• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Spaniel (Irish Water)


Irish Water Spaniels

VD (2) 1 Winterton’s Kirkmarsh Dasher, not an overlarge dog of nearly 8, put down in excellent coat & condition, excellent balanced outline with good body proportions, masculine head & expression, excellent barrel ribcage with a well constructed front with well boned legs & feet, strong loin & well set & carried tail, moved well covering the ground with ease belying his age; 2 Davies’ SA Ch Stanegate Storm Trooper, in lovely condition for his 13 years, of course he has a few lumps and bumps but don’t we all, I wish I could move as well as he did. He was enjoying his day & his presentation was excellent, of course his age is showing but he is a lovely type & I was pleased to have had the chance to meet him. PD (0) JD (3,1a) 1 Andrews & Blades’ Eldarrah Clash Of Kings for Antdela, an exciting prospect for the future for he has a balanced outline with a strong loin & despite his age, he has a good barrel chest with the correct length already, masculine head & expression with good width of skull, good neck & shoulders, put down in excellent coat & condition of the correct texture & curl, good topline & well set tail, in profile moved so well with purpose but still needs to tighten up to complete the picture; 2 Kandrelli Jack Snipe, on the top side of the Standard but he has good body proportions, moved well if slightly wide behind & he still needs to fill out but he is still very young & has plenty of time to finish. Good head & expression with a good length of neck & depth of chest coming. PGD (2) 1 Plewka’s Cuboglach Reed Dagger, at only 14 months he shows much potential, excellent profile movement & head carriage, again just needs maturity to fill out & finish but the base is there to build on, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & loin, well set & carried tail, well boned legs & feet & a good coat of the correct colour & texture which was well presented; 2 Sclater’s Malanis Quarter Master, again still young but would like slightly more height on the front leg to balance, there is no mistaking his sex & his presentation and coat was first class but his movement needs to improve as he was wide in front & needs to tighten but he keeps a good topline & has a strong loin & good depth of chest. .LD (4) 1 Twist’s Gloi Donn All That Jazz, quality dog who caught my eye on type & balance, now I can see why, he is the brother of the CC winner! Strong head with good width between ears which are well set, good muzzle & mouth correct, good neck & shoulders, strong topline with an excellent loin & ribcage, well set & carried tail, well boned legs & feet, not an over-exaggerated dog but sound & put down in excellent coat & condition, moved well with a lovely head carriage to win the class; 2 Ojikutu’s Stanegate Capability Brown, heavier bodied dog who is very masculine in outlook, in good coat & condition, strong topline held both set up & moving, excellent barrel ribcage, lovely neck & shoulders, excellent body proportions & a lovely type; 3 C Reed Dagger. OD (6,1) 1 Carruthers’ Sh Ch Gloi Donn All Or Nothing at Stanegate, not to the top of the Standard for height but this dog is all quality & still very masculine in outlook, he is balanced & can’t put a foot wrong as he is well made, masculine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, strong topline & loin & a well set & carried tail, lovely hind angulation & he is well muscled all through, his coat has that purplish tint required & the correct texture & it was presented immaculately, where he came alive was on the move, so sound & every footfall was correct, in profile his head carriage & demeanour carried his effortlessly around the ring really covering the ground with ease & determination. CC; 2 Vottonen’s Curlyco Rock My World, run 1 very close, he is within the Standard for size & very balanced too, very impressive dog who wasn’t so happy today, where he came alive was on the move when he powered around the ring, masculine head with a good eye & well set ears, good width of skull & and a strong muzzle of a good length & depth, well made front construction with a good neck & strong topline, good barrel ribcage giving the correct roll on the move, well muscled & in excellent coat & condition. RCC; 3 Walker’s Ir Sh Ch Malanis Pirate at Ameysford, he gave his handler a hard time today but he was presented well with the correct textured coat, when he settled he moved with ease & a roll for he has a good ribcage & strong loin, masculine head & expression, won his place on type & quality in a strong class. FTD (0) Working Gundog D (0) Good Citizen Dog Scheme D (3) 1 G Donn All That Jazz; 2 Hunsdon’s Cuboglach Red Carpet, was reserve in Limit, he is a typical male but was not so happy today & this affected his performance, good head & expression, good neck & shoulders, in good coat & condition, he is balanced but was not putting all in today; 3 M Quarter Master.

