• Show Date: 05/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pamela Davies Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gordon Setter Club Of Scotland

Breed: Breed Club Championship Show

Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show  05/05/2018

Judge : Pam Davies (Benbreac)   

The day started with a light mist and a chill in the air. As the day went on the mist lifted but it was cool and breezy, though it remained dry so we could stay outside. The scenery at this show never fails to take my breath away; it has to be one of the best settings to hold a dog show. My thanks and congratulations go to the committee for all the hard work they put in, they were rewarded with a well-run, friendly and relaxed show. A big thank you to my two stewards who kept things moving smoothly. I had some lovely dogs for my appraisal, thank you to the exhibitors for the sporting way they accepted my decisions, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. 

Minor Puppy Dog: 0 

Puppy Dog: 5  

1.  Harker  Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick.  A big d but in no way coarse, classic well-shaped head with a kind expression, good length of neck into an excellent forehand assembly showing plenty of fore chest. Deep in brisket and level top line, sound positive mover using his tail well.                                            Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show 

2.  Sandiford & Lewis  Hernwood Apollo. Slightly smaller litter brother to 1 and similar remarks apply, both had correct flat bone and good coat with rich tan colour. Preferred the head and stronger top line of 1 today. 

3.  Munro  Hernwood Northern Adonis Of Dulmaur 

Res.  Parker-Smith & Tuer  Lignum Evolution 

VHC.  Palliser  Lignum Black Shadow 

Junior Dog: 7 

1.  Harker  Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick 

2.  Millar  Yennadon Benriach.  Presented a lovely well balanced outline with nothing overdone, eyes could be darker and his head is a touch broad in back skull for me but good in profile, nice depth and spring of rib, short coupled, strong top line with correct croup and well set on tail,  moved true fore and aft. 

3.  Munro  Hernwood Northern Adonis Of Dulmaur 

Res.  Graham  Balnakeil Beinn Lair At Lingstubbs 

VHC.  Hudson  Longrow Bohemian Rhapsody At Robvale 

Yearling Dog: 4 

1.  Melville  Tsruhnova Tumnus JW . Upstanding youngster with a balanced head and kind dark eye, strong lengthy neck leading into well placed shoulders, chest needs to break a little but has correct flat bone and deep ribs, wide firm quarters used to advantage on the move. 

2.  Knight  Benbuie Thorntree.  Lovely head with plenty of work, well constructed throughout  with good bone and substance, just preferred movement of 1. 

3.  Millar  Yennadon Benriach 

Res.  Cuthbertson   Lainnireach Surprise 

Novice Dog: 4 

1.  Harker  Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick.  Best Novice 

2.  Danks  Kintalis Winter Ice Diamond.  Correct for size, finer in head than 1 but still masculine with plenty of work and well proportioned. Good reach of neck into a firm, level top line and correct tail set, well bent stifle, just preferred the forehand of 1, in lovely coat and condition.  

3.  Palliser  Lignum Black Shadow 

Res.  Hudson  Longrow Bohemian Rhapsody At Robvale 

Undergraduate Dog: 2 

1.  Munro  Hernwood Northern Adonis Of Dulmaur. Pleasing in head and eye, well laid shoulders and shows plenty of fore chest, deep in rib with good bone and substance, sound steady mover who makes good use of his tail, carrying a little too much weight for me today which spoilt his outline. 

2.  Palliser  Lignum Black Shadow. What a handful this young man is! He was rather too enthusiastic in a previous class but had settled down enough to show himself to advantage here.  Well-shaped head though would prefer a touch more length of foreface, good neck into level top line, well bodied and strong, well bent stifles which he used to propel himself around the ring. Nice amount of coat in lovely condition. 

Graduate Dog: 3 

1.  Melville  Tsruhnova Tumnus JW 

2.  Munro  Hernwood Man O’War From Dulmaur.  Substantial d with correct bone,  good depth and spring of rib, level top line, strong hindquarters with good width of thigh, his head is a little heavy for me but he has a dark eye giving a kind expression, moved out well. 

