• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Borzoi

SKC 20.5.18  Borzoi  In general the entry was much better than last time I judged with better construction especially in front,however, some exhibits were overangulated in front for a sighthound and this affected their set on neck.Bone type was much better and feet also were much more typical.There were six exhibits with missing premolars,although mouth were good.Some exhibits lacked the required spring of rib and depth of brisket.  PGD(4,2)  1.Ellett & Blackburn-Bennett’s Janter Sylvester,reasonably typy head with slight dish.Clean skull,almond eye.Well constructed front with good return of upper arm.Well boned down,knuckled toes.Shapely when stacked,could have slight more spring of rib carried down.Strong well muscled hqs,sound mover with driving hocks,a little flat in topline on move.  2.Swanson’s Dashava Moscow of Altimarlach.Finer type,good length to backskull,needs more strength to foreface to balance head.Should er placement was good but lacked length of upper arm compared to 1.Well knuckled feet but toes a little short.Needs to mature in body.Flowing topline.Would benefit from more length of second thigh and lower hocks.  LD(8,1)  1.Binnie’s Dreamlight Dancing Brave,lovely old English type with the combination of substance and shape.Masculine head with good veining and depth of underjaw,a little round in eye but dark.Strong neck,correctly set.Well shaped body,flowing topline and fallaway.Correct shape bone and good feet.Moved well keeping his topline.  2.Pinkerton & Cattoni Sarman’s Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma,Totally different type,I liked his overall shape but he lost out when moving as he lost his topline and fluiditity.Typy head,well bakanced but for me not quite strong enough.Neat ears.Well constructed body with good bone type and feet.At times dropped down into his pasterns and looked square,but I think with maturity will balance up nicely.  3.Vereczki’s Go Go Bolshoi Huckleberry.  OD(6,0)  1.Pinkerton’s Ch.Ujay Kalinow at Menigma,totally on top of his game today.Lovely type with balanced head,dark eye,neat ears.Good reach of neck set nicely into shoulders.Good bladed bone,well knuckled feet.Well arched topline,would like a shade more spring of rib.Strong,balanced hindquarters,moved with good width and in profile with good extension.CC & BOB.  2.Foran & Edmeades’ Donskoi Tanets S Volkami,appeals very much in type and overall shape.Masculine,quality head with clean skull,would like a shade more underjaw,large nose.Lovely eye.Arched long reach of neck,flowed through body to fallaway.Good depth of brisket and ribbed back.Moved soundly.Res.CC  3.Langley & Thomas’ Otrada Amur Zlatoyar at Zoribo.  JB(1,0)  1.Devereux’s Serenfol Alicja,feminine with good length of head would like more underjaw.Neat ears,medium length neck,shoulders a little upright.Elbows well tucked in,a little slack in pasterns.Good shape to body ,well balanced hqs.Moved with good extension but throwing front out instead of correct reach.  LB(8,1)  1.Donnelly’s Donskoi Azarova,topped a difficult class as all were of different types and my evaluation came down to construction and overall breed type qualities.Feminine head with clean lines and typical expression.Good reach of neck,would like shade more front angulation,but good strength and quality of bone and spring to pasterns.Mature body of good shape,plenty of length.Broad hqs,moved soundly.CC  2.Binnie’s Dreamlight Dawn Run,classic type with lovely head and substance.Beautifully made with quality head,good strength of underjaw.Well angulated both front and back.Mature body of flowin shape.Totally spoilt herself as she lacks attitude and moving away close behind,such a shame.  3.Kanoo’s Nibrass Eleanore Reginae  OB(6,2)  1.Foran & Mullane’s Donskoi Alexandra,very feminine,balanced head would like shade more strength to foreface.Good reach of neck with good shoulder layback.Elbows well tucked in,good feet.Well shaped body,would like shade more spring of rib.Good fallaway into balanced hqs.Won here on her balance,construction and soundness.Res.CC.  2.Dawson’s Stubbylee Prima Donna Totally different type,taller made but still feminine. Her head for me is too narrow in proportion to its width and this affects her eyeset as well as lacking strength to underjaw.However, overall she won this place on her sound movement and overall shape.Her angles are quite steep,body shape is very good and she keeps her topline both standing and moving.To fill the picture I would like more body development.But  felt she deserevd this place.  3.Sutton’s Ch.Trancas Queen Bee.  VB(2,0)  1.Conroy’s Donskoi Nochka of Enolam,just my type,nicely proportioned and giving a lovely outline and quality.Moved with a lovely flow.  2.Kanoo’s Nibrass Silver Stelae.  Pam Marston-Pollock