• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pat Butler-Holley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: Best in Show

National Gundog BIS Having attended almost every National Gundog show during my showing career, to say I was looking forward to this appointment would be an understatement. It was an honour and a privilege to judge and a big thank you to all the gundog societies who supported the show but also the main committee for their wonderful hospitality during the day itself. During the afternoon I was kept quite busy, as referee for the day I was called upon for the 4 breeds with 2 judges, Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Labradors. I was presented with a full group of top quality exhibits, from which I sort listed the Curly Coat Retriever, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, Labrador Retriever, Flat Coat Retriever and the Welsh Springer Spaniel, some other quality exhibits missed out as they really did start to feel the heat of the day. Thank you to the judges on the day who sent forward some fabulous exhibits.

Best in Show SH CH COPPER'S WAR OF ROSES (IMP SWE) Breed: Irish Setter (MR B A & MISS A C CROCKER & SIDDLE). Today this dog conquered all before him. Looking in tremendous form he presented a picture of beauty from the tip of his nose to his tail he displayed all the attributes of an Irish Setter. The standard asks for racy, balance and full of quality and this is what he presents to you. He was very difficult to beat in this form, moving with purpose and in total harmony with his handler. I was delighted to award him BIS.

Reserve Best in Show SH CH GLOI DONN ALL OR NOTHING AT STANEGATE Breed: Spaniel (Irish Water) (MRS J L CARRUTHERS) So full of breed type and quality, this dog has it all. He moved true and well and at one with his handler. He displayed all the characteristics of a fun loving water spaniel, he is so well muscled it was all power under that coat. Presented in top quality coat and condition I was delighted to award him Group 2.

Group 3

American Cocker Spaniel, Bryant, Nelson and Morris, Sh Ch/ Ir Ch Silhouette Troubling Nasailleen with Mycalleys, He certainly pushed the winners hard today, how wonderful to see a dog looking so well in the heat of the day, he moved with purpose, powering around the ring with all the attitude of look at me. It was a pleasure to watch this dog in profile, at one with his handler.

Group 4

Red and White Irish Settter, Sh Ch Aleanea Summer Cottage, classic Red & White setter, full of quality, I first judged this bitch as a minor puppy 4 years ago and awarded her the RBCC from Puppy class, I thought then as now what a wonderful example of a Red & White bitch, she display no exaggeration at all, the best of heads, strong neck, clean shoulders she is powerful but still remains every much a bitch. Moved effortlessly around the ring presented in good order and delighted to award her group 4 today.

Puppy Group What exiting prospects the breeds have for the future with the many wonderful puppies in the ring today, believe me I was spoilt for choice. I short listed the English Setter, English Springer and the Weimaraner, Congratulations to the owners and the very best of luck in the future.

  Best Puppy

FELDKIRK DIOR OF KAZVAL Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated) (K ANDERSON) What a classy lady she is, so fitting that she has the name to go with her style. Full of quality with a huge attitude which clearly shouts look at me!!! She moved around the ring as if she owned it and she certainly did today. I was impressed with her powerful movement so effortless. I later understood this was the end of her puppy career and what a way to end. Congratulations.

Res Puppy in Show

LAYWAYS NOAH'S MILL Breed: Hungarian Vizsla (MR S LAYTON) A lovely young male presented in outstanding form and condition I just loved him, he like the winner also had that look at me attitude. His head is classic, strong neck and clean shoulders, loved his strength but not overdone in any way. Moved with drive and purpose.

Group 3

GRACEWOOD NIGHT FEVER Breed: Retriever (Golden) (MS A & MS S DOUTHWAITE & WHARFE. A lovely young bitch presented in immaculate form. Moved around the ring with effortless movement but still going places. Loved her head and strength of neck and body. Delighted to award her Puppy group 3. I see she is also at the end of her puppy career, good luck for the future.

Puppy group 4

MAURSETT MYCATE AT KISWAHILI Breed: Spaniel (Clumber) (MR R WALKLING Top quality youngster. Loved his head neck and shoulders, good body and loved his overall conformation. Moved true and with purpose even in the heat of the day when many others including the handlers had wilted.

Judge Mrs Pat Butler-Holley