• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds  Thank you for this lovely entry which I enjoyed immensely.My observations were a few too long in loin and short, round cat like feet.  MPD(5,1)  1.Sumner’s Dukesarum Yohji,elegant type with good bone substance.Lovely balanced head and expression,long reach of neck and well bodied for his age.As you would expect all legs and tail but was the most collected of all and moved soundly.  2.Braine’s Hollyhenge Black Russian,loved this chap if not just for his antics ! Very promising of good size and construction.Such a baby and needs time to grow and develop but has a lovely shape,substance and balance.  3.Evans Jones & Halsall’s Valheru Rhagnar.  PD(1,0)  1.Vaudin’s Hollyhenge Caruso of Torteval,4th in Minor Puppy,needs to develop along with his handler,well boned of good size.Needs to settle both in movement and stacking.Not my type of head,would prefer less stop.Well developed body.  JD(4,0)  1.Gregory’s Barrassy’s Shooting Star at Killoughery,substantial male liked his head and expression,Strong neck and front.Well boned dow n to ground.Good feet.Good shaped body and depth of brisket.Strong hindquarters,moved with good drive.  2.Sumner’s Dukesarum Giacomo,masculine head with lower set ear.Long reach of neck,not quite upper arm length of 1.Well shaped body with good spring of rib.Good width of loin,moved well.  3.Loder’s Lord Ainmire of Madalinca.  YD(2,0)  1.Redfern’s Goldswift Fluke at Rainster,rangier type,liked his head type and eye colour.Still needs to mature in body as a bit ribby and could benefit from more muscle development.Would like bigger feet.Moved freely,very light action.  2.Dunwell’s Goldswift Spartan’s Secret,Heavier type,stronger in skull and shorter muzzle.Reasonable reach of neck.Good front angles and mature body.Not driving in hindquarters as well as 1.  PGD(6,1)  1.Pask’s Amarach Aaron of Baronglen,Upstanding male,liked his head balance would like kinder eye.Good ear sizeS.trong reach of neck,a shade too straight in front for me due to height, as his body is well developed,deep brisket, strong topline and is nicely let down into hindquarters.Moved soundest in class.  2.Anderson & White’s Whitglen Leader,heavier type of head with lighter coloured eye.Good strength to neck with good depth.Well developed forechest,not spring of rib or depth of brisket of 1.Hindquarters could a slightly more length of second thigh.  3.Holder & Howe’s Mascotts Story Maker.  LD(7,1)  1.Addington’s Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolverbrigg,the most typy head and general appearance.Has good reach of neck but is a little slack in front especially when stacked.Scored well in body shape and ribbing.Good bone substance of good quality.One of the few in good muscular tone.Moved well.Res.CC  2.Sumner’s Dukesarum Atticus,a lot to like about this chap,elegant and shapely with a crisp outline.I liked his construction and has a good body quality.He moved soundly.I found him a bit stylised in his type and would like a darker eye.  3.Lockett’s Amarach Ainle.  OD(5,3)  1.Pinkney’s Ch.Hydebeck Imperial Ruler JW,The best male today not only in construction but movement.Balanced ,masculine head with lovely shaped eye.Strong reach of neck flowing into well constructed front.Crisp jacket,well shaped body that has spring of rib and depth.Great strength to loin with a slight rise of muscletone into broad hindquarters.Stood and moved with elegance and strength.CC & BOB.  2.Poole & Sheppard’s Commeryl Marksman with Goldswift,stronger in skull to 1,very good depth and strength to neck.Well set front and sound ribbing.From loin backwards lacked the flow seen in the front and angulation was shallower,however moved very freely in profile.  Spec.Beg.D(2,0)  1.Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolverbrigg.  