3.  Danks  Kintalis Winter Ice Diamond 

Postgraduate Dog: 5 (1 abs) 

1.  Ford  Liric Fusilier With Shillay JW ShCM.  A dog that catches your eye on entering the ring, his head shows plenty of chiselling with a good stop and dark eye, well balanced angulation fore and aft, good depth of brisket and well sprung ribcage, in excellent coat and condition with rich clear tan, a little unsettled initially but got himself together to move well, driving off from short strong hocks. Should have a bright future.  Best Postgraduate 

2.  Ashton  Yennadon Renaissance With  Gadieburn. More rugged in type than 1, he has a well-shaped head with correct amount of stop, strong well arched neck, shows good balance with firm, level top line, for me he needs a little more weight but he is well muscled and moved positively. 

3.  Sinclair  Lachmohr Serendipity For Siochal (IMP HRV) 

Res.  Miller  Rhum Night Legend 

Mid Limit Dog: 7 (2 abs) 

1.  Horn  Lignum Master Marlin At Keaswood  JW.  Presents a lovely clean outline stacked, good head with plenty of work though I would prefer a little less depth of stop, well balanced with correct top line and tail set, plenty of substance with flat bone and tight feet, presented in lovely coat and condition, moved well with good reach and drive.  Best Mid Limit 

2.  Ashton  Yennadon Renaissance With  Gadieburn 

3.  MacGregor  Somerled Glen Urquart 

Res.  Miller  Brookes Shadow Mover 

VHC.  Shields  Florcott Inchtavannach Lad 

Limit Dog: 8 (1 abs) 

1.  Burke  Ecameadow The Explorer. Upstanding d of good breed type, he has the best of heads with  good proportions being deep rather than broad, dark eye showing a kindly disposition, strong lengthy neck into well laid shoulders, deep and well bodied with strong flat bone, well bent stifles of good width, he holds a level top line standing and moving, presented in lovely coat and condition though to be critical I would prefer a clearer tan. Moved well but in the challenge just did not quite give his all against a dog who was on top form.  Reserve CC 

2.  Warren  Benbuie Secret Agent JW. Another d showing good breed type, well angulated front and rear with plenty of bone and substance, good depth and well bodied, well presented in good coat and condition, he has a most appealing head of correct proportions, good stop and a dark, kind eye, moved steadily but not the extension of 1. 

3.  Graham  Clohass Killie Crankie 

Res.  Robson  Liric For Your Eyes Only By Yohenoak JW 

VHC.  Poynter  Hernwood Prince of Thieves JW 

Open Dog: 2 

1.  Ness  Liric Souvenir JW . Rugged type with many breed attributes, not overdone in any way, he has a good forehand with complementary hindquarters, well-proportioned head with a gentle expression, correct bone and substance, strong in loin and well-muscled. Moved steadily, just would have liked him a little more animated.  Best Open 

2.  Collins-Pitman & Anderson  Black Mystery Phantom Of The Opera By Amscot (IMP CHE). Different in type but lots to like, good size with an appealing head, slightly more refined than 1, well balanced with a clean profile, sound stylish mover, would prefer a clearer tan. 

Champion Dog: 2 

1.  Ivaldi  SH CH /ITA/INT CH Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein  A truly beautiful example of the breed, he flows from nose to tail, well-proportioned head, good stop and dark eye giving a melting, intelligent expression. Well arched neck of good length leading cleanly into correct forehand assembly showing plenty of fore chest, nice flat bone and rich tan. He is deep, well ribbed up and strong in loin holding a level top line stacked and on the move. Precise strong movement showing correct footfall, presented in excellent coat and condition. Delighted to award him DCC & BIS.                   Best Champion  

2.  Halliday  CH Yennadon The Druid JW. A worthy champion, he has a kind, intelligent, slightly mischievous expression, strong neck leading into a firm level top line, well balanced forehand and wide muscular quarters, good depth with plenty of lung room, presented in gleaming coat and hard condition, moved well.  

