• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Saluki

Blackpool Ch.Show 23.6.18  Salukis  MPD(1,0)  1.Sawer’s Fernlark Designer Label at Bumpkiss,well developed baby with quality ,masculine head with chiselling to foreface and good depth of muzzle.Long reach of neck and well laid shoulder.Nice spring to rib for age,carried well back.Strong,well bent hindquarters,still needs to develop but moved well in profile.  PD(5,1)  1.Ulyatt’s Fernlark Legend of Cornhaze,balanced head with flat skull,dark eye with good expression.Strong,well muscled reach of neck,well angulated front.Well shaped body with good depth of brisket.Well developed topline flowing into well settled hindquarters,good feet shape.Moved slightly narrower away from me than I would like but still with space between hocks.BP & PG4.  2.Goulden’s Fernlark Legacy,litter brother to 1 and preferred this type.Quality male,slightly heavier in makeup.Balanced head till puppyish in outlook.Long,reach of neck set well into front.Strong front,well boned down to lovely feet.Moved very soundly and when he finds his attitude will be hard to beat.  3.Fernlark Designer Label at Bumpkiss.  JD(2,0)  1.Fernlark Legend of Cornhaze.  2.Fernlark Legacy.  PGD(5,1)  1.Littlechild’s Classicus Baroque at Ravensett,Outstanding quality of a type and colour I love.Medium length,masculine head with good depth of muzzle.Balanced neck into shoulder,good return of upper arm.Oval ribbed well back with good depth of brisket.Sculpted body flowing into well muscled hindquarters.Moved with flow,forward reach and lovely drive behind.CC.  2.Sawer’s Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss,taller made and slightly strongerthrough.Totally different in head type although masculine.Well set neck into shoulder,quality bladed bone and strong pasterns and feet.Still needs to furnish in body development to complete picture, moved very soundly.  3.Pass, Smithson & Thorsteinson’s Sunnusteins Sfaniyah Jamiil Chisobee (IMP)  LD(3,0)  1.Ulyatt’s Fernlark L’Aunisien in Cornhaze,Elegant of finer,quality,compact style.Would like a more dominant head,good reach of neck and strong,well filled in front.Lovely body shape with good length of loin.Balanced hind angulation without exaggeration.Soundest mover.  2.Pass & Horn’s Jibbe-Jibril Al Djiibaajah,well shaped dog overall but for me a bit over the top in his style,his head was too narrow in skull although had chiselling to foreface.Good overall shape and sculpting which won this place,good reach of neck and well angulated front and back.Coat pattern incorrect,moved narrower behind.  3.Rooney’s Merenptah Wind at Zeatana.  OD(4,2)  1.Goulden’s Ch.Fernlark By Design JW,I have recently awarded him a CC & BOB and today as a replacement judge nothing has changed in my opinion.This classic,quality male  clearly by his promising offspring in earlier classes is making his mark on the breed and passing on his lovely type,balance and quality.He moves soundly,today had to give way to a younger male who had the extra sparkle.Res.CC.  2.Glaister’s Ch.Vanechka Otis S Berega Tuir JW Sh CM,another I recently judged and was pleased to see he has matured on and appealed much more than last time!! His head has developed and has depth and quality of type,not a scopy dog but is so well balanced and sound moving,just lost out in forward reach to 1.  MPB(1,0)  1.Sydney’s Shaybani munet Ebony,very much a baby,so feminine.Balanced head would like shade more underjaw.Well shaped body with good depth of brisket for age.Balanced when stacked.On the move was sound enough but needs to settle and lower her tail to complete the picture.  JB(1,0)  1.Rooney’s Merenptah Aurgia at Zeatana,finer type but nicely balanced with lovely topline.Long reach of neck with good front angulation and strong down to ground with typical feet.Slightly longer in croup and tail carriage could be lower.Sound mover.  PG(3,0)  1.Garratt,Oakey & Owen Glenoak Lunah From Caryna,typy and feminine of excellent shape.Lovely head with good length.Long,muscular neck of good shape,well constructed front with best return of upper arm.Shapely body with good spring of rib and depth.Broad hindquarters,los hocks.Moved with lovely low stride.  2.Cole’s Cesaria Z Gibesovy Zahradky,balanced head with flat skull and lovely expression.Not set of neck into shoulders of 1 although good layback of shoulder,could have more length of upper arm. To match.Strong legs and feet.Strong topline with good set of croup.Moved soundly with good extension in profile.  3.Dann,Ireeson & Ferris’ Jazalle Ava.  LB(4,0)  1.Hudson’s Velourias Agent Velvet Glencathra,totally different type I would normally go for but the more I looked at her the more she appealed.Classic head with flat skull,dark oval eye.Very feminine but strong and workmanlike.Long reach of neck of good depth,well set into balanced front.Quality bone and excellent feet with depth of padding as well as rise of knuckle.Body well sculpted,still could mature as at times she looked a little drawn in.Absolutely came into her own on the move,sound as a bell.CC & BOB.  2.Phillips & Wiseman’s Vidana Amira S berega Turi ShCM,totally different type,lovely head and expression.Not the reach of neck of 1.Good depth of brisket and ribbing.Well muscled loin of good length.Notas positive in rear movement.  3.Burtenshaw’s Fernlark  Snow Grouse at Daandazi JW Sh CM.  OB(6,1)  1.Shimmin’s Ch.Hisilome’s Leonore Mish Cranstal (IMP),headed a lovely class of top girls and such a joy to judge.Beautifully balanced,feminine of excellent type.Feminine head,long reach of neck well   set into front.Super body shape with depth but also fineness of quality.Strong, topline rising over loin into well set hindquarters.Pulled out all the stops on the move with lovely,low hock action.In the challenge not quite as strong in front movement as winner. Res.CC.  2.Shimmin’s Hisilome’s Keepsake for Cranstal(IMP) another feminine of totally different type and makeup.More compact in overall shape,elegant and slightly higher set.Beautifuly sculpted body,quality bone slightly more flexibility in pastern.Moved with good width and extension in profile.  3.Mansell,Duddell & Johnston’s Ch.Canerikie Catalina.  Pam Marston-Pollock.