• Show Date: 31/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Import Register & Stakes



J (5) 1 Stilgoe’s Perdizcyo Beatriz with Teisgol, Portuguese Pointer bitch who was such a good mover, very pretty head which was balanced with good eyes of the correct colour, giving a good expression, god neck & shoulders, this workmanlike bitch looks capable of working for she is well muscled with a good topline & excellent hindquarters, good depth & width of chest, covered the ground with ease with correct head carriage, beat her brother to take BB & BOB; 2 Edmondson & Westaway’s Perdizcyo Byron, very masculine in outlook particularly in head & expression, well muscled & showed with class, he is of a good size with good body proportions, lovely hindquarters & well set tail, good depth of chest, moved well on well boned legs & feet. BD & BOS; 3 Cooper’s Khyannes Qualite Extra at Gameglow, Braque D’Auvergne. O (4) 1 Edmondson & Westaway’s Ir Sh Ch Perdizcyo Ada Lovelace, older sister to the previous winners, very mature, again that excellent movement that I was looking for, she is balanced with a good neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, well muscled hindquarters, of a good size & type. RBB; 2 Blair & Spencer’s Fechlindream Menston, Korthals Griffon bitch who has a good coat which had been stripped out but her head had been left as it should, balanced with a pretty head with a good eye of a good shape & colour, moved well to win her place; 3 Thurlow’s Watereatons Dora.



YKC MEMBERS (12,4a) 1 Ellis & Pilkingtons Shannara Total Eclipse, cracking Welsh Springer in excellent coat & condition, moved well on well boned legs & feet, lovely head & expression, lovely type who holds a good topline & a well set & carried tail, good hindquarters; 2 Wallis & Levene’s Torbeck Pehnrhyn Bay, very masculine English Springer male who is a lovely type, moved & showed well, in good coat & condition, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good depth of ribcage with a well set & carried tail; 3 Evans’ Farnfield Clarity.

YKC HANDLING 6-11 YEARS (6,3) 1 Scarlett Ladlow, she handled a Spanish Water Dog to advantage, she really made the most of the dog & showed off all the dog’s good points, she was very smartly presented herself & did not take away anything from the dog, just good sensible handling; 2 Katie Read handling a 9 year old GSP who gave her a hard time but she coped well as it was not easy with a dog that had to be topped & tailed & Scarlett only just was able to hold the tail. Well done you was very sympathetic & moved your dog well; 3 Erin Simcock.

YKC HANDLING 12-17 YEARS (4,1) 1 Abigall Levene, sympathetic handler who never got in the way of the judge & the dog, showed her English Springer to advantage, just double check how you set the dog up in front, as sometimes you can show the dog a bit close in front but I was very impressed with your handling; 2 Phoebe Toublic again very close up with her English Springer too, showed good awareness of where I was & she really got the best out of her charge, well dressed but not distracting away from the dog; 3 Eryn Louise Williams.

YKC HANDLING 18-24 YEARS (3) 1 Katie Stewart handling a yellow Labrador dog to perfection, she showed sympathy & made sure I was able to see his good points at all times, whenever I looked, he was set up correctly but not over-showing, moved well & again never got in the way of my view of the dog; 2 Olivia Busby, my sympathy to Olivia as this Irish Water Spaniel was not the easiest of dogs to handle but she did a great job & really understood the breed & its silly ways, presented the dog with style & they moved so well together; 3 Miss L King.

ADULT HANDLING 17+ YEARS (10,4) 1 Rebecca Williams handling a beautiful Welsh Springer, they moved in unison & set up made a good picture, they made the most of the ring & was attentive at all times, never getting between me & the dog, who was presented to the minute; 2 Daisy Toublic with a lovely English Springer who was well handled every time I looked, the dog was looking tip top, very sympathetically handled & put down in excellent coat & condition, won her place in such a strong class; 3 Karen Legg.

FT (5,4) 1 Mills’ Karrouki Windrush D’Lyla, this Hungarian Vizsla was in beautiful fit condition, excellent type who moved so well, she is balanced & well muscled, beautiful head & expression with an excellent neck & shoulder, strong topline held on the moved, in profile had excellent head carriage & ground covering action. Such a shame that she was alone in such an important class but she is an excellent example of a dog fit for function.

V (31,18) 1 Sandiford & Lewis’ Sh Ch Hernwood Calypso Goddesss, beautiful Gordon Setter who I have admired before, not showing her age at all, she is in excellent coat & condition, really moved so well, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, excellent topline & tailset, well muscled hindquarters, she is quality & looking so good for her age; 2 Evans & Pavey’s Sh Ch Joneva Diamond In The Rough, balanced o/w Pointer boy who is beautifully put together, excellent masculine head which is balanced with lovely neck & shoulders, good ribcage, topline & tailset, moved well & really gave 1 a run for the money; 3 Steweart’s Sh Ch Streamanda Top Knotch, Labrador male.