VB (2) 1 Grocott’s Goldenacre Celtic Fringe of Onmin, well balanced 8 year old of quality, in lovely coat & condition for age & she was full of fun today, she made me smile, so very feminine in outline, she is a lovely size & type, very pretty head with a good eye shape & colour, good width & depth of head, lovely neck & shoulders, held her topline on the move, good ribcage & loin, well made hindquarters; 2 Costley’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Beaufield First And Foremost at Axlehurn, very impressed with her presentation of a coat of the correct texture, not quite 8 yet but still looks so young, well handled to get the best from her, she moved so well on well boned legs & feet, this quality girl is very feminine in outlook & kept a strong topline, feminine head if she just lacks a bit of depth of muzzle for balance. PB (1) 1 Smith’s Foulby Niamh at Leonardstone, alone but she is quality & could win anywhere, only a baby at 9 months & still needs to pull herself together but what potential she possesses, still loose in front in movement but looks a picture in profile with her lovely head carriage, & well made front & hindquarters, lovely neck & strong topline kept set up & moving, again a correct coat put down in excellent condition. BP. JB (3,1) 1 Menage’s Kandrelli Button Quail at Goldenacre, beautiful girl of a lovely size & shape, at only 15 months she has plenty of time but she is quality & should have an excellent future, in excellent coat & condition with nice ribs & loin, good topline & tailset, excellent neck & shoulders with a good width between front legs which are well boned & strong, moved well & with confidence, very feminine head & expression with a good eye & well set ears; 2 Wilson’s Eldarrah Song Of Fire And Ice, taller girl who needs to finish & fill out & drop into herself, she showed & moved well, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, correct length of back & good hindquarters, enough bone & a lovely coat put down well to complete the picture, this typy girl moved true with a correct head carriage. PGB (4,2) 1 Stoddart’s Cuboglach Ruby Tiger, this quality bitch is beautiful but still young, in excellent coat & condition with excellent hindquarters with a well set tail of the correct length, very feminine in head & expression with a good eye & well set ears, good depth of muzzle, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & good depth of ribs going back to a strong loin, moved so well & true, she is balanced & a good prospect for the future; 2 Webb & Bingham’s Foulby Singapore Sling, again another lovely bitch only beaten on the day by the more steady movement of 1, she too has a feminine head with an excellent expression, correct eye & width of skull, well set ears with the correct covering, good neck & shoulders, very balanced in outline, this quality bitch has an excellent barrel ribcage & strong loin, she is well muscled all through. LB (5,1) 1 Costley’s Waterford’s Purple Rain at Axlehurn, she took this strong class on her feminine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, not a small girl but within the Standard & balanced for she also has excellent bone & lovely hindquarters, well muscled all through & her frame is covered an excellent coat of the correct texture which was well presented, moved so well with a lovely head carriage, covering the ground with ease with correct footfall, she is a excellent showgirl; 2 C Ruby Tiger; 3 Cunningham’s Foulby Fidelma of Elvandar, lovely type with good body proportions, just preferred the front construction & neck of 1 & 2, held her topline set up & moving, lovely ribcage of a good depth & width going back to a strong loin, in lovely coat & condition, moved well & showed with determination. OB (10,2) 1 Williams & Willoughby’s Sh Ch Stanegate Sorceress at Foulby, I just could not take my eyes of this beautiful bitch from the moment she came in the ring, I don’t remember ever seeing her before but she just took my breath away with her quality & type, she is everything I wanted in an Irish Water Spaniel, she fitted the bill from her feminine head & expression to the end of her correct length of tail! Beautiful eyes & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, strong topline held both set up & moving, barrel ribcage ensured that she moved correctly, this she did with confidence & precision, she was on fire today & nothing was going to lower her flag. Her coat was correct & beautiful put down ensuring that when she free stood, she was absolutely correct for balance. Just one of those that give you goosebumps & although she was in a huge class for the breed, she just kept calling me back, I loved her & a very worthy brood bitch too for her daughter was best puppy, so she is passing on all her good points. CC & BOB. Nobody was going to take that honour away from her & from the comments I have received, she looked wonderful in the group too, a true representative of the breed; 2 Ford’s Sh Ch Cuboglach Petite Wave, this well known bitch’s record speaks for itself, so obviously there is not a lot that I could add to do justice to just how good she is except to say this is the first time I have judged her & I was not disappointed, this quality bitch is from the top drawer with the added bonus that she works but I feel that she has had a hard season & this was just showing in her movement today, this must not detract from the fact that she is an excellent type with the most feminine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders with a strong topline & well set tail, her well made frame has excellent muscular condition with an excellent coat of the correct texture covering it all in a mantle, lovely ribcage, bone & feet. RCC; 3 Philipsen, Paulsen & Siner’s DK(U)Ch Poole’s Ide Here I Am – This Is Me, correct body proportions to this quality bitch, put down in excellent coat & condition & showed well to win her place in this excellent class, excellent head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & tailset, well muscled all through with a good barrel ribcage & loin, excellent profile movement with correct head carriage. FTB (0) Working Gundog B (0) Good Citizen Dog Scheme B (2,1) 1 C Ruby Tiger.