, good length of neck, broad chest, strong topline which she held on the move, good bone and feet, correct broad thighs and strong croup.This bitch has matured nicely and was well handled. Move well. BCC.

2: Mr Barlow Evans Rochus Luna:

Larger Black and white bitch, longer cast than 1, good body with deep chest, good lenght of leg, well boned and tight feet, good angulations fore and rear. Strong topline and broad croup. She was not happy in the ring and did not use her ears.

3: Mr& Mrs Davies Rochus Lottie.

Open Bitch ( 4)

A difficult class with different "types" and bodies.

1: Mr & Mrs Bagshaw & Miss Precey Tresallier Jeu D'Artifice

Smaller model than the others in her class, but a square, short coupled and feminine Tricolour. Most feminine of heads, even though she did not use her ears to advantage, set on a good clean neck, correct front and strong topline which she held on the move, good feet and excellent angulations, fore and rear. Moved very well and well presented. I was happy to give her the RBCC.

2:Mrs K Southorn Rochus Juliet.

I always liked this bitch in head type, very feminine with the most attractive of heads, short in back and the length of leg I like. Excellent topline, good rib, nice bone and good angulations. Would prefer a better front, on the day she was out of coat. Moved well.

3: Mr & Mrs Wilson Sh Ch Highclare Hellraiser at Denandmeg

Res: Mr & Mrs Yarrow Sh Ch Bonapartist Iryssa.

Patricia Rush: Judge.