GOOD CITIZEN DOG SCHEME (60,37) 1 Ray’s Annilann Mister Blue Sky, b/r Cocker of a lovely make & shape, in excellent coat & condition, moved so well on well boned legs & feet, very masculine in outlook & excellent profile movement with good head carriage, lovely cobby dog who won a strong class; 2 Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas, a stallion of a Irish Setter male, he is quality & in excellent coat & condition, lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, where he comes alive is when he moves, he just covers the ground with ease, on well boned legs & feet; 3 Bennett’s Barleyarch Firefly.

BRACE (10,5) 1 Olner & Harrison’s Schonhund Show La Diva Loca, well matched pair of Weimaraners, moved as one, they are a lovely type & mirror each other in looks, size & outline, they are excellent examples & again in wonderful condition; 2 Rees’ Eremos Perfect Pascali, pair of yellow Labradors who again moved as one, very alike with good tails & beautiful heads, again of good size & type; 3 Jenkins’ Cwmbeili Morgan.

MP (40,26) 1 Martin’s Normbar Time Trial for Sunhouse, GWP male of the old fashion type, in excellent coat & condition, good topline & tailset, good hindquarters, moved well, he is balanced with the correct proportions, good neck & shoulders, an interesting youngster who is quality & must have a good future; 2 Britton’s Bowstones Black Jasper, black Labrador with a beautiful head & expression for one so young, good neck & shoulders, in good coat & condition, strong topline & well set tail, moved well particularly in profile; 3 Rose’s Braccorions Meant To Be withPiccorino.

PD (14,6) 1 Harris’ Barleyarch Pringle, just right for age this GSP is quality, moved so soundly on well boned legs & feet, good body proportions, lovely head & expression, he is balanced & is from the top drawer; 2 Robinson’s Baricia Emporio Diamond, beautiful Golden Retriever boy in lovely coat & condition, lovely head & expression with well set ears, lovely neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, moved so well for a baby; 3 Thomas & Taylor’s Knabynnus Autumn Harvest.

PB (15,7) 1 Kirkman’s Tsarmont Star Quality, lovely Golden Retriever bitch in excellent coat which was beautifully presented, beautiful head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline held set up & moving, well set & carried tail, strong hindquarters, she moved so well, this quality bitch must do well for she won a lovely class; 2 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Crystal Ice, another beautiful Irish Setter bitch from this kennel, she is just right for age & she moved a dream, this lovely type is so feminine & in excellent coat & condition, she is balanced with good body proportions & she is top quality; 3 Brown’s Cairacailie Chianti with Marshmoor.

JD (17, 8) 1 Taylor’s Maursett Mathos, well coated young Clumber Spaniel who is so sound on the move, in excellent coat & condition, he is balanced & quality, masculine head & expression with a good eye, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet; 2 Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Wont He, yet another quality Irish Setter, again put down in excellent coat & condition, he moved so well, he is so sound with a masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline held on the move & set up, well muscled hindquarters; 3 Gordon’s Hawkfield Audacity.

JB (18,11) 1 Hesford & Campbell’s Gunalt Move It to Pipwell, beautiful balanced Weimaraner of quality moved so well, has a beautiful head & expression, well made all through with a good depth of chest, lovely neck & shoulders & a strong topline, held set up & moving; 2 Izard’s Yockletts Cordiale, GSP who is in fit, hard condition, unfortunately feeling the cold here but she is a lovely type & moved well, she has good body proportions, well balanced head & expression, eyes still to darken but that will come with age as she is still so young; 3 Bougens Gwendariff Hot Ticket.

O (27,18) 1 Rumney’s Kacela Sweet Ayana, GSP bitch I loved her head & expression, she is balanced & moved so well on well boned legs & feet, strong topline & well set & carried tail, in good coat & condition, I hear later that she took the CC on the day & I am not surprise for she is a lovely type & in tip top condition; 2 Bradley & Green’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce, lovely type of Hungarian Vizsla who I have liked before & see no reason to change my mind for she is typical & in good hard condition, pretty head & expression with well set & carried ears, she is balanced & moved well, particularly in profile with her good head carriage; 3 Phillips, Bryant & Watkins’ Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen of Glenmaurangi.

CH (33,21) 1 Graham’s Sh Ch Taimere’s Twister round Nyliram, Welsh Springer male who I gave the CC to at WKC & I see no reason to change my opinion, he is quality with an excellent coat put down in lovely condition, moved well to take the class. It was such a shame that the rain decided to arrive after a long day but this did not put him off; 2 Evans & Pavey’s Sh Ch Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva, big strong Weimaraner dog who settled in the final run off, he is balanced & quality, with his masculine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, strong topline held set up & moving, good depth of chest & well muscled hindquarters; 3 Knowles & Glen’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Afterglow Hashtag Scandal at Bessalone.

BREEDERS (3) 1 Challis’ well matched Hungarian Vizslas, moved well around the ring & set up are very similar in type; 2 Wakefield’s Sussex Spaniels, who were put down in excellent coat & condition, all very similar & all moved as one; 3 Thomson’s German Longhaired Pointers.