Veteran Dog: 4 (1 abs) 

1.  Robson  SH CH Laurelhach Limited  Edition At Yohenoak.  Lovely profile to this boy, well shaped head with good planes and kind eye, strong neck and well balanced angulation, great depth, short coupled and in excellent coat and condition, moved out well.  Best Veteran 

2.  Danks  Liric Tuxedo Rag  A good dog for type, pleasing in head and eye with a good top line and depth of chest, balanced hind angulation and in good coat and condition, sound steady mover just not the forehand of 1. 

3.  Pearce  Ardnadam Red Kite  

Special Vintage Dog: 2 (1 abs) 

1.  Halliday  CH Yennadon The Druid JW.  Second in the Champion class and certainly belies his age a credit to his owner and breeder, well done.  Best Vintage 

2.  Smith  Yennadon Carrick Of Clacorick. A happy boy enjoying his day out. At 11 years of age he has quite a bit of grey making him look very distinguished, he kept his top line standing and moving which he did at a good pace around the large ring but had to give way to the younger 10 ½  year old today,  very well done. 

Field Trial Dog: 2 (1 abs) 

1.  Halliday  Yennadon Reiss. Well balanced d with a pleasing profile, good depth and well sprung ribcage , head too broad in back skull for me and would like a darker eye, short coupled with wide, muscular hindquarters and good width of second thigh, moved well showing strong, driving action. 


Special Beginners Dog: 1 

1.  Parker-Smith & Tuer   Lignum Evolution. Very pleasing in head with the desired dark eyes, good forehand assembly and turn of stifle, well bodied for his age with coat coming and in lovely condition, movement was sound and true once settled. 

Minor Puppy  Bitch: 2 

1.  Tillett  Finnniche Fairtricked.  Both these youngsters were enjoying themselves which I like to see, pretty head with dark eye, well bodied with good bone and colour. Nice forehand and depth, moved steadily once settled. 

2.  Sandiford  Hernwood  Buffy Summers. Similar remarks apply, a little plainer in head at this stage and not quite as together as 1, she has good depth and plenty of body, good bone and colour, happy, steady mover. 

Puppy Bitch: 4 

1.  Davies  Hernwood  Athena At Herrera.  Tall b but is nicely made, she has a very good forehand, straight front, plenty of body and deep ribs, not always standing to advantage but came into her own on the move covering the ground with ease. Gleaming black coat with a rich tan.                     Best Puppy Bitch 

2.  Sandiford  Hernwood Aphrodite. Litter sister to 1, preferred her for size, again good in body and depth for age but preferred shoulders of 1, lovely coat and colour, moved well. 

3.  Marsh Lignum Black Lightning At KIlnrae 

Res.  Sandiford  Hernwood Buffy Summers 

Junior Bitch: 7 (1 abs)  

1.  Collins-Pitman  Amscot Love Is In The Air JW. Just loved this young b, she has a super profile, feminine in head which is of good proportions, dark eye with a kind but slightly cheeky expression, lengthy neck into well placed shoulders, shows plenty of fore chest, level top line, good depth and length of rib, strong well angulated quarters, presented in lovely coat and condition, moved well showing good reach and drive. Reserve CC.   Best Junior 

2.  Ackerley-Kemp  Yennadon Glenlossie.  Feminine in head which is of good proportions though a little light in eye, strong neck of good length, shows good balance with substance, ribs deep and well back, strong wide quarters, moved well. 

3.  Davies  Hernwood Athena At Herrera 

Res.  Millar Balnakeil Carn Na Criche  

VHC.  Lloyd  Yennadon Caolila Of Myreside 


Yearling Bitch: 6 (1 abs) 

1.  Melville  Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW. Two lovely bitches headed this class. Pretty, well shaped head, complimented by low set ears, she has a soft expression from dark eyes. Well constructed with good bone and substance, not exaggerated in any way, moved out well with plenty of reach and drive, well presented. Very promising.  Best Yearling 

2.  Slaughter  Cairacale Night Of Love With Ordett JW.  Well moulded feminine head with good stop and a naughty glint in her eye! Straight front with well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, firm top line with correct croup and tail set.  A little difficult to assess on the move as she was fighting her handler but what I did see was good, in good coat and condition. 

