• Show Date: 25/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Large Munsterlander


Large Munsterlanders

MPD (3,1a) 1 Lane’s Rokko vom Florbach, 7 month old baby who is just right for age, he is balanced & moved well for one so young, lovely head & expression that can only get better with age, good eye of a good colour to match his coat, well set ears, good neck & shoulders, strong topline which he held on the moved & set up, showed well to win a class of only 2 but both with potential. BP; 2 Wood & Tapp’s Eno vom Ellenstedt zum Teufelsmoor, another import with a lot going for him, he is also 7 months & just full of exuberance, when he settled moved well for a baby, just as he should, really gave his handler a hard time but patience because he is worth it, he is of a good size & pushed 1 hard. PD (0) JD (3,1) 1 Powell & Murrell’s Crumpsbrook Woodrush, not an overlarge dog but just right for age & still very masculine in outlook, loved his head & expression, enough neck & shoulders but when he moved in profile & extended himself he covered the ground well, good ribcage & strong loin, in good coat & condition, this well muscled young man held a strong topline & a well carried tail both set up & moving; 2 Gregory’s Jaudas Let It Rock, slightly taller than 1 but well proportioned all through, masculine head & expression, this nice type of male was balanced & in good coat & condition, good hindquarters & strong loin, good profile movement when he settled, he is well muscled & used them to advantage with a good head carriage too. PGD (1) 1 Jenks’ Celtaur Polar Light, big, strong dog who I think would have preferred being out working on the day, very masculine in head & outlook, he is well coated with excellent, well muscled hindquarters, well boned legs & feet, good neck & shoulders & a good depth & width of ribcage, when he settled on the move, really covered the ground looking particularly good in profile. Although alone he is a good type & will do well I am sure. LD (1) 1 MacGregor’s Ekkolander Snowstorm, good moving dog who is very masculine in outlook, good head & well set ears, he is balanced & well muscled, he kept a strong topline & a correctly carried tail set up & moving, he was well coated & was well presented, well boned legs & feet, excellent hindquarters, showed well but was beaten to the RCC by his sire. OD (5,1) 1 Lloyd & Smuith’s Crumpsbrook Bayleaf von Rulander, not an overlarge dog but he caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring, for his type, condition & balance, when he moved round the ring, he still held my attention for his excellent forehand & well muscled hindquarters, strong topline & well set & carried tail, his correct head carriage & precise movement in profile he was just so masculine & typy. Loved his masculine head & eye with a beautiful expression & well set ears, good neck & shoulders, lovely depth of chest back to a strong loin. He is quality & thrilled to give this lovely boy his 3rd CC & BOB; 2 MacGregor’s Sh Ch Jaudas Fame And Glory, another very masculine dog of a lovely size, he has a masculine head & expression & was in good coat & condition, he is well muscled particularly good width of hindquarters & moved with style & grace matching 1 footstep by footstep, now I see his breeding, I note he is also an excellent sire who is producing typical Munsters. Now a veteran but not showing his age, he took the RCC & best veteran in breed too; 3 Jenks’ Kalabagh Lightning. VD (1) 1 Wood & Tapp’s Raycris Gabriel of Teufelsmoor, alone but very typical, just 7 & looking very agile particularly in profile movement with his excellent head carriage, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, good hindquarters which were well muscled, in lovely coat & condition.

MPB (0). PB (0) JB (5,4) 1 Ward’s Braccpoint Song Of The Wind for Gemlorien, a very pretty 14 month old who took a time to settle on the move, insisted on pacing up & back but on profile movement, she settled to show a good forehand, good topline & good hindquarters, at the inbetween stage & needs to body up to complete the picture, she is well made with good bone & feet, has good proportions & a good ribcage well back to a strong loin, just needs time to finish but I liked her type. PGB (6,4) 1 Putnam’s Asterpoint Faraday, very feminine bitch whose movement impressed, I feel that she could do a day’s work & her muscletone confirmed that, she is balanced but not on the large size, pretty head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well muscled hindquarters, in good coat & condition, her profile movement & head carriage proved that she was the one for me, again still young but with maturity will be a force to be reckoned with; 2 Black’s Seahaven Limited Edition, very dark bitch but with some white to break up the black, not overdone in any way but a lovely moving bitch, good expression from a feminine head with well fringed ears, good neck & shoulders, good ribcage & strong loin, well boned legs & feet & well muscled hindquarters, in good coat & condition, moved & showed well with her good body proportions; 3 Prowse’s Quilesta Just Endearing. LB (7,1) 1 Robins’ Destanli Jedda’s Diamond, beautiful bitch, just what I was looking for, I loved her type, she is not overdone in any way, so very feminine in outlook, in excellent coat & condition, feminine head & expression, good reach of neck with well made front construction, good depth & width of ribcage going back to a strong loin, well muscled hindquarters & a strong topline & well set tail, where she comes alive is in movement, covering the ground with ease yet purpose, with her well carried head, she is in tip top condition which gave her the CC; 2 Griffiths-Rose & Griffiths’ Crumpsbrook Rather Radiant, a little reticent today, must be coming into season but when she settled & was reassured she was a happy girl, very feminine & well made, lovely type with the correct bone & good feet, she is balanced & moved well, in enough coat but in lovely condition, she is well muscled & looks fit for purpose, beating another good sister into 3rd Kitchen’s Crumpsbrook Rather Regal von Elkemutt. OB (4,2) 1 Darby’s Sh Ch Brockchime Besta Both to Incadar, mature bitch that I have judged before & am impressed with her progress, now a veteran but still can show the youngsters how to do it! Slightly longer caste that some but this only assisted her true movement where she showed a good head carriage, good front movement & well muscled hindquarters, kept a strong topline both set up & moving, she has a well set tail, pretty head & expression with a kind eye of a good colour, in enough coat for the time of year bearing in mind the summer we have had, but what she has was in lovely condition of the correct texture. RCC; 2 Butler’s Ichbin Jaunty of Jendella’s, another mature bitch who showed well, not holding her topline today but spoilt her outline but she has good body proportions, pretty head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good depth of ribcage, nice hindquarters, enough coat in good condition, nice type. VB (2) 1 Ward’s Incadar Illuminare for Gemlorien, lovely old girl of over 10 who still looks good & hasn’t lost any of her body, just a bit stiff on the front in movement but she is so typical of the breed with such a beautiful head & expression, in good coat, a pleasure to be given the chance to see this lovely girl, I can see that she is still enjoying her days’ out; 2 Pilkington’s Tarkanya Daisys Daydream of Baycross, heavier bitch of 8 who moved well for her age, in lovely coat & condition, feminine head & expression, good neck & slightly wide in front now but she is balanced with good hindquarters & a nice topline, well boned legs & feet, again lovely to see her.