• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Greyhound Club

Breed: Greyhound

The Greyhound Club Ch.Show 4.8.18    A perfect day for showing in relaxed surroundings,this was the my ideal of a single breed show.Thank you for your entry, some absentees, as well as clashing with Donaueschingen making it harder for any sighthound breed to compete for entries.I thought there to be quite a diversity in types,  which is not always a bad thing, but  there seem to be a few with the suggestion of a variance in Breed Characteristics some less typical than others, and this should be watched especially in a small gene pool.   JD(1,0)  1.Spacey’s Inchydoney Memories North Star at Halliman’s Upstanding chap with long head with good flat skull and eyeshape.Adequate underjaw.Good set of neck with width and strength.Very good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm,with well shaped body especially rise over the loin.Good bone substance and spring of pastern.Moved soundly could have had a little more drive to hindquarters.  ND(1,0)  1.Bakewell’s Fire Lane Jet,Balanced head with good underjaw.Neat ears.Correct reach of neck.Well muscled front although standing a little wide.Good shoulder but not quite the return of upper arm to balance.Well sprung rib,broad, muscular loin.Slightly high tail set,well balanced angles front and back.Moved with good width.  PGD(4,2)  1.Howlett & Howden’s Skyswift New Moon, typy head with good strength to foreface.Eye could be darker.Neat ears.Strong neck and well angulated front,brisket down to elbow,could have more spring of rib but well ribbed back.Standing tended to slope too much over loin and dip in hindquarters but when he stood naturally and settled into his movement,this disappeared,something his handler could help.Soundest mover here with good footfall.Res.CC.  2.Holder & Howe’s Boughton Balmain, classic head type of quality.Good length of neck set well into shoulders.Good layback and return  of upper arm.Good body shape with plenty of depth.Stood over angulated in rear and didn’t move as well as 1.  LD(2,0)  1.Newsham’s Windpsiel Northern Sherpa,quality type of head with lots of work in foreface.Good reach of neck and well set into front.Well boned down.Deep brisket with good underline.Strong over the loin with good topline.Good bend of stifle though would like a shade less length from stifle to hock.Moved well with good drive.  2.Allen’s Zoraden Love Man JW,pushed 1 hard lots to like about him.Totally different type and squarer set but a quality male.Balanced head would like slightly darker eye and depth of underjaw.Neck well set into well angulated front.Shallower  rib but nicely carried back and inkeeping with type.Broad over loin,well balanced hindquarters,stood over the ground well,not quite drive of 1.  OD(4,0)  1.McLaughlan’s Jet’s Be Just And Fear Not at Azrams(IMP),reading the general appearance of the standard describes this male.He is masculine but has the fineness of quality which made him stand out in the male entry.To be critical I find him a little ‘stylised’ and would like him to move a little closer in front but he is upstanding,balanced and sound.CC  2.Spurr’s Ch.Boughton Brigadier,ShCM,have previously given him a CC and held his own in this class for his strength and movement.Totally different type to 1,strongly built with depth and muscular tone throughout.Not as streamlined as the winner but so sound moving.  3.Fitzgerald’s Ch.Boughton Bold & Brave of Dawnchase ShCM.    Spec.Racing & Coursing D(8,3)  1.Scoles’Jiggery Pokery ,Totally balanced without exaggeration.Clean head with good strength of foreface.Medium length of neck with good width of shoulder blades.Good spring of rib and short loin.Well muscled,broad back.Steady mover.  2.Thompson’s Puppy Eyes at Muicks,stronger head type,medium neck length.Well muscled shoulders,strong bone ,spring of pastern.Not quite as strong in foot.Well shaped body with good ribbing,slightly longer in loin.Very strong hindquarters.  3.Bakewell’s Fire Lane Jet.  VD(2,0)  1.Thompson’s Dromana Joker at Muicks,balanced head with open expression and good definition of stop.Good reach of neck,well defined at withers and broad through to hindquarters.Strong front with good quality of bone.Tight well knuckled feet.Moved soundly.  2.Pinder & Clarke’s Savanna Barry,Well bodied with good substance and muscletone for his age.Typy head with lovely expression.Longer reach of neck and better set of neck into shoulder but needed more forechest and he was slightly slack in front movement.  