• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhounds  PD(1,0)  1.Cowper’s Rothenborg Peder,for one so young totally filled my eye for his quality head and overall balance.Masculine head and expression with lovely eye and strength of foreface,neat ears.Well boned with well padded feet.Compact body,well shaped ribbing.Nicely balanced from hip to stifle to hock.Moved soundly with good width and in profile perfect footfall.CC.  OD(4,1)  1.Maun’s Bowerhinton Brouhaha,typy head of good balance and depth of underjaw.Medium length of neck.Good body shape with better ribbing than 2.Quality strength of bone down to ground.Preferred his overall shape when stacked,moved well in profile,not as positive as the puppy in the challenge.  2.Cowper’s Kestos Nimrod of Rothenborg,slightly stronger through and preferred the head type of 1.Good forechest and width to front.Short strong loin.Good depth to first thigh,moved well.  VD(1,0)  1.Wallace’s Ch.Steldawn Allclear,met this chap on many occasions,now at 9 yrs.Standing over his ground well,typy head with dark eye.Well bodied,super jacket.Moved well.  PB(1,0)  1.Cowper’s Rothenborg Petrea, well grown nnicely proportioned.Feminine head,would like more definition,fine through but has depth and strength to jaw.Square outline,still needs to develop in body and settle in moving.  JB(2,0)  1.Maun’s Bowerhinton Bettina,typy head with good depth of chin.Lovely neck set,well developed forechest and depth through.Well boned down and strong feet.Good width to hqs,not as defined in hock but moved well.  2.Middleton’s Graythor Lo Lykkelig,smaller type,liked her head type. Good substance,slightly longer cast in body.Strong through pasterns.Broad hindquarters but lacked width on moving.  PGB(2,1)  1.Lees’Skogly’s VL Ankerbrua Aftonlee,feminine with good proportions.Well bodied,short strong loin,moved well to and fro and very good in profile.Would like higher set to tail.Good jacket quality.  LB(2,0)  1.Greaves & Croxford’s Whittimere Dior,smaller type,preferred this head type and expression.Well balanced head.Good reach of neck,solid front and well ribbed.When stacked looked a little loose but pulled herself up on moving.  2.Plowright’s Bowerhinton Bliss,higher set with typy head and nice expression.feminine head,good body shape.Well proportioned when stacked but not as positive on move.  OB(4,0)  1.Middleton’s Ch.Graythor Norwegian Lights,Loved her overall shape and attitude.Feminine head with good balance,eyeshape and earset.Crested neck carriage,firm body with strong legs and feet.Compact body shape,strong well set hqs.Moved soundly.CC & BOB.  2.Cowper’s Ch.Rothenborg Leaha,different type,mature bitch with lovely construction and body.I preferred the head type of 1.Strong throughout with probably the best forechest in entry.Quality bone and moved well especially in profile.  3.Haugstad’s Gilkaro Tomatin in Skogly.  VB(1,0)  1.Middleton’s Ch.Bowerhinton Be Madams Spy at Graythor,very similar in lots of points to Open winner and pushed hard the two top winners.Lovely to go over but a little slack in topline today.Moved soundly.  Pam Marston-Pollock