• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pamela Halstead Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

English Setter Society Of Scotland

Breed: English Setter


Sun 17th June 2018

Thank you to ESSoS for inviting me to judge their breed club championship show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with a quality entry of bitches. Pleased to find bites were all ok with nice large teeth, which continues a trend since my last appointment. The breed club show was held at the Border Union showground, concurrent with the Border Union Championship Show, which proved to be a very successful arrangement with both competitions getting higher entries and provided the club show with all the facilities of a championship show.

Veteran Bitch (4.1)

1st & BVIS Day’s Sh Ch Mandysett Rumour Has It at Decoverly. 9 y/o o/b – lovely feminine head, clean neck and shoulders into level topline, compact body with good spring of ribs. Well angulated. In good coat and condition. Moved steadily with slashing tail. Carries her age very well.

2nd Loynd’s Richecca Sea The Stars at Crimbledale ShCM. 9 y/o b/b – lovely head into good reach of neck. Longer cast than first but filled her frame. Level topline with good angulation. In good coat and condition. Moved well using her tail.

3rd Lawson’s Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal

Minor Puppy Bitch (3.0)

1st & BPIS Grimsdell’s Tattersett Dark Honey beautifully presented 8 mth o/b. Feminine head with good eye and expression. Very mature for age. Balanced overall picture. Lovely to go over – good reach of neck, level topline, well sprung ribs, good angulation front and back. Moved positively using her tail. In good coat and condition.

2nd Craigie’s Bushbane Celtic Flame. Not as mature as 1st. Feminine head with lovely expression. Good conformation, coat and condition. Just needs to fill her frame, steady on the move, well presented and unlucky to meet 1st today.

3rd Paton’s Bournehouse Secret Affair.

Puppy Bitch (3.1)

1st Craigie’s Bushbane Celtic Flame

2nd Wale’s Wansleydale Magic Rose. Although more mature and heavier in frame preferred head and reach of neck of 1st. Had good spring of rib and in good coat. Not so positive on the move.

Junior Bitch (3.1)

1st Bryant & Hollis’ Phensett Sparks Will Fly. 12 mth b/b. Pleasant head, good reach of neck into level topline. Good angulation front and back. Compact body. Not overdone for age. In good coat. Moved with drive but would like a lower tail carriage on the move.

2nd Henry’s Beechanger Velvet Crab. Pretty tri bitch with good expression. Good reach of neck. Preferred shoulders of 1st. Well proportioned body, level topline. In good condition and coat. Just right for age. Not so positive on the move.

Yearling Bitch (2.0)

1st Henry’s Beechanger Velvet Crab

2nd McKiernan’s Bushbane Celtic Prayer. b/b in good coat. Would have preferred softer expression. Not so well proportioned in and neck and body. Level topline and tailset. Good spring of ribs. Well bodied. Moved ok.

Novice Bitch (1.1)

Graduate Bitch (4.1)

1st Tucker’s Niddbeck Smokey Opal at Walshaw. Dark tri with nice head and expression. Well balanced outline when standing. Good neck, shoulders and topline. Well sprung ribs. Well off for bone. In good coat and condition. Moved well.

2nd Oliver’s Bramstorm Tapestry JW. Tri who had a finer head than 1st with pleasant expression. Good proportioned neck and body. Lighter frame. Level topline and tailset. Well sprung ribs. Maturing nicely. In good coat and condition. Moved well when straight.

3rd Seaman & Eickert’s Mariglen Cleopatra.

Post Graduate Bitch (3.0)

1st Day’s Mandysett Oh Boy at Decoverly. Tri with lovely feminine head and expression. Lovely to go over. Good reach of neck. Compact body. Well sprung ribs. Short coupled with good angulation front and back. In good condition. Moved with drive and slashing tail. Sympathetically handled.

2nd Taylor & Bridgwater’s Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon. Very feminine o/b. Well put together. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Lovely front and back angulation. Well sprung ribs. Looked lovely standing. In good coat and condition. Moved well.

3rd Vallance’s Shanaz Coralinn over Rowanmyle.

Mid Limit (4.1)

1st Dennis, Harris & Morgan’s Nattersett Sonata Arctica at Mariglen. Lovely b. Split hairs to decide 1st. Feminine b/b. Lovely head and expression with low set ears. Good reach of neck into level topline. Well angulated front and rear. Good bone. Well sprung ribs. In good coat and condition. Moved well using her tail.

2nd Hacking’s Benrae Something Beautiful. Another lovely b, very close to 1st. Very well presented o/b. Lovely head and expression. Made a good overall picture when stood up. Well proportioned with level topline and tailset. In good coat and condition. Happy on the move.

3rd McCabe’s Rachdale Elegance

Limit Bitch (5.1)

1st Buckley’s Gamerights Miss Moet at Fishwick. Feminine dark tri with good reach of neck into short coupled deep body. Well sprung ribs. Good angulation. In good condition. Well presented. Moved with drive.

2nd Wilson’s Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose. o/b lovely head and expression. Good reach of neck. More upright in front than first. Well bodied and in firm condition. Well presented and in good coat. Moved ok.

3rd Loynd’s Crimbledale Seeing Stars.

Open Bitch (7.0)

1st CC & BIS Taylor’s Sh Ch Wansleydale Scarlet Ribbon JW. Headed a very strong class of lovely bitches. Beautiful, balanced, overall picture stood up. So feminine with lovely head and expression. Clean neck and shoulders. Compact body with level topline and tailset. So well constructed. Moved with drive using her tail. In good coat and condition. Beautifully presented, a treat to go over.

2nd & Res CC Grimsdell’s Sh Ch Gillancette Pebbles for Tattersett JW. o/b. Another lovely b with the sweetest of heads and dark eyes. Again looked a picture. So well balanced when stood up. Lovely to go over. Not exaggerated in any department. Well angulated. Level topline. Moved well. In beautiful condition and well presented.

3rd Oliver’s Wansleydale Faerie Queene at Bramstorm.

Pam Halstead (Judge)