3.  Lloyd  Yennadon Caolla Of Myreside 

Res.  Millar  Balnakeil Carn Na Criche 

VHC.  Collingborn  Graylacier Celtic Angel 

Novice Bitch: 5 

1.  Marsh  Lignum Black Lightning At  KIlnrae.  Decided to settle and get her act together in this class, pretty head with well-defined stop and dark eye, good reach of neck, clean top line, plenty of body and was presented in good coat and condition. Moved out well with style. 

2.  Lloyd  Yennadon Caolila Of Myreside. Rather overawed in Junior but in this class settled to the job in hand,  feminine in head with dark eyes and a soft expression, well-made forehand, good depth, croup drops off a little when standing but levels out on the move. Movement was true coming and going and she showed a happy outgoing attitude. 

3.  Millar  Balnakeil Carn Na Criche 

Res.  Sandiford  Hernwood Buffy Summers 

VHC.  Arnott  Lainnireach After  Eight 

Undergraduate Bitch: 2 

1.  Slaughter  Cairacale Night Of Love With Ordett JW.   Best Undergraduate 

2.  McNeil  Lachmhor Sincerely Yours At Barrabrae (IMP HRV). Built on a larger frame than 1 and a touch plain in head, she has good depth of rib under a firm level top line and strong, well bent stifles, moved freely with good drive. 

Graduate Bitch: 9 (1 abs) 

1.  Melville  Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW.   Best Graduate 

2.  Slaughter  Cairacale Night Of Love With Ordett JW 

3.  Boxall & Bage Ludstar Isabella Laurelhach (IMP ITA) 

Res.  Rance  Yennadon Rose Isle 

VHC.  Harrison  Paradise Final Fling 

Postgraduate Bitch: 11 

1.  Vassie  Florcott Sherlyne Bonne. Sweet head with plenty of work, shows a balanced, clean profile, good spring of rib with well bent stifle, movement was true and sound, in good condition and well presented. 

2.  Hill  Farquharson  Nip Of Gin With Kydarin (IMP). Larger b than 1 and not really co-operating on the stack, she has good bone and substance, a well proportioned head though I would like a little more definition, shows good reach and drive on the move. 

3.  McQuillan  Kelsnorr Scarlet Jezebel 

Res.  Rance  Yennadon Rose Isle 

VHC.  Harrison  Paradise Final Fling 

Mid Limit Bitch: 4 (1abs) 

1.  Williams  Longrow I Love to Boogie JW. Very nice b of good breed type, pleasing in head and eye. Strong neck into good shoulder placement leading smoothly into a firm top line, well bodied with good spring of rib, short coupled, would prefer a little more bend of stifle but had good muscle tone, moved with drive, well presented and a lovely rich tan. 

2.  Palliser & Robson  Lignum Tornado JW. Striking b with a lovely outline, very feminine head with plenty of work, well balanced and in full gleaming coat. Sadly rather unsettled today, sympathetically handled. 

Limit Bitch: 11 (3 abs) 

1.  Osborn  Amscot Sienna Spice JW.  Not a big b but quality all through, not overdone in any way. Feminine head with plenty of work, complemented by dark eyes and low set ears. Correct length of neck, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm, she has deep well sprung ribs under a firm level top line, short coupled with well-balanced stifle and good width of thigh, in hard condition with the right amount of bone for her size, presented in excellent coat and condition. Strong movement showing plenty of reach and drive, the dog just had that extra something when challenging for BIS.  BCC, RBIS & BOS. Best Limit 

2.  Dixon  Ecameadow Saffron With Wallbank. Strong, workmanlike though still feminine b of good type. Well-proportioned head with defined stop, shows good balance and is deep in rib with plenty of substance, presented in excellent coat and condition, sound steady mover but would like a little more animation. 