Champion D(2,0)  1.Fitzgerald’s Ch.Boughton Bold & Brave of Dawnchase  ShCM,shapely male of higher set.Lots to like about him particularly I liked his head type and expression.Long reach of neck,needs to be much more filled out in body.Curvy shape into hindquarters,moved well.  2.Holder & Howe’s Ch.Boughton Blakeney ShCM,different type and has good covering of a mature body.Quality bone with substance and overall a good shape but lacked muscletone and lost his topline on the move.  JB(1,0)  1.McKnight,McLaughlan & Armstrong’s Boughton Bizzarrini at Azram’s,stood alone but for me shone out in the warm sunshine.Placed her a few months ago in the Puppy Group and was delighted to see she has fulfilled her early promise.Still has a ‘happy’ side but is so feminine with a lovely head and expression.Broad,long reach of neck,super angulated front carried through with lovely depth of brisket that can still develop with maturity.Strong,broad loin flowing into hindquarters.Moved soundly.Res CC.  YB(1,0)  1.Newsham’s Europa Decuma Via Windspiel (IMP),and along came another one !!!  This classic feminine young lady took my breath away. Full of quality but combining that with strength and so balanced.Clean head with lovely expression,set onto arched neck.Well constructed front with elbows well tucked in and plenty of forechest.Quality bone down to her lovely feet well split up between her toes.Brisket deep and carried well back.Broad back sweeping down to her beautifully,sculptured hindquarters.Moved so soundly with great reach and drive. CC & BIS.  PGB(3,1)  1.Cutter & Lubin’s Zoraden My Girl at Chosovi,very much appealed in makeup,she is balanced with good substance.Long balanced head just a little strong in skull.Good reach of neck with good layback of shoulder.Could have slightly more spring of rib but ribs are carried well back.Well balanced hindquarters with low hocks,moved very well with long,low reach.  2.Howlett & Howden’s Skyswift Moonlight Serenade, finely tuned ,elegant bitch with flat skull and plenty of underjaw.Long,reach of neck,well placed front,tight feet,could be stronger in bone.Would like her a tad broader through to match her outline and echoed in her movement.  LB(1,0)  1.Battley & Barber’s Estet Classic Kalends (IMP),Balanced head in proportions but would like more chiselling to skull and depth to underjaw.Good reach of neck,reasonable shoulder placement but not return of upper arm. Well boned down. Would like more fill in and depth of brisket although ribbing carried well back.A little longer in loin than I would like, which tended to flatten her topline.Well muscled hqs,moved steadily.  OB(4,2)  1.Heath’s Ch.Boughton Back to Blighty ShCM,have previously given her a CC and she still retains the classic head and construction.Now fully matured has the construction and maturity of body that many lack particularly in front construction.Her curvy lines allow her to stand over the ground but maintain  the balance necessary.Soundest of movers, a credit to her owner.  2.Samson’s Estet Classic Romance (IMP) red bitch of quality much more compact in type.I considered both bitches for quite a while as she has many qualities that appealed to me and the two girls were so very different in type. In the end I chose the more curvy bitch and  by her makeup had more shoulder angulation and what I would consider’ generous proportions’.  Spec.Racing & Coursing O(6,3)  1.Thompson’s Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks,shapely black bitch of quality.Feminine head with typical expression,neat ears,strong underjaw. Well balanced proportions.Good reach of neck with depth, well let into strong, well angulated front.Strong topline with broad muscling from withers to tail,  Correct spring of rib,curvy underline.Strong,well blanced hindquarters,moved soundly.Best R & C.  2.Pinder & Clarke’s Moors Miranda,strongly built bitch with long head and good underjaw.Balanced and slightly more square in outline than 1. Stood over the ground well,strong,well muscled shoulders.Plenty of spring of rib,well set  hindquarters.  3.Scoles’Best Star NAF TAF.  Veteran B(3,2)  1.Newsham’s Ch & Bel.Ch.Windspiel Northern Stylo,An example of the breed that can show quite a few the balance and construction required. Beautifully made with depth,strength and shape.Still in great muscular shape,held her topline moving soundly.BEST Vet.  Champion B(1,0)  1.Heath’s Ch.Boughton Back Too Blighty ShCM.  Stud D(2,1)  1.Ch,Boughton Brigadier although a difference in some of the types he has produced,there were class winners & my Res.Dog CC winner included in his offspring.  Pam Marston-Pollock