2.Loder’s Lord Ainmire of Madalinca,3rd in Junior.Would benefit from his handler taking him on in a more positive manner.Not a type I would go for but he is sound in construction and movement and his handler could make so much more of him.  Spec.BegB(2,1)  1.Ashton’s Bonnies Sonas of Madlinca,not strong in head type but clean skull.Well made body and good substance.Broad loin,strong hindquarters.Moved soundl;y.  VB(1,0)  1.McDonald-Ulliott & Holder’s Hibeck Miss Dior,lovely bitch,classy head,well proportioned.Strong front with mature body of good shape.Moved soundly for her age keeping her topline.  MPB(6,0)  1.Braine’s Hollyhenge Carribean Kiss,I see litter brother second in MPD and very much like him,a little further on in development and she looked more collected.Lovely balanced head with long reach of neck.Shapely body and nice turn of body.Strong well angulated hindquarters.Not quite as wayward as her brother and saw enough to warrant this placing.  2.Sumner’s Dukesarum Lilybet,similar type to her brother as you would expect but she is at present a little unbalanced due to her growing stage,and exactly right for her age.Lovely classy head and eye,reach of neck and lovely front construction with good return of upper arm.Sound mover.Two lovely babies.  3.Vaudin’s Hollyhenge Berry Bliss of Torteval.  PB(2,0)  1.Vaudin’s Hollyhenge Berry Bliss of Torteval,continuing the theme of typy babies,very well developed in body and moved soundly but so very raw at present.  2.Mills’Hollyhenge Fraise Fizz at Mocharraig,more compact in type and even at a more raw stage than 1! Needs time and care,pretty head type and shapely,  JB(6,2)  1.Addington’s Wolfhouse Daviniah of Wolverbrigg,Won here over and above all for type and general construction.Moved with style and elegance,Good reach of neck into shoulder,Good spring of rib and depth of brisket still to mature but well bodied for age.Strong,well muscled hindquarters.Moved well.  2.Ashton’s Bonnies Sonas of Madlinca,won here on her soundness over more typy bitch that hadn’t the strength of hindquarters.  3.Morris’ Art Cuinns Be My angel.  YB(6,1)  1.Porter’s Lindall Passion,won this class with ease.Has lovely type and substance.Balanced head with lovely expression.Strong,well muscled neck set into well angulated front.Mature body for her age.Stands over plenty of ground.Well angulated hindquarters.Moved very soundly,driving from her hocks. Considered her very seriously,must have a bright future.Res.CC  2.Severn-Kumar’s Goldswift Destiny of Gaelmarque,similar in lots of ways but not as scopy as 1.Liked her  head type and eyeshape.Not reach of neck but mature body,moved well.  3.Sheppard’s Goldswift Enchanted Legacy.     PGB(7,1)  1.Pinkney’s Hydebeck Ruler of the Stars JW, Feminine and elegant.Balanced head ,strong reach of neck.Straight front with good fill in of forechest,spring to rib,well ribbed back.Strong,well muscled loin.Would like a shade more width to hindquarters but moved soundly with good drive.  2.Anderson & White’s Whitglen Tala,pushed 1 hard as I liked her head type and she is very shapely with good depth of brisket.firm topline and broad hindquarters but would have liked a shade more length of second thigh just to balance her.Good caot texture.  3.Evans Jones & Halsall’s Valerhu Rayna.  LB(5,1)  My last class of the day as sadly no Open bitches.  1.Crampton’s Yelxba Victoria ShCM,more compact build and very collected in her manner.Lovely typy,balanced head with good underjaw.Long reach of neck,cleanly into shoulders.Strong,positive front with legs well set under her. Correct shaped body with great depth.Firm topline.Balanced unexaggerated hindquarters,would prefer a tad more length to her tail.Soundest mover,with no wavering either way.CC.  2.Campbell-Woodford’s Rivenhounds Bonfire at Kilmacdaugh,Very nice typy bitch,strongly made all through,wellshaped body with plenty of depth to brisket.A tad shorter in second thigh,moved well.  Pam Marston-Pollock.