3.  Sandiford & Keens  Hernwood Luna Eclipse JW 

Res.  Ackerley-Kemp  Yennadon Reiver 

VHC.  Sweryda  Graylacier Genevieve At Waseley JW 

Open Bitch: 3 

1.  Collins-Pitman  INT/GER VDH CH Storskogens Amor Joy Of Amscot (IMP SWE). Attractive b with a balanced head, dark eye and low ear set,  good length of neck, strong top line and good depth, well balanced angulation, beautifully presented in good coat, would prefer a clearer tan. Won this class on her strong driving movement. 

2.  Ackerley-Kemp  Yennadon Mallin.  Smaller more compact b, head a little broad in back skull for me but fine in profile. Strong flat bone, well-muscled though carrying a little too much weight. Good angulation but tends to drop off slightly over the croup. Moved soundly. 

3.  Jamieson & Macara  Glenfinnan Dreamlover 

Champion Bitch: 4 (2 abs) 

Two quality bitches of very different types.. 

1.  Macara  SH CH Cromasaig Bedazzled JW. This b presents a true setter outline, well-proportioned head with dark expressive eyes, lovely forehand showing pronounced sternum, good depth and spring of rib, firm, strong top line with correct tail set and carriage. Good turn of stifle with well-developed second thigh. I would prefer a little more work in the head but she has a dark eye giving a kind expression, shining black coat with rich tan markings. Moved well. 

2.  Boxall  SH CH Laurelhach Entrapment JW. Liked this b, just preferred the overall make and shape of 1. Feminine head of good proportions showing defined stop, well balanced angulation front and rear, has substance without coarseness. Presented in tip top condition and moved out well on a good length of stride. 

Veteran Bitch: 9 (4 abs) 

1.  Moore  SH CH Gadhelic Spirit Of The Celt JW. This bitch carries her age well with only a little grey coming on her muzzle. Balanced head with a naughty glint in her eye and certainly showing some “spirit”. Well balanced with substance and correct flat bone, firm in top line with deep well sprung ribs and strong muscular quarters which she made full use of when moving. A credit to her owner. 

2.  Williams  Graylacier Royal Applause For Longrow.  Pleasing head with a gentle, expressive dark eye, correct low set on ears, well balanced with plenty of body and a firm top line held on the move. 

3.  Bell  Clohass Caol Cair At Blairbelles 

Res.  Sweryda  Marshmoor Tyme For Waseley 

VHC.  Jamieson & Macara  Glenfinnan Dreamlover 

Special Vintage Bitch: 3 (1 abs)   

Two bitches that are a real credit to their owners.. 

1.  Ackerley-Kemp   CH Yennadon Time For Daisy.  At 10 ½ years old this bitch looked lovely and could still move well, appealing in head with a kind eye, well angulated front and rear, I think she must be rather too fond of her food but she’s entitled at her age. Moved out well making full use of the large ring. 

2.  McErlean  Carrochan Suilvenbeag.   This mature lady was determined to enjoy her day out and her tail never stopped, Losing her colour a little now but has a sweet head with lovely dark eyes, well covered and still holds a good top line. Went around the ring at her own steady pace.  Oldest Exhibit 

Field Trial Bitch: 2 

1.  Ackerley-Kemp  CH Yennadon Time For Daisy.  Best Field Trial 

2.  Smith  Yennadon Fairisle Of Clacorcik.  Slightly rangier type than 1, pleasing in head and shows a kindly disposition. Substantial with good bone, nicely balanced, moved well. 

Special Beginners Bitch: 1 

1.  Lloyd  Yennadon Caolila Of Myreside   

Brace: 7 (3 abs) 

1.  Halliday.  A well matched pair moving in unison with their handler, well done. 

2.  Miller 

3.  Smith 

Res.  Cuthbertson 

Team: 2 (1 abs) 

1.  Cuthbertson.  I have to say well done for even attempting this! They all behaved and moved well together. 

Progeny:  4 (1 abs) 

1.  Pearce  Ardnadam Red Kite.  This dog certainly stamps his correct size, lovely head and type on his progeny, well done. 

2.  Smith  Yennadon Carrick of Clacorick 

3 .  Cuthbertson   Forester’s Xquisite Lady of Darkmoor at Lainnireach (Imp Deu)